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With Biographical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently decenfed. BETWEEN ten and cleven o'clock on the ble matter communicated to the briz Leith,

night of Friday the 26th of May, a fire and all her upper works were descroved, with was dscovered on the premises of Mr. Sea. part of her hull and decks. The flames bourne, a block-maker, in Narrow-street, likewise communicated to the Jolly Sailor Linehouse. From the combustible nature public house, and to that of Mr. Bread, shoc. of the stock in this and the adjoining work- maker, which were wholly destroyed. house, warehouses, &c. together with the From the second report of the Directors of harrowness of the street, the flames extended the Society of Friends of Foreigners in Diswith the u'most rapidity on both sides of the tress, it appears, that from April, 1803, to way; aud notwithstanding the most prompt April, 1809, one hundred and twenty per. ani vigorous exertions of the firemen, both sons have received assistance from that in. by land and water, in about two hours time stitution, exclusive of several pensions, whese the following houses, together with an im- allowance conimenced in the preceding year. mense quantity of masts, yards, blocks, suil. The suns expended for these purposes amountcloth, pitch, car, &c. were totally consumed. ed to 3271. 185. 103, 1. Mr. Seabourne's dwelling-house, workshop, &c.-2. The shop, lot, and storehouse

MARRIED. of Mr. Wisborg, sail-maker and ship.chandler, At Marybone, Sir Harry Verelet Darell, adjoining the former on the western side. bart. of Richmond Hill, to Ainelia Maria 3. The selling-house and work place of Anne, only daughter of the late W. Beecher, Mr. Bell, boat-builder, in the same direction, esq.-Walter Nugent, esq. of the county of up to the open landing place of Ratcliff-cross. West Meath, Ireland, to Miss Sayers of 7. The dwelling-house of Captain Estaby, of York Place.-The Rev. Jobn Boucher, vicar the Ballast-Office, on the eastern side of the of Kirknewton, Northumberland, to Salom first-mentioned house.-5. The Ship in Dis. Letitia, diugher of the late Richard Moles. tress, a public house, kept by a person of the worth, esq. and niece to Viscount M. - Franname of Stevens, on the opposite side of the cis Popham, eaq. of Backborough, Somersetway.-6. A private house adjoining the lat- shire, to Susannah, daughter of Michael Fenter, occupied by Mr. Jewsey. The Ballast wick, esq. of Lemmington, Northumberland. Olfice, next door to Capt. Estaby's, a lodging -G. Jackson, esq. of Gray's Inn Square, to house on the opposite side of the way belong- Miss Ann Gallaway. . ing to a person of the name of Ssale, and At Se Dunstan's in the West, Mr. Rogers, some orhers were very much damaged. of Boxbourn, Herts, to Miss Laurie, dauga

About two, the following morning, a fire ter of Robert L. esq. of the same place... broke out on the premises of Mr. Smeeton, "At St. Andrew's Holborn, W. Lewis, esq. printer, St. Martin's-lane, which was sub- of Walbrook, to Miss Filmer, daughter of ducd before 4 o'clock, though with the com- Sir Edward F. barti of East Sutton Place; Jplere destruction of the house and every par. Kent. " ticle of property. Mr. and Mrs. Smeeton "Ar Walthamostow, F. Evans, jun. esq. to perished in the Aames 1 One of the appren. Harriet, third daughter of John Locke, esq. tices was alarmed, and having awakened his "Ar Barnard, Mr. w. Jay, of Whetstone, two fellow-apprentices, went down stairs ro to Elizabeth, youngest diughter of the late give their master the alarm; but they were B. Bradbury, of Richmond. unable to force their way to his apartment, By special licence, at the Duchess of Leiu. or to jouse him from his slumber; while the ster's, Grosvernor Place, Viconite Chabot, to increasing smoke and Games compelled them. Amelia Maria Anne, sister to the Duke of to attend to their own safety and havinz Leinster.

T YT72 5 alarmed che maid-servant, they, with dirficul At Twickenham, Capt Carmichael, of the ty effected their escape over the leads of the 9th Dragoons, to Miss Markenzie. TT roof of the adjoining, public house. Euch At Tottenham, Mr. Charles Deacon, of side was in very great danger, and apprehen- Milketreet, to Ano, second daughter of w. sions were entertained test the stables of the Hobson, cag. of Markfield, Hamford HIII. Golden Cross Inn should take fire; the horses At Camberwell, Mr. Tbomas Gribble, jun. were therefore conveyed away. Some da- to Lydia, daughter of G. W. Le Grand, esq. mage has been sustained by the Northumber. At Limehouse, F. J. Jaga, esy. sur ton in land Culfee-house, situate in a mirrow court the Royal navy, to fanc, daughter of Captain immediately behind the premises. It is not Whitmbre, of Blackheath. known bow the fire happened. The unfor- Richard Mospan, esg, to Miss Maria Grecs. tunate couple had been married but three wohlers, grand-Saughter of Jola Luckart, enge

1. of Sherfield-house, Hanapshire, and niece to i The same morning, a fire broke out in the H. Lockeart, M.P. for the city of Oxford

kore-room belonging fá Mr. Fletcher, pro. 14 St George's church, Bluordsburs. dear of the Shaweli Daces the bortiburti Harry Edgeu, aq. of Risip, Ariddleser, to

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Caroline, eldest daughter of Francis Gosling, vited by his fellow citizens, set his influence esy. of Bloomsbury-square.

was justly great on all the public questions At St Bride's, Fleet-street, Mr. William of the day : h $ examination a' tir bar of Caslon, jun. of Salisbury Square, letter foun. the firuse of Commons, and has advice on der, to Miss Bonner.

the subject of be Amercian dispute, were so At Stoke Newington, John Shaw, esq. of clear, so intelligent, ad so wise, that, Dublin, to Harriet, fourth daughter of Jona. though not followed, Lord North pubidy than Eade, esg.-T. W. Harvey, esq. of acknowledged he had derived more informa Ferring House, Essex, to Miss Johnstone, tion frons him than from all others on the daughter of E. J. esq.

cast of Temple bar. It was the revolution At Lambeth, W. Dovey, esq. of Clapham that determined him to wind up his extensive Common, to Miss Ann Thornton, of Ken- concerns, and io recirc; but not as busy, men pington.

generally retire-to the indu.grace, of, mere At Hackney, Mr. Thomas Howell, sur. personal luxury. His benevolent heart cangeon, to Mary, daughter of Dennis de Berdt, tinued active in his retreat. He distributed esg. of Clapton.

his ample fortune in the most sublime ways. At St. Margaret's, Westminster, J. H. Instead of making all those persons when he Frere, esq. to Miss Marian Martin, youngest loved dependent on his future bounty, as daughter of Matthew M. esq. of Poet's expectants at his death, bę became, himself, Corner.

the executor of his own will, and by the At Great Stanmore, Major Montalembert, most inagnificent aid to all his relatives, be permanent assistant in the quarter master ge. not only laid the foundation, but lived to see neral's department, to Elizabeth Rose Forbes, the maturity, of all those establishments only daughter of James F. Esq. of Stanmore which now give such importance to his fa. Hii. . '

mily. Nor was it merely co his relatious At Lambeth, Mr. A. A. Micville, of Ber: 'that this seasonable friendship was given, but nard.street, to Miss Mary Ann, third daugh to the young men, whom he had bred in his ter of James Browne, esq. of Brighton. mercanule house, and of whose virtuous dise

At St. George's, Hanover-square, John positions he approved. Some of the but Stratton, of Hawley, Gloucester, esg. to eminent merchants in the city of Londoa ve Maria, youngest daughter of the late John proud to acknowledge the gratitude they one Bower Jodrell, of Henbury, Chester, esa to David Barclay, or the aneans of their first

Lord Viscount Turnour, son of the Earl introduction into life, and for the benefiu of of Wintertoun, to Miss Heys, daughter of his counsel and countenance in their early Mrs. H. of Upper Sunbruy Lodge, Middle- stages of it. It is a proof of the sagacity of

- his patronage that he had very few occasions At Bromley, Mr, T. Curtis, bookseller, of to repent of the protection he had conferred. London, to Miss Reynoldson, daughter of And the uninterrupted bappiness he enjoyed J. R. esq..

for many years in the midst of the numerous

connections he had reared, held out a lively DIED.

example, and a lesson to others, of top valoe At Walthamstow, in his 81st year, David of a jost and well-direccel beneficence. His Barclay, esq. the only surviving grandson of virtue was not limited to his relativd, to hi Robert Earclay, of Urie, author of the cele. "friends, to his sect, to his country, or to the brated Apology for the Quakers. He was colour of his species-he was a man of the bred to business in the city of London. and warmest affections, and therefore to his was long at the head of a most extensive family and friends he was a patriot, and house in Cheapside, chiefly engaged in the therefore preferred nią own country to all American trade, and the affairs of which he others; but he was a Christian, and felt for closed at the commencement of the revolu.

the human race. No man therefore tion. He was, at that time, as much djs.

that time as much dis "ever more active than David Barday, in tinguished by his talents, knowledge, integ.

moting whatever might ameliorate the o rity, and power, as a merchant, as he has dition of man-largely endowed by Provide been ever since in retirement by his patrior. With the means, he felt it to be dis dury * km, philanthropy, and munificence. We can set breat examples and when an u Eot form to ourselves, even in imagination, was set up against the eniancipatiens the idea of a character more perfect than that negroes from slavery, that ther e ! of David Barclay. Graced by nature with a ignorant and too barbarous for Troodia most_noble forn, all the qualities of his resolved, at his own expense, tot

mind and the heart correspond d with the the fllacy of the imputation Home
· grandeur of bis exterior, lhe auperiority of estate in Jamaica Fall to him be dan

his understanding confirmed the impression the exiense of 10,000
which the dignity of his demeanor niade on whole gang (as they are remedyo
all; and though, by the tenets of his religious He did this with his usual or
faith, he abstained from all the honours bf as generosity. He tan
public trust, to which he was Grequently is. Taurica ad pade him


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which they were all transported to America, In Clifford-street, Charles Montague, esq. where the liccle community was established surgeon to the forces. in various handicraft trades; the members of At Paddington, Margaret, wife of Mr. ir prospered under the blessing of his care, Elliott, of Oxford-street. and lived co shew that the black skin inclosed In Beaumont-street, Mrs. Isabella Ann Carr, hearts as full of gratitude, and minds as ca- sister of the Rev. Colston C. vicar of Great pable of improvement, as that of the proudest Ealing. 72. white. Such was the conduct of this En lish Ac Clapham, Mrs. Cecil, of Old Bond. merchant! During all this course of well. street. doing, his own manners were simple, his. At Clapham Common, Mrs. Walters, wife hospitality large, and his charities universal. of David W. esq. He founded a house of industry near his own At Chelsea, Sir William Henry Douglas, residence, on such solid principles, that, though bart, vice-admiral of the blue. 81. He is it cost bim 15001. for several years, he suc- succeeded in bis title by his brother, a lieuceeded in his object of making it a source of tenant-colonel in the army, and commandant comfort, and even of independence, to all the , of the Royal Military College at High well disposed fanilies of the poor around. Wycombe.

The numberless individual acts of his bene. In Soho Square, General Rainsford. 81. volence, though discriminate, was never de Ar Finchley, Robert Allan, esg.. graded by the nariowniess of a religious dis At Roslyn, near Hampstead, R. Milligan, tinction. Mr David Barclay was cwice married esg.

he had but one daughter by his first mas In Foley Place, Mrs. Hayward, relict of riaye, who was married to Richard Gurney, T. H. esq. of Biercbingley. esq. of Norwich. She was a most beautitul In Sc. Alban's-street, Mrs. Brookes, wise of and benevolent woman, every way worthy of Mr. B. solicitor. such a father. She died some years ago, In Rodney Buildings, Mary, wife of D. leaving issue, Hudson Gurney, esq. and the King, esq. of Southwark. wife of Sampson Hanbury, esq.- Nothing At Richmond, Henry, eldest son of J. D. could surpass the tranquillity of his last mo- Thomson, esq. one of the commissioners of ments. He was composed, cheerful, and re- his Majesty's navy. 15. signed. He had no struggle with life; he ra In Bearoinder-lane, Mr. Moy Tbomas, 50ther ceased to live than felc thc pang of licitor. 58. death.

At Twickenham, Mrs. Throckmorton, wife In Rathbone Place, Mr. John Nicholls, of W. editor and proprietor of the Suoday Monitcr In Queen-square, Mrs Blissett, relict of At Homerton, Mrs. Roberdeau.

J. B. esq. of Kenilworth, Warwickshire. 90. In Barton-sti eet, Westminster, Thomas Par In Glucester Place, G. Clark, esq. banker, rars, esq.

of Lombard-street. In Hornsey-lane, Highgate, Mrs. Dodd, In Dover.street, Charlosle, daughter of wife of Thomas D. rsq.

Commiesioner Bowen. 14. In York Place, City Road, William Lang In Half Moon-street, in consequence of her ston, esq.

muslin dress taking fire, Miss Cummins, the. At Fort Place, Bermondsey, Mariba, wife daughter of a gentleman of fortune in the of Joseph Watson, L.L.D.

West Indies. 19. in Greck-street, Soho Square, Mr. J. P. At the Charterhouse, the Rev. William Lloyd. De la Grange, late a bookseller there, s. 72.

In Red Lion Square, Sarab, only daughter in Eaton-street, Pimlico, Samuel Esdale, of W. Sayer, esq.

At Lee, David Papillon, esq. late senior 'In Lombard-street, aged 68, William Erly, commissioner of the cicise. 80

esg. of the house of Bodiey, Etty, and Bodley, In Upper Thames-street, Benjamin Shaw, gold and silver lace, fringe, and epaulet maesg. many years one of the common council nufacturers. His death was occasioned by a for the ward of Queenhithe.

mortification in his foor, brought on by bay. In Hoxton Square, Mr. Robert Crosby. ing unfortunately cut his toe to the quick,

In Charles-square, Hoxton, Mr. Nathaniel which in six weeks proved fatal, norwichCarborwood, letter-founder. 44.

standing the united skill and exertions of the George, youngest 'son of Robert Hoggard, most eminent of the faculty. etc. of Foxgruve, Beckenham, Kent. 17. In Jermyn-street, aged 86, Sir George Baker,

In Staple lun, Mr. Thomas Strickland, soli- bart. M.D. F.R.S. and physician in ordinary citor. 36.

to his Majesty. He was formerly of King's Ar Vanzhall, Mr. Robert L L Merrier. College, Cambridge, B.A. 1743, M.A. 1749, At Hackney, Mr. Paroissien, sen 73. M.D. 1756. MONTHLY MAC. No. 196


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WITH ALL THE MARRIAGES AND DEATHS; Arronged geographically, or in the Order of the Counties, from North to South. *** Communications for this Department of the Monthly Magazine, properly nti

thenticated, and sent free of Pfistage, are always thankfully received. Those are · more particularly acceptable which describe the Progress of Local Improcoments of

any Kind, or which contain Biographical Anecdotes or Fucis relutice to eminent or remarkable Charucters recently deceased.


At Newcastle, Mr. James Sharpe, store. On Monday, thie 15th May, the inhabi. keeper of the royal artillery, 47.--Mr. Rue tants. of Alnwick, and its vicinity, were gra- bert Pasley, 63.-Mrs. Mary Smith, 95.tified by the completion of 10 undertaking Mr. John Stoddart, partner in the patent Hutherto unattenipted in the north, viz. the ropery of Shailorth and Studdart.-Mr. Matdelivering of coals at Alnwick, from Shil. thew Smith, 70,-Mrs. Milburn, 73.-Mrs. bottle calliery, by waggons conveyed along a Teasdale. metal rail-road. The iminense suma annu- At Belford, Mr. Joseph Mills, 72. ally paid for this indispensable necessary of At Darlington, Mr. John Ridsdale.-Mrs. lite in the county-town of Northumberland, Smurthwaite. have long been severely felt, and of late years At Aconub, Ms. Joseph Hutchinson. have produced che efiect of almost depriving At Hexhana, Mr. Thomas Miles, 82 the poorer classes of the community of so At Morpeth, Mrs. Thempson, wife of Mr. essential a comfort in this chill climate: Thomas Thompson, 31. couls have laiely been sold to the consumer At Whickhani, Mr. James Bridges, 73. at the exhorbitant rate of two guincas a New At Dilston Park, Miss Ann Brown, 28. castle chaldron, (a price unexanipled in any At Wharmley, John Snowball, esq 69. other part of the county,) nearly one-half of Ai Bellingham, Mr. Farrer, officer of which was charged by hired carmen for lead. excise. ing. The rail-road passes invariably through At Berwick, Mr. William Richardson, 72. the grounds of his Grace the Duke of North Mrs. Lendergan, 60. unuherland, the proprietor of the mine ; and, At

liss Thompson by its judicious direction, the distance is only At Aikion, the Rev. M. Wilkinson, curate three miles from the colliery to the staith, of chat parislı, 53. possessing the most important advantage, that A: Thropple, Mr. Thomas Brewis, 72. not a shilling way-leave is paid. Cuals have At Alnwick, Mr. Thomas Lawson. already considerably fallen in price; and the . At the Fell-side, near Hexham, of a ts. whole of this spirited and laudable under. phus fever, Mr. John Farbridge, 49. His taking has been planned and executed by, and daughter Grace, (who introduced it into the at the sole expense of, Mr. John Taylor, the family,) died April 27, aged 19. John Far. Iessee of Shilborrie colliery. .

bridge, aged 8 years, on the 19th May. Jane, Married.] AC Newcastle, Benjamin Sors. his ruother, May 13 bie, esą to Miss Robertson, daughter of At Coldstrean, Mrs. Bell, wife of Mr, Thomas Robertson,esq.-Mr.William Fisher, George Bell, 82. to Miss Jane Harriet Clayton, daughter of

CUMBER Roliert Clayton, one of the aldermen of this Married. At Carlisle, Mr. Richard Fercorporation, -Mr. James Young, master of guson, eldest son of Richard Ferguson, est. the Aurora, of this port, co Miss Jackson, of to Miss Margaret Giles, youngest daughter Berwick. -Mr. Greensitt, to Miss Howey, ut Mrs Giles. his own niece.

Ac Wigton, Mr. M. Harrison, printer and At, Alnwick, Mr. William Cook, wine bookseller, of Carlisle, o Miss Martindale, merchant, to Elizabetb, daughter of Anthony only daughter of the late Mr. Martibdale, at. L. esq.-.

torney At Durham, Mr. Thomas Coldcleugh, to At Gretna Green, Mr. J. W. Lerrian, of -Miss (sabella Stout.

Brampton, to Miss Walcon, only daughter of At ishopwearmouth, Captain Clay, of Henry Walton, esq. of Alston, in this the Hereford bire milicia, to Miss Pemberton, county. . dzughter of Stephen Pemberton, esą.

Died. At Whitehaven, Mr John Herret. Did) At Durham, the Rev. Edward Par. Miss Margaret Briggs, 21; and her bir inser, ker, restur of St. Mary le. Bow, in that city, Mos. Margaret Brigns, 50.-Mr. Lancel and vicar of Risk Mertington, 45.-Mrs. Sumpton, 30-Mra. Cullins. Carr, 89 - Francis, son of the late Henry At Egremont, Mrs. Mr. Dougherty. Methold, csq. 20.

At Carlisle, Mrs. Aon Rammage, t.

Mrs. Mary Spedding, 61.-Mrs. Rebecca At North Lees, near Ripon, Thomas Wal-
Caitrick, 70.--Mrs. Hannah Carlyle, wife ker, esq 82.
of Mr. Thomas Carlyle, 78.-álr. Jobs At Barnsley, Mr. John Pickering, 75,-
Park.-Mr. William Jordan, 25.

Mr. John Darby, 81. 'At Armathwaite, Mrs. Stack.

At Chapel Allerton, Mr. J. Wbitaker, 82. At Cockermouth, Mr. Hinde, 15.-Mr. Ac Masbro', near Rotberham, Mr. Jo. Thomas Cotton, 51.–Mr. George Graham. Sepi Batrie, 99.

At Eamone Bridge, near Penrithi, Mr. Jo. At Whaby, Mrs. Saunderson, wife of Mr. sephi Prall, inokeeper. "

Jacob Saunderson, niaster of the rivop AgriAt Bassenthwaite, Mrs. Beattie, a maiden culture, of that port.--Miss Huntrodes, 63. lady, 73.

At Sherheld, Ms. Samuel Peech, of the At Penrith, Mr. John Stedman, 45. Mr. Angel Inn, 70. He, by his great and per. John Dennison, 6t. He was near thirty severing exertions, essentially improved and years in the service of Messrs Clark and Bir promoted the conveniencies of travelling; and beck, is brewer to the old brewery.

what merits particular notice, he was the At Parkes, n:ar Kirkaswald, Mr. Timothy first contractor in the north of England, to Lowthian, 48.

run the Mail Coaches. His life was reYORKSHIRE.

• markabic for industry, by which he rose from The Mayor and Commonalty of York have an bumble situation to the possession of offered the following rewards to such archi. considerable property. He discharged the tects, engineers, builders, or others, as shall, duvies of his employment with strict honcur, on or before the second day of August next, and to the satisfaciion of all wlio frequented give, in the opinion of the said Mayor and his house ; for it was, with truth, his pride Commonalty, the best plan for carrying into and boast, that the accommodations of his execution the intended improvement of Ouse inn were equal, if not superior, to any in bridge, by widening it, according to the sec- the kingdom. His independent mind, his tion of the present arches, and for making real honesty, his enthusiastic love for his the new foundations and abutments; together king and country, and his general manners with an estimate of the expense :

and deportment through life, attracted the For the most approved plan.. 1001. admiration of all ranks of society. For the second............ 001.

At Badsworth, near Pontetract, William For the third............. 401. Willis, esq. 48. Married. At Beverley, Joseph Hall, esq. At Pontefract, Mrs. Hepworth, relict of to Miss M'Donald.

John Epworth, esq. At Kirk heaton, Edmund Walker, jun. Al Airey Hill, near Whicby, in his 80th esq. of the exchequer office, Lincoln's Inn, to year, Richard Moorsom, esq one of his MaMiss Walker, daughter of the late Samuel jesty's Justices of the Peace, and fatlier to Walker, esq. of Lascelles Hall.

Capt. Robert Moorsom, of the royal navy, At Ackworth, Mr. James Shepard, to one of the present Lords of the Admiralty, Niss Turton, eldest daughter of the latc Joha At Addle, near Leeds, the Rev. William Turton, esq.

Nicholson. At Howgill, Mr. A. Wilkinson, to Miss At Clough•House, near Huddersfield, Mrs. Sedgwick, only daughter of the Rev. Mr. Sarah Nichols; relict of Jonathan Nichols, Sedgwick.

esq. At Rotherham, F. Schmidt, esq. merchant, At Hall, Mrs. Godmond, relict of the Rev. of Hamburgh, to Miss C. J. Oddy, of Darnal. James Gudmond, vicar of Howden,, 83.

At Whitby, Mr. Thomas Donkin, late Mrs. Calson, 40.-Mrs. Barker.-Mr. Wile steward to Lord Mulgrave, to Miss Alice liam Hall, 62. - John Lee, esg. merchant, Bateman.

42.-Mrs. E. Nordis, 59.-Mrs. Gelson, 81. At Bawtry, William Duncan Campbell, At Wakefield, Mr. Joseph Wood, banka esq. of Whitby, Northumberland, to Re seller. -Mr. Matthews, B. A. late student becca, only daughter of the lace T. Boruker, of Magdalen College, Cambridge, 28-Mr. of the county of Northampton.

Sarnoel Lake, 60.-Mr. John Shaw, serjeant Died.) A Rhodes Hall, near Rottreyell, in the 9th foot. John Brooke, esq. 84.

At Leeds, Mrs. Pawson, relict of the Rev. At Great Driffield, Henry E. Roosby, esq. John Pawson, a preacher of great eminence in

At Barnsley, Miss Sarah Bent, eldest the Methodist connection. --Mr. W. Grocock, daughter of Mr Bent, of London, bookseller. 63.-Mrs. Hall, of the Star and Garter Inn,

At York, Mrs. Forbes.- Lieutenant Henry 57.- Mr. R. Ray.- Mr. William Fretwell. Whettatn, of the Craven Legion, now on - Miss Nixon, only daughter of Mr. Nixon, permanent duty in this city. He mistook merchant. his way, fell into the Ouse, and was drowned. At Bortom boat, near Wakefield, Mr.

At Beverley, Mrs. Mary Midgley, last Wood, superintendant of the navigation surviving sister of the late Jonathan Midgley, works, at Lake Lack. He was sailing in a erq, ont of the alderen of that corporation, small boat, with two other persons, when a

sudden squall upset it. His companions, be.

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