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the passages are marked by grace and on are written by Mr. Currell, is pleasing velty, and the general result is, air etfect in its melody, and calculated to impress higbuy interesting and draniatic. It is to the liearer with a favourable opinion of be lamented, both on account of the com- the composer's taste and seosiinility, poser's interest, and the public gratifi, while the accompaniment is judiciously cation, that this piece was destined to arranged, and the bass out ill-chosen. be performed but once; the theatre & faqourite Duet, for the Piane foric. Corte being destroyed the nighs afier its first posed and dedicated :0 Miss and Miss Diary representation.

Eyre, by jay. 05. 4 Book of Glers, S'c. for Thret, Foar, and Five This duet, which is comprised in one

Po.ces, composed and dedicated to Mrs. Yoab movement, is simple and easy in its style, Bates, by Samuel Webbe, jun. 12s. and without the ostentation of prolound

The present publication comprises science, or a severe allention to the sea nie glees, a canon, a round, and a catch; crets of elaborare composition, exhibits and occupies forty-two folio pages. A the taste of the composer in a favour. pleasing play of fancy, aided by a culein able light, and is productive of a very rateed judgment, and a respectable portion pleasing effect. We should not do jusof science, is displayed in various parts tice to Mr. Jay's merits, if we did not of the work, and seis Mr. Webbe's abis recommend this production to the atten. lities for this species of composition in tion of juvenile practitioners, for whose the most favourable point of view. The use and improvement it seems particu. combinations are, in general, extremely larly adapted.

. well adjusted, and the ba-s is frequently « If it be Love;" an Ariette, as sang by Mr the best that could bare been selected; Vaughari, at tbe Vocal Concerts, Havever. while the points, answered with correcta quare. Composed by Y. F. Burronos. 25. ness and effect, contribute to throw over We find in this ariette indications of the whole a striking air of mastery and an effort, with which the effect, we must talent.

in can lour observe, does not perfectly A Sonata for the Piano-forte, composed and de

correspond. Some of the passages are diealid ta Miss Firlason, by 7. Russ, esg. 45a

agreeable in themselves, and tolerably

corected, but not so pregnant with This Sonata, in which Mr. Ross has mea

las meaning as we could wisli; nor do we introduced some favourite Scottish airs, find in die whole that distinguishing fea. is written in a free but easy style. The ture interent in original composition. passages, thougii playtul, are not dite ticult of execution, and taste prevails

Les Petites Rivales; a Diocrtimento for the

In Performers on one Pianoforte. witbout the desertion of simplicity.


and dedicated 19 Miss and Miss Mary Thors. the general constructiou of the piece,

• piece, bill, by Charles Edrvard Horn. 25. 6d. we trace much talent for arrangement, Mr. Horn has evidently designed the rud a considerable knowledge of effect, article before us for what we are ready while the improveinent of the finger, as to acknow

as to acknowledge it-an agrecable (rifle. well as the gratification of the ear, has Thooth nothing very scientific or artifbeen successfully attended to.

cial presents itself to us, the parts are A Concerto, by Mozart, adapred as a Sonata for perfectly in rule, and the effect, if not

the Piano-forie, by D. Bruguier, ant de brilliant, is pleasing. dicated to bis friend, F. Lanxi 65. Sixth Divertimento for the Piano forte. Com

Mr. Bruguier, in his adaptation of this posed and dedicated to toe Rigbi Hor. Lady concerto for the piano-forte, has evincert Diana Herbert, by : B. Crurit, eg. 51. a thorough acquaintance with the parti- In this divertimento, Mr. Cranicr bas cular points of excellence in his author, introduced a farourite Spanish fandango, as well as a perfect knowledge of the serving at once to delight the ear, and character and powers of the instrument relieve the other morements of the comi. for which he intends it. The whole is position. In erery page of the publica. accompanied with a violin part; and the tion we trace the talents of this excele general effect, is, we think, calculated lenit master, and find his genius secbud. to ensure the publication an extensive ed by his taste and judgment. sade.

Bon Soir 2d, Divertissement pour le Pianferti,

ance Accompagnement de Flute (ad libitum), Ibe Blue-e'd Stranger; foverite songs coith

Comfosé' et dedié aux Domes, par T. Latam, an decomuniment for sbe Piano forte. Come

isg. Praniste de Sant Altesse Rosad Monsigo yard by it. sapp 11.

mour le Prince de Galles. 11. Thissong, che affecting words of which This ditertissement is pleasingly ima.

gined i

gined; the passages lie well for the this canzonet, yet the passares are band, and afford au improving exercise Scooth and connected, and the gence tor the practioner on the instrument, for rai eliect bespeaks both taste and judge which ihe composition is designeri. nent. u To her I love, O waft tbar sigb;' a fa. Tb. Muid of Erin; a Bulled. Composed by

murise Carbonet, sling with the greatest 7. Thompsent. 11. oppluiest, by Mr. Magraib, at sbe Bath The unaffected case of this little bal Concerts. Composed and insorioed 10 Miss and lad, aided by the piano-forte accomMiss ann Hearbcate, by 7. M. Coombs. 1s. paniinent, which is chietly in the arpig.

If we do not discover any striking giv style, will mot fail to give it currency marks of genius or original conception in among the adınirers of vocal supplicity.


Including Notices of Ilorks in Hand, Domestic and Forcien. ** Authentic Communicatiuns for this article will alwuys be thunkfully received.

U E have great pleasure in preseut- Stone. Illustrated with a play and rece V ing our readers with a test of se- tion for a new Theatre. The object of curity, in regard to persons who have une this essay is to revive the knowledue esdergone the vaccination, and who may emplilied by the Free and Accepted alas be made umeagy by the false and inter- sons, in the construction of the vaults of esteri ala ms of inalignant persous. Let the ancient cathedral; and to show a patient be selected on whose aris the that a theatre built upon similar princivaccine pustules have regularly advan- ples, would be of considerable benefit ced to the 7th, 8th, or 9th, day. From to the proprietor, both in reducing the one of these pustules, let the subject inte expense of the erection, and the rate od tended to be put to the test of security, insurance; and at the same time secure be re-vaccinated, and at the same time, the audience against the dreadlul ha. and with a portion of the same vaccine zards, to which they are liable, troin ile fluid, let arochier child, who never has present mode in which these edifices are had either the cow-pox or the small-pox, be also vaccinated. On the arms of the In the course of this month, Mr. Jos child put to this test, if it was previously SEPU CRISP, 01 Tolborn, will publish, for secure, the virus will produce in a short the use of female seminaries, Lessons in space of time, (two or three days per- Gengraphy, with an Introduction to the liaus), an intlammation around the parts use of the Globes, calculated solely for punctured, and sometimes sinall irregular the exercise of the memory, and as an vesicles, accompanied with itching, introduction to larger works: which commonly dies away, long before The second edition of a Treatise on the regular pocks on the arms of the Malling, by Nir. REYNOLDSOX, lite of child chont had not been before secured, Newark, how of Bronnlı y, Midolsex, arrive at inaturity. The reason why Dri will appear in a few days." Jenner recoinmends the vaccination of a Mr. G. Dyer, wibo has been for some child not in a doubeful state, with the years past occupied in making inquiries one whose situation may be supposed into the state of the Public Lubraries of doubuful, is to prove to a certainty, that this island, has, nc inderstand, found it the vaccine fluid einployed, is 1.1 & state expedient to suspend his researclacs, of perlection. The insertion of variolous though he bas by no menus given then matter by way of test, in the early pe- up. But, as the work branches out into riods of the vaccine practice, was adopted various parts, and is become far more and recommended by Dr. Jenner; but extensive than was originally intended, although it did not produce the smalle it is not likely to make its appearance for pox on thuse previously vaccinated, it some years. In the meau cime, dr. suinetimes occasumed very extensive Dyer is employed in preparing for putand troublesome inflammation on the lication, a complete edition of bria Pietie arins,

cal Writings, in four volumes, duodecimo. In a short time will be publisbed, I will be published by subscriptions an Essay on Theatres, and on the Pro. Mir, JAMES NORRIS Breuer, will. in priety of Vaulting them with Brick and a few days, paulista me tir-t number of

Descripcions Descriptions Historical and Architectural, days. The editor of this work intends to otsplendid Palaces, and celebrated Built- continue it in quarterly numbers, the ings, English and Foreign, with Biogra- first of which will appear in August next. phical notices of their Founders or Buildi. The Peerage of Scotland, by Sir Roers, aud other eminent persons. This BERT Douglas, of Glenbervie, Bart. work, printed in quarto, will be comprised continued to the present ciue, by J.P. in six monthly parts, and embellished Wood, Esq. in 2 vols. is in the press. The with highly-finished cugravings by Storer, first edition of this work, the result of the Porter, and other eminent arusis. mosc assiduous application for many

Mr. WILLIAMSON, of the Inner Teme years, and a paintul enquiry into the pubple, has a Treatise ready for publication, lic records and ancient chartularies, pube entitled, A Companion and Guide to the lished in 1764, having become extrensely Laws of England; comprising the most scarce; the editor has made every en. useful and interesting beads of the law; deavour to obtain accurate informatwa, viz. the whole law relating to parish in order to complete and correct the matters, bills of exchange, and promissory work to the present time. notes, wills, executors, landlord and le. A Translation of Laborde's View of nant, trade, nuisance, master and servant, Spain, composing a descriptive itinerary, jurors, carriers, bankruptcy, apprentices, or topographical delineation of each progaming, &c. &c. to which is added a sum- vince, and a general statistical account mary of the Laws of London,

of the country, will shortly appear. An Irish gentleman of rank, wvbo lately Mr. JAMES WARDROP, Fellow of the spent three years in London, is preparing Royal College of Surgeons, and of the for publication, a Series of Leriers to his Royal Society of Edinburgh, bias in the Father in Ireland, containing the secret press, Observations on the fungus Hz. history of the British Court and Metro- matodes, or Soft Cancer. It contains polis, and snid to illustrate, with singular the history and appearance, on dissection, ability, the state of inodern manners and of that disease, in several of the inost society.

important organs of the body, illustrated The Rev. EDWARD VILPY, author of by cases and places. Elegantiæ Latinæ, is preparing a new

Treatise on the Diseases and Mae edition of that scarce and very useful nagement of Sheep, with introductory work, Robertson's Phrase Book, with Remarks on their Anatomical Structure, alterations and improvements; in which and an Appendix containing Documents, it is intended to modernise the obsolete exhibiting the value of the Merino Breed, English phrases, and to introduce, be: and their pogress in Scotland, will soon sides known and common idioms, every appear tre in the pen of Sir George Stes. word which may be susceptible of varia- art Mackenzie, of Coul, Bart. tion and elegance.

Sir BROOKE BOOT I BY, Bart. has in be Mr. W. WARD, leeturer on cxperi. press, the English Æsop, a collection of rimental chemistry, has in the press, fables, ancient and modern, irr verse, a Dictionary of Chemistry and Mine- translated, imitated, and original, in two ralogy, which will speedily niake its post octavo volumes. appearance, in une voluine, illustrated The Rev. MELVILLE IIoRse, Minister with pliles.

of Christ Church, Macclesfield, will The Rev. Josepi: Wilson is preparing shortly publish in a duodecimo volame, for the press, an Introduction to Butler's An Investigation of the Detinition of Analogy, in a series of Letters to a Slu. Jusufving Faith, the Damnatory Clause dent at he University.

uuder which it is enforcell, and the DocThe Rev. GEORGE WHITAKER, master trine of a direct Witness of the Spint, of the grammar school in Southampton, held by Dr. Coke, and other moboda wil in a few days publish a wosk design!- preachers. * ed for the use of junior boys in classical Mr. WALTER NICOL is preparing » schiols; entitled Exempla Propria, or work entitled, The Villa-Garden DirecPuglish Sentences, translated from the tory, or Monthly Index of Work to be best Roman writers, and attapted to the done in Town and Vila-Gardens, Shrubrules in syntax; in be again translated heries, and Parterres; with llints on the into the Latin language.

Treatment of Shrubs and Flowers usua ly The second edition of M. Gener, ora kept in the Green Room, the Lobby, and Selection of letters, by the Rev. JONN Drawing Room. MrekERSY, of West Calder, is in the Mr. ANDERSEN, author of a Tour is press, and will be published in a few Zealand, is preparing for publication, a

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Dane's Excursion in Britain, to consist hundred species, which, Mr. Stewart of two or three small octavo volumes. stated, imust be considered the most com

The Rev. Dr. WASUBOURN, uf Wellin- . mon, its they were collected in the course borough, is revisingiud correcting Bisliopot' two seasons only, and without very Reynolds on Ecclesiastes, &c. wbicha tavourable opportunities. It was prodowill appear in the course of a few months. ced he added inercly as an incitement to

Sir John Care has tur sunie line been younger and more zealvus en toinologists. emplused in revising bois poenis tur the --Atasubsequent meeting of this society, press. They will forn an octavo volume, on the 13th of May, the second part of with a portrait; but a few copies will be Mr. Bald's interesting Minerale:gical Deo prmed in quarto.

scription of Clackmannushire was read, Mr. IERY WEBRER will speedily giving a particular account of two) very publisha in two volumes, octaru, the rematkable slips or shatts in the strata, Draumatic Works of Juan Fran, with near une Thousand feet in depth, and by an Imusduction and Explanatory Votes. means of which the raiu cual-tield of the The same gentleman is also engaged on a comtry is divided into three fields, on all work entitled, Metricat Ruinalices of the of which extensive collieries have been Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Filieenth erected.-'The Rev. dir. J'LIMING, of Centuries, published, from ancient ma- Brezsav, laid before the society, an outnuscripts, and illustrated by air lotion live of the Flora ot' Liolithgowshire, spe. duction, lotes, and Glossary. This work citying only such plants as are onnitted will make three volunes, crown 00- by Mr. Lightfoot, or are marked as una tavas,

common by Dr. Sunith. This, be stated, Mr. A. MOANAY, Fellow of the Anti- was to be considered as the first of a series quarian Society of Edinburgh, and Se of communications illustrative of the nacretary for Foreign Correspondence, will tural history of his native culty.--Mr. Soon publish in quarto, Researches into P. WALKIn stated a curious fact in the the Origin and stunity of the Greek and history of the communi col. A munber Teutonic Languages...

of cels old and young were found in a · The Crete in Pivial Plowman is print- subterancoug pool, at ile buttom of all ing in a small quarto volume, with a old quarry, which has been filled up and black letto type, ide text accurately coln its surtace ploughed an eropped for Jated with the printed copies, and occa- nore thno twelve years past.--The se. sionally corrected by an ilispection of the cretary rend a letter from the Rev. Mr. existing inanuscript. Au historical In MacLrAN, OR Small Isles, mentioning the troduction will be prefixed, and the poden appearance of a large sea-buake, between cupluusly illustrated with botes. • seventy and eighty teed long, ang ihe

Ara imeeting of the Wernieriau Natu Helirides in June 108. He also produ. ralllistory Society of Edinburydi, held on cedir list of abu wengriren berbat.. tue Bil of Apoil, was read the tirso part cénus planes, and two-hunereck propa ; of a Description of the Mineral Scrata ni mia found in the larg's park, Batuputs Clucku maishare, from the bed ottie in and ant engine ruter intr. -Yalen's Choi ver Forih, to the base utilo Ouhiis, illussa talogue of Piants, growing there; cruin . trated by a vuluiginous and very distinct municated by Mr. G. Don, of fice, plan or section of those sirata, executed late superintendant of the Royal Dun.11110* froin actual survey and from the register Garsien, at Eduburyhi. of the buring and workings for cual, in Scienilir men bare often har oceasinn W.V. Eriline oi Mar's esiate in that tri regret the difficulty i procuring obres

istrict, Comunicated by Mr. ROBERT suiciently me and little for microBald, Euruineet, In this first piirt be meters. The us oh ninng site treated out of the alluvion strata: au mover wire itt a meter ut enoustr. continuing the subject he infeads toil induced Mi Trondloop! (1) tap the i lustrate it suit tivther by exacting spe- 'sub, which be botirustel *** thie, ciinens of the nucks theusseinus.-Nr. opique, and elastic, as tow er all ulve CHAMS Sofwakr laid iverine the 30- pups of practicat atrununiy. Enc ciety, a list of insects tund by trud in its it is only ide stiercher, or bing line, the nechbourhood of Embali, will winch supports the web thing poigneisses introductory setmirls on the study of these viisile pri pestics, the discuity entorni. It would appear Onit !he of pocanng it bir cumpetere many op Deighbouwhood Edimburgte issue no Inmunt.prartir :: stikintito enj. very peculiar mist'cts, aud bu iew pure plus de raiohihiey of unwrought silk, or ones. The list contawed about twar wind is still wurst, wie Cuirse siser wie MONTALY Mac. No. 186.


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manufactured in this country. For these, precipitate will instantly appear. This Dr. BREWSTER has succeeded in obtain. is a more decisive test than sulphate of ing a substitute, in a delicate. fibre copper, which forms Scheele's-green, which enables the observer to remove (arseniate of copper) and though the the error of inflection, while it possesses process answers very well with potash or the requisite properties of opacity and Jime-water, yet Mr. Hume is inclined elasticity. This fibre is Diade of glass, to prefer the common sub-carbonate of which is so exceedingly elastic that it soda. may be drawn to avy degree of fineness, A correspondent of the Philosophical and can always be procured and pre- Magazine, taking into consideration the pared with facility. This vitreous fibre, present imperfect mode of finding the when drawn from a hollow glass tube, rates of time-keepers,' suggests the will also be of a tubular structure, and establishment of a public observatory its interior diameter may always be for trying time-keepers and keeping regulated by that of the original tube. their rates, to which every maker, if he When the fibre is forined and stretched thouglit proper, might have access at across the diaphragm of the eye-piece of stated hours, and where he might be ala telescope, it will appear perfectly lowed always to keep a certain limited opaque, with a delicate line of light ex- number of pieces. Here, he might try tending along its axis. As this central the effect of improvements and gain extransparency arises from the transmis- perience; then alter and try again till sion of the incident light through the he succeeded to his mind; an advanaxis of the hollow tube, and this tube tage which he could not, perhaps, enjoy can be made of any calibre, the dia in his own honse, for want of instrumeter of the luminous streak can be ments of sufficient accuracy and leisure either increased or diminished. In a to make the necessary computations. A microineter fitted up in this way by Dr. book containing the rate of each timeBrewster, the glass fibres are about keeper might be kept always ready for the Thor of an inch in diameter; and the use of the owner, and, if he thought profringe of light is distinctly visible, though per, for the inspection of the public, by it does not exceed doo of an inch. In which he would be enabled to fix a price using these fibres for measuring the on the machine, proportioned to the ere angle subtended by two luminous points, cellence of its going. From this place the fibres may be separated, as hitherto captains of ships and others might aldone, till the luminous points are in ways be furnished with timekeepers, contact with the interior surfaces; but, suitable to the price they could afford, or in order to avoid the error arising from adapted, with respect to accuracy of inflection, it is proposed to separate the going, to the purposes for wbich they fibres, till the rays of light issuing from might be required. The writer expressed the luminous points dart through the his surprize that, considering the many transparent axis of the fibres. The rays evident advantages of such an instituthus transmitted evidently suffer no in- tion, the watch-makers have not already flection, in passing through the fibre to established one at their own expense. the eye; and, besides this advantage, . That valuable plant, smyrun madder, the observer has the benefit of a deli- bas lately been introduced into the cate line; about one-third of the dia- country by Mr. SPENCER SMITE, who meter of the fibre itself.

furnished the Society of Arts with some Mr. JOSEPH HUME has discovered a seed: from which Mr. Salisbury, of the new method of detecting arsenic.. The Botanic Garden, Sloane-street, has raised test which he proposes as a substitute plants that have grown in the most pas for those hitherto used, appears to be 'mising manner. He expects to obtain more efficacious, inasmuch as it proe seed from them, and there is duces a more copious precipitate from reason to hope that this useful dye-mot a given quantity of that substance. It will become naturalized in our soil.

is composed in the following manner . When the Frenchi siezed Liege, the : Let oule grain of white oxide of arsenic, gentlemen belonging to the serinary

and the same quantity of carbonate of of that place were obliged to make a presoda, be chissolved by boiling in ten or pitate retrent, nbandoning a large extatwelve conces of distilled water, which blishment, together with a valuable E

ought to be done in a glass vessel; to brary and a fiue collection of mathein this, let a small quantity of the nitratematical instruments. Having since ut siiver be added, and a bright yellow found an asylum in this country, the

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