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Richard Shepherd, D.D. formerly of Corpus Marriedy Mr. William Rose, of Boxford, Christi-college, Oxford, rector of Wetherden, to Miss E. Wright, youngest daughter of and Helmingham, in this county, ånd archWilliam W. esg, of Coshall.

deacon of Bedford, 78.-He was an iostánce Died 1 The Rev. John Brand, M.A. of very considerable crudition, united with rector of St. George, Southwark, and vičar rare candescensión ; and though he filled an of Wickham, Skeith, in this county. He office of dignity in the church, he was not was formerly of Caius College, Cambridge, the less attentive to the hurtbler, but where he proceeded A.B. 1766. A.M. 1769. equally important duties of a parish-priest. When he had obtained the latter degree, he In him the poor will long deplore the loss of wrote an ethical essay, entitled " Con- a kind benefactor, and all of a zealous pastor. science," intended as a candidate for one on His publicacions, which are various, all the Seatonia, prizes ; but an accidental delay breathe the spirit of á mild benevolence; which it met with upon the road, occasioned and evince the liberal and enlightened divine, its being presented to the vice-chancellor added to the pious and rational philosopher.. two days after the appointed time, and on At Palgrave, Mrs. Lloyd, the wife of the that account, it could not be admitted to Rev. C. Lloyd. The situation in which she the competitions. Mr. Brand, however, pub- had been for many years placed, was arduous lished his poem in a quarto pamphlei, in and important. In addition to the care of a 1772, and it met with applause for some young, numerous, and increasing family of bold and poetical passages which it contains. her own, she bad to superin end the domestic His subsequent publications have been concerns of a flourishing school of the first * Observations on some of the probable Ef- respectability. The accurate judgment, unfects of Mr. Guibert's Bill, (with Remarks de- remitting care, and maternal kindness, with duced from Dr. Price's Account of the National which she performed her duty in this capaDebt);” a pamphiet, 8vo. 1776. "The Alfer- city, secured the esteem, and excited the graation ofthe Constitution of the House of Com titude of all concerned. As a wife, her memons,and the Inequality of the Land-tax Con mory will always be tévered by him who sidered conjointly," á pamphlet 8vo. 1793. knew her by that čndearing name. Her loss “ A Sermon, ôn Luke xix. 41. 42. prtached to him is the loss of a steady, faithful, and on the occasion of the Fast; Feb. 28. 1794,” affectionate, friend, and of a calmı, dispassion.

to. and “+ Considerations on the Depression ate, arid judicious, monitor. "As a mother, of the Funds, and the present Embarrassments her affection for her children, though ardent of Circulation; with Propositions for some and uniform, was always tempered bý pruRemedies to each, a pamphlet, 8vo. 1797. dence and judgment. Too wise, too compagThe profundity and ingenuity of Mr. Brand's sionate to sacrince their future interesis to political pamphlets, gained him very distin-" the gratification of the humours and fancies guished credit. He was an excellent calcu- of childhood, her aim was to check, as it rose, Bator, a powerful reasoner, and a very acute, every improper feeling, and rectify, in its and able writer. Of the pamphlet on the birth, every wrong idea peculiar to this age; Alteration of the Constitution of the House to inculcate and exact obedience to precepts of Cummons,' and the Inequality of the which had reference to the whole of their Land-tax, it may be sand in particular, that existence, which contemplated their useful the press has seldom produced a more 'mas: ness and respectability here, and their eternal terly production."

" happiness hereafter. - In forming an opinion At Saxmundham, c. Bell, esq. 77. * * upon any subject, she exercised the most ma

At Buty, Mrs. Hubbard. --Mrs. Plumb, ture deliberation, but when alice her conclewife of Mr. E schoolmaster.--Mrs.Rogers, 71. sions were drawn, when the course of conduct

At Eye, Thomas Nash, esq. surgeon, 59. which she ought to follow was clearly ascer By whose death the public have to regret the tained, she pursued it with a perseverance loss of an eminent and skilful practitioner, which nothing could abatc. In ber were hap . his friends a most generous and convivial pily united firmness of mind and suavity of compartion, amongst a large circle of whom manners. lo all the trials and dangers of hue, He was sincerely respected. He served the she was perfectly calm and collected; an en office of baniff of the borough of Eye six tire stranger to every boisterous and angry months, with the greatest integrity,

passion. A character so ansjable, so eminent AE Stradbrook, Mr Simon Borrett, 75. ly and steadily virtuous, could not fail to

At Cretingfield, Dr. Rodbard, formerly obtain universal respect and esteemi. Every an eminent physician at Ipswich, 84.L t ungue is eloquent in her praise. Poverty

At Yoxford, M18. Howard, daughter of blesses her memory, and bedews hier grave the late T Sismcy, esq. of Leicester with the rear of gratitude. The powerful At Oakley, Mrs. Gudgeon.

principles of rational religion were the seed At Newmarket, Miss Fisher, Otily daugh- from which sprang such an abundant harvest. ter of Mr. F. of the theatre of that town, of good works Her God was her father, and 18. Mr. Jonathan Poulter

Sher brethien mankind. The first At the Parsonage, Wetherden, the Rev. symptoput of the fatal disorder which termi



mated the life of this excellent woman, ap- to Miss Forster, daughter of Mr. Benjamin peared in August last, and soon deprived her F. friends of the least hope of her recovery. Died.] At Spring Grove, the Hon, Mrs. From its commencement to its close, every Woodgate, wie of Henry W. esq. day witnessed the gradual progress of her ma-. At Sydenham, Charles Bili, csq. late of lady, and afforded proofs, from within and Farley Hall, and many years au active, from without, that her discolution was fast useful, and upright magistrate, 87, approaching, To her a scene of trial was a Ac Barton, near Canterbury, Allen Grescene of glory. Sufferings unveiled the beauty bell, esq. secretary and treasurer to the of holiness which adorned the saint. For Kent Agricultural Society. bidden to indulge the dearest hopes which At Woolwich, Captain M.T Jennings." animate the breast of a parent, those of seeing At Deal, Mrs. Hammond, wife of Mr. her offspring rise up to be blessings to the Charles H. merchant. ---Mrs. Vile. world, expecting every moment, amidst the At Ash, Mrs. Smith. pains and sorrows of a lingering illness, to At Canterbury, Mrs. Hayward, 74. close for ever her eyes on the objects of her Mr. Francis Villiers, 84.-Mrs. Evernden, fondest affection, though ,

69 - Mrs. Fedarb, 76. Lone at her couch Death' rock his patient At Brompton, Mrs. Weatherall, relict of stand,

J. W. esq. formerly storekeeper of Chatham And menaced oft, and oft withheld the blow.” dock yard,

At Tenterden, Mrs. Winser, 38.-Mrs. The days of her affiiction passed away, and Pearce, 72. not a murmur escaped the lips of the dying At Thanington, near Canterbury, Mr. Christian. 7 With patience she ran the race John Reynolds, 88. that was set before her. However dark and At Margate, Charles Dalbiar, esq. 8+ rigged the path which conducts to the valley --Mrs. Leapidge, 78. of the shadow of Death, she trod it with a At Knowton House, Turone, esq, firm and unhesitating step. She has arrived At Ashford, Mr. John Bourne, 82. at her destind goal, and her reward is sure. At Hythe, Mr. Thomas Winter, 66. L EGLEX.

Mr. William Hussey, 76. Married) - Ac Chipping Ongar, Mr. J. Al Folkstone, Mr. Ingram Spearpoint, 62, Porter, furgeon, to Miss Gilbert, daughter of Mr. William Jewell, 70. Mn, G.

As Great Baddon, Mr. William Rooke, of At London: to Miss Polley, of Galleywood Com.

SURRY. mon Died.

Ac Morden, Robert Ekins At Romford, Mr. John Rumball, Liliington, esq. to Miss C. Stent, of Almer,

Married.] jan, son of Mr. R of the Bull lan.

Dorset. At Colchester, Mrs. Johnson, 77.–Mrs. Died.] At Richmond, the Viscountess de Maltby Mr. John Maspe, attorney

Cambia. ac Chelmsford, Mr. Joixa Rayner, second At Guildford, James Vincent, esq. 68. He 190 of Mr Henry B. 18.

> was fəther of that corporation, and had thrice Sat Moulehan, Mr. Pearson, of the White served the pffice of mavor,

SUSSES. O "At. Maddow-lane, near Chelmsford, Mrs. Married.) The Rev Mr. Baldwyn, to Mar Howlett, 81.

Miss A. Riggs, ninth daughter of Henry R. As Strattond grove, Mn. Langford, wife of esq. of Eastbourne Cottage. Rap Enfeld

4 At Brighton, S. Lucas, esq. of Sheffield, te per uford, Emanuel Goodhart, eng. Miss Lydia Gold. -Lieut. Cocksędge, of the

Dapper gun bris, to Miss Allen, of the White Aeth Hyde, pear lagatestone, Mr. Wil. Horse Inn. 16M Glaahon

Died. Al Woolbeding, Sir Francis Vin As Meaningtur Misa Sarab Leashe only cent, bart private secretary to Mr. For maviva cauther of Mr. William L. during the short period of his administration,

hele Budow Hall, Mn. Taylor 27. He wes a gentleman of superior ulents, Rate Mn. Fairchild a

and married the eldest daughter of Mrt. Bou* Mr Henry Blomheld. veric, who died about three years ago, Jeavids

two children, Francis, the claest, who 1 1 tona William Scu- bis 7th year succeede to the Nitle. et Miu Die, of Mordake, As Horsham, frora excessive fatigue while

in Spain, Capinia 0, Forth, of the żóth rogie 1846 Standen, Mn, Philadelphila Hamsha

Mo William Jewell,




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Heart A, ne palle. Python

* At Brighton, Mrs. Peete, relict of the Rev. neighbourhood where he resided :-generous, Mr. P. of Pollon, Bedfordshire --Mrs. Pedo hospitable, and benevolent, his name will der, 78.

ever be revered by all who knew him! Rear. HAMPSHIRE.

admiral Faulknor married the eldest daughter Married. I At Newport, Isle of Wight, of Lieut. General Spry, of the marines, by Mr. James Hollis, o Bishop Stokc, near South whom he has left three children: his eldest ampton, so Miss Young, eldest daughter of son, Jonathan, has just comidenced his caJohn Y. esq.

reer in the British navy, and is now serving At Portsmouth, Lieutenant Dutron, com. as a midshipman with Admiral Purvis, in mander of the Hardy, to Miss Priscilla Edge. the Mediterranean combe.

WILTSHIRE. Dica] At Southampton, Richard Edmund, Married. At Hale, near Salisbury, the youngest son of Richard Pourke, esg. of Hon. Duscombe Pleydell Bouverie, to Miss Nottingham-place, 9.-At the house of her Louisa May, second daughter of the late grandfather, James Taylor, esg Miss Sarah Joseph M. esq. Georgina Clerk, second daughter of Robert Died. At Fisherton Anger, Miss Westcott, C. esq. of Padworth House, near Reading of Bishop's-down.

At' Crabthorn, near 'Fitchfield, James At Salisbury, Mr, Matthew Hibberd, 78. Green, esq. one of the oldest officers of the Mrs. Bracher. royal marines, on the list. He was at the At Damerham, Mrs. Henville, wife of taking of thé Havannah in 1760, under Sir Mr. Edward H. 26. G. Pococke and Lord Albemarle.

Át" Trowbridge, Mrs. Waldron, wife of Atlichfield, Rear-admirat Jonathan John W. Faulkner,

At Denton, Mr. Philip Bennett, of the At Portsmouth, Lieutenant-colonel Arch- French Horn inn. bold, of the royal marine forces, but who At West Grimstead, Mrs. Rowden, relict frad retired on full-pay, on account of Servi- of Mr. Joct R. ces. The death of this gentleman is some


. " what impressive, though he had attained al. Married.] Ac Kintbury, Mr. Barker," most to the fuli age of men. He was in as surgeon of Hungerford, to Miss Hemsted, good health the day before his death as he daughter of Dr. H. of Hole Lodge.' ')" had been for some time, and his natural Ac Cookliam, Mr. William Lacey, to cheerfulness was remarkably increased to. Miss Elizabeth Robinson, of Benson, Oxon. wards the evening. At nine o'clock at niglat * At Sopning, Mr. R. Bennet of London, he was actacked with a complaint which tere tu Miss Elliott, of Early.

n minated in his death, by four b'clock the At Reading, Lieutenant John Scott, of next morning. He was an intelligent and the Queen's Bags, to Miss Sowdon, second brave officer, and an affectionate and modest daughter of Thomas S. 'esg :

) man. He served with great credit ac the fa- Died.) At West Hanney, near Waneige. iting of Havannah, where he was afterwards' Miss Elizabeth Ann Godfrey, 25.-M.*

Tohnomika : adjutant of that corps.

MT. - At Cotisfield, near Farcham, Rear-admi.' At Thatcham, Mrs Bailey, 68. I ral Edward O'Brien, who so galluntly broke At Beenhang Mrs. Thompson, wife of the Dutch line when sumanding the Mo- Mr. John T. • närch, is the memorable action of Camper. At Milton HUI, Miss Hopkins.. LOVAT. 1. p


At Reading, Mrs. Davis, wife of the Rev. At his house at Stubbington, near Tirch. Dr. D.-M. Round, attorney, 74. Mrs. 2. Geld, Hants, Jonathan Fauiksior, 157. 50. rear Hild, a maiden laty. Mr. Thomas Wild:. admiral of the Red in his Majesty's navy, 5o. At Little Faringdon, Robert Saunders, He was the eldest son of the late Faulkner, whose family-claims a pie emi.

. SOM ER TSHIRI. nence in the naval history of the British The Anniversary Meeting of the Bash and isles; for, from the close of the seventeenth West of England Society, beld at Hedling century, and even pr vious to that time, it house, Bach, was most numerously strended has uniformly adorned the list of our wmi. by nositity, members of Parliament, and prin.. ralty One of Admiral Faulknor's ancestors, cipal gentlemen of the Society, from various Captain William Faulknor, had the hunour parts of the West of England, and of the

receivin the fag of the renowned Caar kingdom at large, The Duke of Gloucester Peter, when serving under Sir John Norris, was present, and condescended to become in in the Baltic, in the year 1715.-The late honorary member. The exhibitions at Live Rent-admiral Faulk nor was advanced to post. Stock were decmed better than for seren . yank in 1782. and was promoted to his Aag yean pient. The ramples of utana ficture in in 1804: by his death his country has lost a broad cloth, kerseymere, corduroy, Shawh, gallant and meritorious oficer, and his family scockings, &c were numerous, ind 'abetes an excellent husband, father, and friend, cellent, evincing the growing impurtance of No one was more deacrvudly autumna is the the Anglo-Merino wool, from Hertha

I was more ca



Al Uxbridge, Mrs. Bennett, wife of Mr. genuine and.orthedox doctrines of the church B. attorney...

of England, was uniformly exemplary and At Bath General Edward Smith, uncle to pious; his humanity and unremitted atten, the gallant Sir Sidney Smith, Colonel of ihe tion to the indigent and sick were manifested 43d regiment of foot, and Governor of Fort to all, and his memory will be long held in Chartes, Jamaica. The general was present Veneration in the neighbourhood where he with Woltc, at the ever-memorable battle resided, by all real lovers of christianity. of Quebec, and on many other glorious ac.

DEATH ABROAD. casions; and was as brave and distinguished At Corunna, in his 24th year, the honouras an officer, as he was good as a man. His able major Charles Stan lope, This young Joss will be widely and most justly lamented. man was second son of earl Stanhope, by his

In his 88th year, the Rev. J. Duncan, lady Louisa, the only daughter of Mr. Henry D.D.formerly of St. John's College, Oxford. Grenville, Several branches of the Stanhope He was 15 years rector of South Warmbo- family have been illustrious in arms, and bave rough. Hants. In the years 17.15 and 1746, displayed, in various periods of our history. while chaplain of the King's own regiment, an energy of character, and a devotion to their bt was an eye-witness of every battle in country's cause, which have rendered the Scotland, in which chat regiment was en

name illustrious in the annals of Britain, gtged'; be afterwards accompanied the regi.

Cafterwards accompanied the regi. The youth, whose loss we now deplore, chose, ment to Minorca, and. was present at the at a very early period, the military profese pleinorable siege of St Philip's. He was sion, as that in which he hoped he might be the author of an “ Essay on Happiness," an usefully employed. He had been assiduods

Address to the Rational Advocates of the in forming his character, and in attaining a Church of England," and other theological thorough knowledge of the duties attached to worke.. Liberal in his principles as a theolo- several degrees of military service, through gian, warm in his attachment as a friend, which he had passed. From the hugh opini. and earnest in his endeavors to promote the on formed of Inis courage and talents, he was, cause of rational piety, as a minister of the about two or three years since, appointed by prispel. he shone to the last a bright example General Moore to be one of his aide-dc-camus. of private virtue, and professional excellence. Nothing could be better adapted to his wishes, -j.W. Fuster, esą, late collector of Drog, he was anxious to be the witness of, and para heda, Ireland.

ticipator in real and active service. He DORSLTSHIRE.

could not bear the idea of being raised step Married.) At Beaminster, the Rev, Wil. by step in the army, without having, at the hiam Rose Holden, A.M. šelio- of Worcester same time, the opportunity of proving to his College, Oxford, to Niss Eveleigh.

friends and his country, that he was worthy At Lyme, Williai Mauie, ese, ut London, of the rank and honour conferred upon him. to Mrs. Biak epey, of Bach.

It was a source of extreme mortification to At Dorchester, Mr. Joseph Cust, of Came, Major Stanhope that he returned from Sicily. corMiss Mary Bascombe, chird daughter of and Sweden, without being able to justify, Mr. John B.

by bic conduct, the expectations which his Died. At Poole, Thomas Saunders, esq. friends had naturally formed of his character. merchant, 57.-James Seager, esq. alders In Spain he was no longer aide-de-camp, to man of that corporation, 71.-John Bird, the General under whom he served, and esq. 86.

whom be loved with a filial affection, but At Sherborne, Mrs.. Pride, relict of Mr. was appointed with major Napier, his particuJalan P.

lar friend, to the command of the fifciech 1er DEVONSHIRE

giment. Never were men more attached tu Died. Ac Exeter, Arthur. Tremayne, esq. officers than the soldiers of this regiment to of Syden bam, near Okehampton. He ser. their noble-minded and heroic majors. This ved the office of high Sheriff for the county, body is distinguished by General Hope, as have in 1798.-Mrs. Surah Merrifield..Mr. Mo- ; ing borne the brunt of the action, and the ses Mordecai, 65.-William Bidwell, gent, . earts of the oflicers and soldiers from its very 88.-Mrs. Wescott, 90.

commencement, claimed the applause of At Lympston, Mrs. Searle, reliet of J. S. their general, who, witnessing their prowess, etc. and daughter of the late. Egerton Fil- and highly approving of the judgement by more, <54.

which their exertions were niade, rode up, ta At Tavistock, Adriana Dewindt, youngest them, exclaiming, ** Well done, my 501b, daugbter or William Maynard Mills, esq. well done, my majors of the 50th.” To their

At Honiton's Clyst, Mrs. Lang, mocher, energy a large portion of the regiment, and of Majur L. of the South Devon Milicia, both the majors sacrificed their lives. The

A Powawell, Mss. Legassicke, wife of body of Major Napier was not found; but Henry L. esq. 57.

that of Major Sanhape was carried to his tent As Cofinswell, near Newton Abbott, till the battle was won. His younger brother. Mrs Mead The Rsv. Jobo Rymer, vicar Captain James Stanhope, who had shared of Littleham and Exmouth. He discliarged in the dangers of the day, as aide-de-camp the duties of this ministerial office with hy to general Moore, paid the last tribute of mility and seal, was a taichsul wortor of the respect and sincerc affection to the remains

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