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ers were otTcrsd up foi his recovery, at several churches and chapels in Liverpool, a few weeks past.

At New Barns, near Dalton, Mrs. Eliza. beth Gardner, 99.

At the Rectory House, near Orxnskirk, Mis. Vambrugh, mother of the Rev. Mr. V. rector of that place, 33.

At Lancaster, Mr. John Davie;. At Hulni, near Manchester, Mrs. Mary Leatherbarrow, 106.

The Rev. John Tathan, A. M. rector of Tatham, PS.

At Preston, Mr. Cornelius Cheetham, veterinary surgeon. He went to bed apparently well, and was found dead the next morning.—Thomas Welsham, esq. 7b.—Mrs. Thomas, 70.

At Dean, in Prestwick, Mr. Nathaniel Welve.

At Darwen, Mr. James Entwisle. 'At Moss, near Liverpool, Mrs. Edge, relict of James £. esq.

ArLcyland, the Rev. Mr. Baldwin, one of the justices of the peace for this county.

At Pailiham, Mr. Hoyle, senior.—Maria, wife of the Rev. John Abvansun, 5'2*

At Atdwich, near Manchester, Mr. George Bolton.

At Storks, Mrs. Wilkinson, relict of Thomas W. tsq.

At Toxtcth Paifc, Mrs. Dickinson.


Married.] At Astbury, John Anrrobus, esq. oi Clieam, Surrv, to Mrs. J. Bence..

At Prestbury, the llev. George Pownall, to MissT'wemlnw, of Macclesfield.

Dial."] At Stockport. Mr. R. Knowlcs, depaty constable..—Mr. Randle Alcock, 88. He was lather to 15, grandiather to 91, and greatgrandfather to 2b children.

At MidnTcsvitb, Mr. Thomas Mailor, attorn-y, Hit.

At Cluster, Mr. Thomas Spcnse, one of the vicars choral of the cathedral, 88.—Mrs. Speed, relict of Hugh S. esq.

At Newton, Phcebe, youngest daughter of the late Isaac Wood, esq.

AtCengieton, Margaret, wife of the Rev. J. Wilsun, 50.


Married.] At Mayncld, Mr. William Formaa, jun. of Chclleston, to Miss Sarah Mellor, of Coventry.

At Voulgrave, Mr. William Taylor, of ihe White Meedow, near Ashborne, to Mi;j Briddon of Elton.

• At Bakcwell, Mr. Jolin Taylor, to Mist Ann White.

Died] At Ncwhold, Mrs. Hard.vicks, relict of John W. etq.

At Stone Gravels, near Chesterfield, Mrs. Wardiey.

At Chesterfield, Charles Kinder, esq. • fttntleman distinguished through life by strict integrity and active benevolence.

A: Alvatttm, :be Rev. Joseph Smith, who

fe-r knowledge and integrity of heart was surpassed by none and equalled by few.

At Draycotc, Mr. Robert Jowett, 54.

At Tiftington, Mr. Richard Holland.

At Kodleston hall, Mrs. Mary (iarnet, 43 years housekeeper to the late and pi':sent Lord Scarsdalr, Hi.

At Derby, Mrs. J. Meyneil.

At Eyan., Frances, vile o. Ir. Farrer, SSt


Married.} At Will find, Mr. George Shilcock, of Chilnell, to Miss Richardson.

At Nottingham, Mr. Richard Warsop, to

Miss Ann .li.hnson Mr. Webb, to Misa

Page —The Rev. John Grundy, to Misa Ann Hancock.

M RatclirTe-upon-Trent, William Worth, esq. of Gipalc, Lincolnshire, to Miss Taylor, daughter of John T. esq.

At Worksop, the Rev. Thomas Stacye, vicar of that place, to Miss Maria Outram.

Died.] Ac Hoveringham, Mr. Andrews.

At Newark, Mr. Francis Brown.

At Ratcliffe upon-Trent, Samuel Parr, gent.

At Woodhorough. Mr. Nicholas Lee, 88.

At Arnold, Mis. Pailley, Ho

At Nottingham, Mis. Sheldon,


Married.'] At Ea^ton, near Stamford, Thomas Lindscll, esq. of St. Ives, Huntingdon, to Miss Marsaiet Hunt, second daughter of the Rev. Mr. H.

At Gosbcrton, Charles Bonner, esq. of Spalding, to Ann, the youngest daughter of John George Culthorp, esq.

Died] Ar Gainsborough, Mr. Kdward White, 76; and a few days afterwards, his wife Mrs. Hannah W. 7!>.—Mr. Stephen Dinnis many years master of the Rosamond, Newcastle tiader.—Mrs. Fthermgton, relict of Robert E. esq. 67.—Mr. Bobwell of the Kings Arms, 33.

At Lincoln, Mis. Bratton, 78—Mr. H. Footit, 64.

Mrs. Nelrhorpe, aged 73, widow of Johst N. esq. of Little Grimsby, near Louth, and youngest daughter of the late Robert Cracrol't, esq. otHackthorne. She has lettisiuc, one son, |ohn Nelrhorpe. esq. and one daughter, the present Lady William Beuuclerk. Her loss will be severely felt by the poor, to whose ditticsscs she was always attentive, as well as by her numerous friends, «rr»ngst whom her enlightened conversation tiittused instruction, whilst her vivacity enlivened ell around her.

At Gate Hurton, near Gainsborough, Mr. Edward Noiu'ood, 05. *

At the Rectory-house, Broughtan. Mr*. Radcliffe, mother-in-law of the celebrate* authoress of that name

At Ukeby, Mrs. Field, wife of William David F. e«q.

At Origg, Mrs. Alary Morris. 99. Charles Aysthorpe, c-.q lonocrly »t' lyl (.horse, neat Brattltbj.


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At Redmarlcy, D'Abiiot, Mr. John Racster, surgeon, or Persnore, to Miss" Eleanor Hantord, ymingest daughter of the late Chules H esq-.

Mr. .Vott, of Suckley, M Mr*. Freeman, relict of T. F. esq. of the White house

ZW.J At Bewul<:y\ the Rev. Thomas) Common, curate o that place, la e curate of St. Mary's, Shr ;v.'sb.uvy, and eldest son of fames C. cw. of Cleobupy Mortimer, Siiropshirc, ^6. I he death of this ejtcellc.t young man is a loss, not only to his friends, to whom he was endeired by his amiable qualities and intellectual accomplishments; but, to the sacred pr.ttession to which he hud deToted himself; in winch he was active and assiduous beyond his strength of constitution, and conscientiously aealous without fanaticism, gloominess, or osrent-tion.

The Rev, William Cox, rector of Shiawlcy.

At Dudley, Mrs. Parsons.

At Martley, Mrs Turley.

At Ham Green, Mr J. Woodyatt.

AcOmbrrsley, Mr. Severne,of the Crown.

At Leigh Simon, Mr Bcarcroft.

At Whuby, Mrs. Richards.


It lias been determined to erect at Hereford, a public Maiket, adapted tor the sale ot every description of t'.e necessaries of life, except corn, in iin eligible situation, on a plan, equally convenient to the frequenters, and inhabitants, and ornamental to the city. The money necessary for the purpose, is to be raised in 501. shares, on security, and ocarina; interest, which will be regularly paid halfyearly, t

Married.]At S-arnesrield, Mr. J. Arden, of the La>s, near Wcubly, to Miss M. Ricketts.

At Callow, Mr. John, of Michael Church, to Miss Sarah Bickerton. • Die J. J At Hertford, J.tiucs Woodhou*e, C5q. many yctus steward to the Guy's Hospital estates 10 this county.—Mi. Thomas Allen, bb.—Mrs. 0*eii>, 4b.

At Holmcr, near HercforJ, Mrs. Carvvao dine.

At Ross, Mr. Joseph Gardiner, clerk to the magistrate, and collector of the taxes tor that district of the county.

At Kington, Mary Eleanor Gwynne, eldest daughter of hiK'gwacir Meredith, esq. ;i0.

At Ryford, Mrs. tViaxey, wile ol the Rcr. Mr. M.

At Woulstone, Mr. E. Smith, IS.

At the Old Ford corn mills, parish o.'Goudlictl, Mr. Ld'.vard Movie.

AtllieVihite Hou=c, EasCuor, near Ledbury. Mrs- hatiuict, 70.

At Leon.inster, Mis. T. Tuucr, 78.

At Whi burne-court, Richard Chambers, i'i 60. He scrttd tlie office of jucrili" in IS'JX

At Winforton, Mr. Jt Fencot.


Died.] AtTibberton, Mr. Matthew Hoot.

At Nailswortb. Mrs. Day, relict of Daniel D. esq. in consequence oi a fall on the ice.

At Gloucester, Mrs. Ann Limb.— Mr. James Pynock, only son of the late James 1'. esq. of Tewkesbury.—Mr. William Bin, lay clerk mi verger to the cathedral, and many years master to tin; General Workhouse j a man greatly respected tor industry and integrity.— Mr. Dovey. ~At Waluridge, near Stroud, Mrs. Hains.

At Stanconib Farm, near Durslcy, Mr. Daniel Diniery. ,

At Mangershury, Mrs Chambcrlaynr, relict of the Rev. John C. 7?. - At Wolton-under-ecige, Mrs. Dauncey, relict of John D. esq 75.

At. Cirencester, aged jl, the Rev.Mr Kings' a dissenting minister, of the Unitarian denomination. He held a distinguished rank among his brethren, for his general learning, and his expensive information upon all subjects connccttd with his profession. He was possessed of an accurate judgment, the purrsc principles of integrity, a heart warmed by? genuine pitty, and the most conciliatory and amiable manners. t

At Little Dean, Mr- Richard Lewis.


Married.'] At Headington, the Rrv. William Perry, to Harriet, second daughter o»" the lare Richard I'inch, esq.

At Oxlord, Mr. King Scandrinj, of London, to Miss Brumhead.

Died.'] In her sixth year, Lncy, second daughter of Mr. Thomas Roberson, a'torneyat-law, Oxford. This inteiosting little girl had been sent with her si<t=r, about three vears older, by the Oxford coach to school ac Turnhani Green; and, owing to the carelessness of the other passengers (two ladiea and a gentleman), she was suffered to go to sleep reclining against the door, which, not being fastened, flew open at Brentford, end the child fell to the ground, when,' the wheel going over her, she was killed on the spot.

At Banbury, Mr. Hawtyn, 7(>. At Rr.flord'Farra, near Stadhampton, Mr, Thomas Greenwood,

At Wcstwcll, Mr. (ohn Pinnell, <en. B3. 'At Oxford, Mrs. Eleanor Badger, t,.'J.—Mr. James Smith.—Mrs. T. Randolph. She wai sister to the Bishop of Bangor, and alio thai Rev. Mr. Randolph, minister of Wimbledun, and "nly daughter of the Lit*. Rev. Thomas Randolph, D.D. archdeacon of Oxford, and president of Corpus Christi College, in that University; she bore a long and scstete illi:ets with the fortitude and resignation of a

Christian Mr. Thomas E-.-II, of MagcUU*

Hall. bb.

At Duichestcr, I'e'.cr Cherrill, gent.

nocriMi-'AMinur, Married.] At Aylcsburjv T. TlnJil*,


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