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Tlear-a»!miral Parry, whom he atcorrMunicd Co
Pgrt Royal, in Jamaica. As prolouiid peaca
thtn prcvmlud, Captain Gardner had neither
an opportunity to distinguish nor to enrich
him-self. On the expiration of live usual pe-
riod, the Preston returned home, and was-pat,
out ofcommission The contest with Ame-
rica, soon after folluwfdby a general war with-
France, &j)*ift, and Holland, ho»v*ver unfor-'
tuuatc it n»»ght prove far the general interest
iti the country, yet was attended with many
individual adv<tntagtv£| as it r&tucd.a number
u\ promising young men /mm obscurity, and
eirabled ihem to prove serviceable to t4icir
c-ouctry. Captain (iardntr had by this time -
become a husband and a father. v\ hile at'
Jamaica (Mriy SJO, 1769) he married Susan-
nah Hyde, the only daughter of Francis Gale.
t>$. a planter-}n Li^,■ This lady had,
ilroady brought him four children ; and as ire
had now the prospect of a family to the full
4t numerous a., that of his lather; and was at ,
the same time ambitfous of nsjrwj. in the ser-
if *ce, an appointment of course tr-came aa ob-
ject of consequence to-him.- . Nor didHirsoli-1
cit in vain^ he obtaincs theMaiditanj, a fri-
gate of tventy-ci^ht gnnw, in which he sailed
ror the VVeat Ladies early in 17 70, ana in the
course of thart year he',fortuna*ety obtained a
lich capture i>n the .coa*cvof Aiwrica,'- On
the 4th of November-, while truism:* about
sixty leagues to the'.eastward of Caps Henrys
he gave, chase-to and came up with the Lion,
a French man -of warr with fifteen hundred
hugshcada of-tobacco belonging to -the- mer-
chants. Although the, h*>13 of this vessel
was crowded with merehundjae,- yet there
were forty gun* and two hundred *raeri on ■'
baaed j she therefore sustained a severe .action"
and killed foar and 'Wpuruied tiine of tNe
ManUtune'* men before she sunvudtirtd.'-Cap-
tain Gardner-bore away with -his pitze for"
Antigua; and" soon alter his arrival in the
West Indies, he *as TVppointctJ by Vice-ad-
miral Byion to, the command of the Suluu of.;.
71 guns. Hitherto-the subject of this me-
moir may be<coaisjdeYtyt merely,as" a piivute
character; but. from this moment lie is to be\
ranked as a pnblic man, occupied, w'r.h'bis
professional du'y, a*d engaged in almost eve-
ry great action during tj*c space of the-subse-
mient twenty-two years, which constitute one.
of the rnost important epochs m the naval his-
tory of Great piituin. Having how obtained
a .ship of the line, Captain Gardner remained
under the command of the t;jH<int but unfor--
tunau Byron, whose fate- it \va.<> tj ^1'counter
and combat unceasingly with d.inj.ei., cJli-
cultics, and hurrJcam s^ in every Quarter of
the habitable globe. Id an engagement which
took place with.the CouM D'&f'air.g, or? the
Ulaud of Grenada, the French, Instead of be-'
1.1:4, far inferior in force, as bid been suppo-;
led, exhibited no less thtn tv-cnr;, Kvco sail*'
of line of battle ships, nut^itbrandmg,
^liith, the Stilus, which was cat hcaduioet

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