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change was actually gazetted upon the Sa. ment but I have found no such thing, such turday following. Mrs. Clarke in consequence officers being, in fact, kept on full pay, even received 2001. from the agent. This case on the bome staff. This case of Major Shaw then serves to shewfirst, that, in addition was indeed the only instance I could find of to promotions, exchanges also were at the such an officer being reduced to half-pay The disposal of Mrs. Clarke; and secondly, that case of this officer, then, denyonstraies, that. the purse of the commander-in-chiet' was ss. Mrs. Clarke's influence extended to appoint. ved by the supply which his mistress derived ments on the staff of the army, as well as to from such sources. The witnesses to this promotions and exchanges in the arony itselr; case are, Lieutenant-Colonel Brooke, Lieute. secondly, that the commander-in-chiet punant-Colonel Knight, Mrs. Clarke, and Mr. nished an individual by reducing him from full Tbynne.

to half pay, for non-performance of a nefarious As a contrast to the preceding exchange, I contract with his mistress; and, thirdly, that shall take leave to state a case of peculiar hard: the commander-in chief was a direct party to ship which ocurred within the year; two meri. all chis shameful transaction. The witnesses torious officers, Major Macdonaid and Major to this case are, Mrs. Clarke, Mr. Shaw, un. Sinclair, both of the first regiment of infant. cle to Major Shaw, Mr. Coutts's clerk, and ry, and both indisposed, were anxious to make Mrs. Shaw. an exchange the one desiring, for the reco. I now come to the very novel case of coo very of his health, to remain in England; while lonel French and his levy. This officer was, the other, from a similar motive, desired to go through the influence of Mrs. Clarke, appointo the West Indies. These gentlemen sought ted by the commander-in chies to conduct a their object by every honourable means. The levy in the years 1804-5. The colonel was inmost urgent requests, and the most respectatroduced to Mrs. Clarke byCaptain Huxley San. ble recommendations were made in their fa don, and the condition upon which he obvour, but in vain. No mistress was resorted tained his appointment was, that Mrs. Clarke to nobribe of 2001. was offered Major Mac. should have one guinea out of the bounty of donald was forced to go to the West Indies, every man raised, together with the sale or and fell immediately a victim to the climate; patronage of a certain number of the commis. Major Sinclair was forced to remainin England, sions. The agreement being concluded, it was and survived but a few months. Thus was communicated to, and approved ot, by the the country deprived of two highly deserving commander-in-chief. Colonel French was acofficers.

cordingly sent by Mrs. Clarke to the Horse The fourth case I have to adduce refers to Guards, and, after many interviews, the levy Major John Shaw, of Colonel Champagne's was set en fuor. As the levy proceeded, Mrs. Cevlon regiment. Major John Shaw was ap- Clarke received several sums of money from pointed deputy barrack master of the Cape of Colunel French, Captain Huxley Sandon, and a Good Hope, on the 3d of April, 1806, Mr. Corri. She also received 5001, from a through the influence of Mrs. Clarke. It was Mr. Cockayne, who is a well known solicitor known that this officer by no means enjoyed in Lyon's-ion, and a friend of Captain Huxley the favour of the Duke of York that in tact Sandon. But, to return for a moment to Mr. his Royal Highness entertained some prejudi. Donovan, the garrison-battalion lieutenant. des against him. But these obstacles Mrs. This gentleman, who was such a prominent Clarke easily contrived to overcome ; for it agent in these transactions, was acquainted was agreed to pay Mrs. Clarke 10001. for the with an old officer, a Captain Tuck, whom he major's appointment. The appointment was very strongly recommended to seek promotion : tberefore made, and the major himselt paid and to encourage him by a display of the faci. Mrs. Clarke S001. Soon after, 2001. more lity with which it might be attained, he sent were sent to Mrs. Clarke by Major Shaw's un- hima writteo scale of Mrs. Clarke's prices, for cle, through Coutts's bank, and the payment different commissions, which, in stating, I beg was made by one of Mr.Coutts's clerks. The leave to contrast with the regulated prices of remaining 5001. however, was not paid; and the army. when it was found not to be forthcoming, Mrs.

Prices Regulated Prites. Clarke was enraged, and threatened revenge. A Majority £900

£2600 She actually complained tothe commander-in-' A Company 700

1500 chief of Mr. Shaw's breach of contract, and the A Lieutenancy 400

550 consequence was, that the major was soon af An Ensigncy 200

400 ter put on half pay. I am in possession of se. From this scale it appears, that the funds I veral letters which passed upon this subject, have before alluded to, lost, in an enormous from Major Shaw and Mrs Shaw, threatening ratio to the gain of Mrs. Clarke, or any both the comniander-in-chief and Mrs Clarke other individual acting upon the saine system. with public exposure, &c. if their complaints Here I am to take leave of Mrs. Clarke. were not redressed, but in vain. In consC. Here the scene closes upon her military negoquence of this business, I have been induced to tiations; and in what follows, the cornexamine the hall-pay list, in order to see whe- mander in chief alonc is interested 16 apther any similar reduction to that of Major pears that his Royal Highness required a loan Shaw had aukca place in the barrack depart. Of 50001, from Colonel Freach, and Mr.


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Grant, of Barnard's-inn, promised to com- propriety, the necessity of grounding some ply with the request in procuring the money, proceeding upon such facts. The proceeding provided the commander in chief would use I propose will, I have no doubt, be acceded his influence and obtain payment to Colonel to. I am sure I have stated quite enough to Freach of a balance due to himn by Govern. induce the house to give what I ask-I could ment on account of the levy. This was pro- state mare, if necessary. There is, indeed, mised; but the commander in chief failing to one thing to which I cannot omit alluding. falal his part of the condition, the loan he The house must be astonished indeed at the required was not advanced, and 3000l. still corruption of the times, when told, that Temain due from goveroment to Colonel there is at this moment a public ofbce in the French. The case of this levy shews, first, City for the sale of commissions, at the same that Mrs. Clarke, in addition to promotions reduced scale as that af Mrs. Clarke ; and in the army, to exchanges and appointments that the persons who manage this office staon the staff, possessed the power of augment- ted in my presence, that they were che agents ing the military force of the country; secondly, of the present favourite mistress, Mrs. Carey. that in this case, as in all others, she was Indeed, these agents declared further, that allowed to receive pecuniary consideration for they were also enabled to dispose of places the exercise of ker influence; thirdly, that both in church and state, and that they did the commander in chief endeavoured to derive not hesitate to say, that they were employed a pecuniary accommodation for himself, inde by two of the first officers in the administrapendently or Mrs. Clarke's advantages. The tion. But these are points to which I may, witnesses in this case are Colonel French, on a future day, feel myself more enabled Co Captain Huxley Sandon, Mrs. Clarke, Mr. speak at large. The honourable membes Corri, Mr. Grant, Captain Tuck, and Mr. concluded with moving for the appointment J. Donovan.

of a Committee to inquire into the conduct of The Lost case with which I shall at present the commander in chief, with regard to pro. trouble the house, is that of Captain Maling. motions and exchanges in the army, &c. &c." This gentleman was appointed to an ensigncy M is. CIARKE, one of the late mis in the 87th regiment, on the 28th of No- tresses of the Duke of York, has since vember, 1805–to a lieutenancy in the same been examined many times at the bar regimene on the 26th of November, 1806— of the House of Commons, and her eviand toa captaincy in the Royal African Corps, dence, which has been clear and correct, under the command of the Duke of York's

and corroborated by a variety of other eviewa secretary, Colonel Gordon, on the 15th dence and written documents, has engaa September, 1808. I have every reason to

ged the labours of the house, and the believe Captain Maling to be a very unexcep. tionable character, although I cannot help

undivided notice of the public, through panduacing the mode of his promotion as

the month. The volume detailing these extremely exceptionable. But this promo.

proceedings, will be one of the most il

Feresting in the English language. don snas effered through the influence of the

It faranrite agent, Mr. Greenwood, in whose cannot be expected that we can give

lice Mr. Maling was a clerk, remaining at even a faint outline of them, we shall ne denk while advanced in the army by such however preserve certain letters of the a craordinary course by a course which Duke of York, written during the time, interfered with the interests, which super- and since the period of his residence with meded the rights of many meritorious officers, Mrs. Clarke,

kohad lone served in the army who had ophe and bled for their country. This Mr. DURING WIS RESIDENCE WIT* MUS. has hat also, I understand, had, wbile

SLK mated, some appointment of paymaster "T. George Farqubar, to be left at the post office, Ad I would appeal to the candour

Wortbing, hentes to the common sense of any

Wemouth, August, 4, 1808. ody of men, whether it be right, MY BELOVED - How can I suficiendly

se tolerable, chat such an aceu express to my sweer darling life the delight I favourt should be conferred upon her pretty pretty letter gave me? Millions and

without any claim of protes millioi e of thanks for chinking of me. My

ne merely through the opera heart is full of your affection, and on it my Puudee b ace, whike so many hung whole happiness depends. I am quite hare ul de mario san andlighted and my life did not goto Lewesraces. Twas kind t o

whether it be of her to think of me: but I trust the known

propereshat iu me cdo well not to be convinced that I could kacharacter bedran nor bear the idet of the great acrifice which

in wmter Bat am too sensible she has made to me. Yalmy od hoge point it is angel cannot expect to hear from me from The fact I have rated bence. There are few here that I knov, er

eh relection to cept Lord Chesterfield's family. I went to the me feel the play last night: i went of better than the


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night before. I have seen Dr. O'Meara, whe To Mrs. Clarke, No. 9, Old Burlington-street, wishes to preach before Royalty, and I must " Without being informed of the amount of sce what I can do for him. What a time it ap. assistance you require, it is impossible to say pears since I parted from my darling! Believe how I can be of service to you." me ever your's, and your's alone. "Dearest, Dearest, Ilearest Love!" To Mrs. Clarke, 18, Gloucester-place, Portixan

square. Is Sindgate, August 24th, 1805. "If I could see any advantage that could * «How can I express my assurances to my be derived by your seeing me, I should have best beloved, for her dear delightful letter. no ohjection to our meeting; but as it would Every day but convinces me more and more be extremely painful to us hoth, under the how I depend for happiness upon her affections. present circumstances, I must decline it." Oh! my angel, with what impatience do I long for the day after to-morrow, when I shall **'" To Mrs. Clarke, Southampton. have the unspeakable felicity of clasping you "It is totally out of my power to give in my arms. Clavering is mistaken, my dear. you the assistance you seem to expect." est, in thinking that there are new regiments Oct. 21, 1806. to be raised: they are only, second battalions, and therefore there is no use in his applying. SINCE THE TERMINATION OF THE EXTen thousand thanks for che handkerchiet's AMINATION IN THE HOUSE OF COMyou sent--ten thousand blessings on the hand "MONS. that made them. The day before yesterday I “ To be Speaker of ebe House of Comm095. inspected the coast from Dover to Folkstone,

" Horse Guards, Fib, 93, 1809. and had a view of the French camp.' Yester- « SIR-I have waited with the greatest day I reviewed the 14th regiment of Dragoons anxiety until the committee a pointed by (they were in the highest order), and six regi- the House of Commons to inquire into my ments of militia. To-morrow I set off for Bray. conduct, as Commander in Chief of his Maborne Lees—and then for the pleasure of sce. jesty's army, had closed its examinations, and ing my Dearest Dearest Love !! !

I now hope that it will not be deemed in

proper to address this letter, through you, to Addressed to George Fargabar, esq. the House of Communs. " I have received your note, and Tonyn's " I observe with the deepest concern, that, business remains as it was.

in the course of this inquiry, my name has (Signed) "FREDERICK." been coun

been coupled with transactions the most cri.

minal and disgraceful, and I must ever regret SINCE THE SEPARATION.

and lament, that a connection should ever " To George Far quvar."

have existed, which has thus exposed my “ I do not know what you mean; I never character and honour to public animadversion. authorised any body to plague nor disturb you, .« With respect to my alleged offences, and therefore you may be perfectly at your ease connected with the discharge of my official op my account."

duties, I do, in the most solemn manner,

upon my honour, as a Prince, distinctly as.“ To Mrs. Clarke.

sert my innocence, not only by denying all “ You must recollect, I had occasion, seven corrupt participation in any of the infamous months siuce, to employ tny solicitor to make transactions which have appeared in evidence some inquiries relative to a subpena, whicul at the Bar of the House of Commons, or any received on your account; the result of that in- connivanjce at their existence, but also the quiry gave me no reason to refrain from the slightest knowledge or suspicion that they opinion I formed on that occasion. Nor did I existed at all. rashly judge of the circumstances of the case. " My consciousness of innocence leads me I am resolved to abide by the resolutions I have confidently to hope, that the House of Comtaken, and cannot recade from them. An in- moos 'will 110t, upon such evidence as they terview would be painful to both of us, and of have heard; adopt any proceeding prejudical Do advantage to you. Imust, therefore decline to my honour and character ; but, it, on such

testimony as has been adduced against me, To Mrs. Clarke, Gloucester-place. the House of Commons can think my inno. "Jenter fully into your sentiments with cence questiouable, I claim of their justice, respect to your children, whose interests, chat I shall not be condemned without trial, you, of course, ought to consult. With re- or be deprived of the benefit and protection gard to the house at Weybridge, think you which is afforded to every British sotijuct, by had better remave your furniture from the those sanctions under which alone evidence bouse, and employ the person you directed to is received in the ordinary administration of cake tus house to give it up again."

the law. I am, Sir, youts,



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Scott Thomas, the elder, Thomas S. the younger and Dunn Joseph, and Charles Robinson, vuod ftreet, London,

Dowson Scxt. Carthorpe, York.grocers aud inerchants, factors, Feb. 28
(ICNOr . Allerton, and Codington od Hall, Evang Charles, Nantwich, chefter. foemaker, Feb. 21

Farbridge Robert, l'acacou Macey Keat. Ruad, timber
Simpfon William, shetieldsinskeeper.. (Parker and

Brown, Sheffield, and slagrave and Walter, Symond's Earrington Jolin, Bickerton, Chelter, cheefe-factur,
inn, London

Feb. 16
Skyring Zachariah. Bucklersbury, çarpepter. (Bond, Fell Michael Egio, dealer in cotton yarn, Feb. 15
5.1 Exit India Chambers, Leadewball treet

Flanagan James, Liverpool, mariner, Peb. 20
Smith Jotho, Evelham, Worcestery innholder, Bous. Togean Robert, Salford, Mauche erscption a u facturer
Beld. Bantveric freet, Lundon

Stanicy Sarati, Derby, grocer. (Warrand, Caftje cowe, Gibbs James, Peterborough, draper. Yeb, as
Budge row

en Joseph, Brownin, Glocelerclothier, April 7 . Stender Thomas, Brinal, carpenter and joiner. (Buth

Godwin Gebree, Stafford, cordwainer, Feu. 26 and Prideaux, Bristol, and Blcaldaie, Alexander, and Goud win William, Kineruje Stairs und Wedminster Holine, New Inn, London

bridge-road, timber merchant, Beh,
gymonds John Ramsden, Oxford, horse-dealer. Alt Greenwood John, and william Grimaldi, oid Bond Areet,

wood, Entham, Uxon, and Edmunds, Exchequer Office auctioneers March?
of Pleas, Lincoln's inn

' Handley William, &epert', York, Carrier
Tilbut Chrin phur, Edgware Road tailor. (Vow Con and Hart Nenty, Grear Corata kreci, bronswick Tquaro, broker,
Wrartiflaw. Warwick ftreet, Golden Square

Feb. 7
Taylor Michael teha Lathim, and Elijah Becher. Liver. Hartland Williann, the younger, Britol hop ie carpenter

pool, merchants. (Keighley or Orred, Liverpool, Feb. 25
and Cooper and Lowe ebaucery lane

Henry Henry, Liverpool. vilor, Feb. 27
Tomkins Samuel Mather, Stan og St. John. "Oxfordshire, Hitcon William, and John Jackrun. Oxford road, lines

dealer and chipman. (waith, Oxford, and Towos drapers, fed. W h end Staple inn, London

Houlding Ralph, od -Juhn Prekan;' Lancaker, dealer in
Tucker John, and Richard Rothwell, Manchester.. cutton- liquors, reb. 8

manufacturers. (Redheads, Manchetter, and Milne, Howell Edwards Liverpool merchant. Teb, u
and Parry, Temple. London

Nubbersty Join Louge, Linco sinn barciter, March it Watfon wiran, Tothu truet, Wet minger,dinen draper. Humphreys Richard, Stamfurd, Llicato, linea drapan, (Hord, Temple

Peb. 27 wants williams Sritol, Tafier. (BicsHarton Garden, Huley Charles, and Nicholas NewELE Aree linen dra London, Rips and burges, Bridal

persi Jones
Weber John and James, Wakefuld, corufa ctors. (Evans, Hard will arri, ect Grinkoad, Suflex; brecches makes
Katton Garden and Beaver, Wakefield

Webater Michel Witham, York, builder... (Prickett, Joel Mofes, High Areet; Shoredittk; dealer in safe sad
Hillar arkins. Apr Cowper, Lincoln's inn

earthenware, Marsh in
Wilkinson John Henry, late of Bond court, Walbrooks Johnron Klijah, Bleeding-hart-yard

t. Harton factor. but now Inghe King's behch. (Brown, Yud. - Gardon, cabinet maker. Jan. 28

aias lane *** wraig George, Bags, cabinet-maker

Kennion John, the elder, and John Kitc younger, Nic

(Edmunds. Sholaílane, Brokers, rcB 28.
Chancery lane, MiUer andsheppard, Bat!

- Kent Elizabeth, Wicenter, Oxford, Utaper, Feb. 15
Wirinara Sames orm/kirk, Lauchter brewer. (Black. King Joreph, and William Edward Kins, Covent Gardes,
Robock, St. Mildred's court, Poultry, and Wright and fuk ngercers feb. 8
Palmer, Oranskurk

King Jofeph, Covent Garden, fik mercer, Feb. 18
Wood Thomas aud Georg is by Malceard, York Knirat Samuel, robe Selwood
du chers. (cuare, Ripon, and Lodington and Hall, March 4

Lewis William, Bond Arect, wollen draper. Teb. 85

Sintty. Francis, Holboril, miuic felier, March
DIVIDENDS. ANNOUNCED. : Longmire Margareti pearith, Cumberland, millioer.

c. II
Aint worth Thomas, Blackburn, Lancaker, John Watson, Mactan George, Huddersfield, York, Brocer, March as

folin Watfon the younger and Joseph Watton Prettono Maclavrin Duncan, Watling treetswarehou tepran, Feb. *** Lancaiter cotton-anufacturers. Feb. 27

Madgley Georres Amted, Warwick, chinianufacturers
Alttam William, Tokebfoure Yard, London,

Yeb. 131
March 7

Marr Rubert, Lancer merchant, March 1
Ambler Joinua, lleds, York, timber-merchant, Peh. 37. Martin Spencer, Bantbourite, irtiex thopkeeper, red. 19
Atkin William Stune Stakord maiciter, Marck'

Maltcrinan Thomas How, Bucklersbury, warehoufemis. *Atkin fon George, Richop wear mouine Durhamn, surgeon, Teb 16


- Meyricke John Chabbert, Matthew Syre, and Frederk sainer Jann, Adford, salop: fumet, March ...

rolford, St. Paul Churchi yard, wuehou feman, Battantyne William, Savage gardens, Tower hill,me

Feb. 14-
Seb, 25.
Sartor Korutin Mrachettes, dier, March's * R v M. Kennd. Peter and James M'Gauchtu, Mucherich

merchants, March 16
Bowden Toomas, keuruch, Curnwall, draper. Feb. 28 Morgan Inbn; Ent Hirhway, Parmer, Feb.
Bcétfon Henry Grundy Gray's inn square, musey Ferive-Mylne, George, Tehrek's Square, merchant, Ish

at reb, 10
** Bird Hawkiny Ardui. March as

Nantes Hency wordford courty, Thróunarton treet,

onqrchant, m Bimop wilder, Robert' and William, Cambridge, woollen Newill. Juhi, and Sampson scott, Stafford, camers, drapers. Nisy

Want Tofeph, and John Suterthwaite, Tex court, London, Grelug wil im, George 'Myine og Joha Chaluperty
brokers, Fes,

Jerry's square, merchan Feb 18
Bland forth, Fen vouletbCarance brokerPeb. 25 Ogilvy, Wisata and Tohu Chalmers, Jeffrey's Square,
Towers Witnun. Cannon Arçel, combinaker, March 29 S Merchants, Teb. 18

Bowers. Nathaniel Ward, Cannon Atreet. Cuidbina Ogilvy Wwlami, Jeffrey's square, merchant Yes 05 March

Ogilvy William Fredere, Minorres, tree , May 2
Bowers Nathaniel Ward ind with

rion tre Oldham Joseph, Melton. Suffolk, proper, Veb, 16
comb makers, March 10 A

*Ouley Samud, Hey od Moll, thon-uueLine Lane
Lyw name nine, Watcr Land, brandy merchaps MAY 2 3 cartor fpinaer, råb. 12K
Thaime George, MirHELYork capante. Feb. 2. Palke Roofid, Litde Kemptoad Devon. coal mercbanta
Sarrington Johas faefter mardwarEmAn, March

March 15
Carta TohoMreat trees Cheapido varefoureman Parker George, Chenie's fresc oxford pead, British in

maker Keb.
la s cheler Widiam, Chefterhelg, nerby, mec, April Parker Wnuam, Berly. coal mercator.

Child GourBC AuguRus, Bricoh anvener bebe Pars Jobtruwen, hulk lans, Londdy, Yurrenca braka.
Clark John Dufres der Mauekeseruare, Jewellery March N w

Pesobek Richard TUDOR
Clarke Andrew Liverpool, merchant. March

cloraence Mark Craven rees, 52 iku, March 11 Pierce Thomas Starcrof Devon painter. Teba
Clone William and Matthew Leeds Mortys, Aprilis. Price Georne, Tottenhamou aansoor merebant,
Close William Leeds, York, yer, ARTS

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Collip Joha. Great Portland Tito, Pietery Marab a st William Teranyareer, tifor: Pes 11
Fort Winam, Leeds, Mechaud James Manks, kunder. De Nathan Ro bel keld Yeppar, for millen Feb.
Inerchants, Feb. 25,

bey juton, Manchestch, cho

Crosley James, Halifax Kork, and Klug Meet, London, Saunderia Juhn, Stokerely.



San Jofept, Upper North Pites Gray Tan COXC Curtis, Jono Fletcher, Mingotes. 136en draper, Feb.


a na h er maker, Tab. 3. Fi8 98
Darahn, Vala S etman **

Scottsbepherd, Cannon are, factor, Narch
Davies rerer, Cinde St. Andrew Erecti

R M Joan, Cockfour trec litici de Feb. 1
dicine reader, Feb. 2

Shawcros Wut Me Remierdant. Mutu
Davies William, Holboret, finta draperKarah W

h awfou wilm Cowders, Albay, Pitaily cunter Davis Sainucleury tress, St. Mary Ases

tionery March 7 BAK utepn, Watling Street,

W e lnen drager, Smepheard Wtwy, Bofwell soutis Cerez trgét, foriranes Feb. 38

Thomas, sed Michal

Si aclar:Artibatd. Come court mirthin
Soho, uvern reepers Feb.

Stan Willlat, Whitehaven, Cumberland
Palady John/Liverpool, diaperv preh

Pod worth Grepury, Beyeley. Yok ENNF.

Emily who win Etfon kohert Walmnes, ponad the Tewkesbury Glocuter, imaholder, Blickeburn, Lancassotton nauufers. Nick MAT

Gius inuel, Liverpo, merci ,

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