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eligible road than that which now leads from art, of the royal navy, second surviving son Mopusferry to Tregothnan

of the late Hon. Admiral Keith, of GlasserMarried.] At Perranzabuloe, Wm. Peter, ton, to Miss Elizabeth Dalrymple Hay, third esq. of Lincoln's-inn, London, to Frances, daughter of Sir John Dalrymple H. bart. of the only child of John Thomas, esq. of Park-place, Glenluce. Chiverton, vice-warden of the Standaries of Died.] At Hamilton, Mr. Robert Godwin, Cornwall.

late manager of the theatres at Hamilton, Died.] At Marazion, Emma, fourth daugh. Kilmarnock, Irvine, &c. Cer of Dr. Moyle.

IRELAND. At Truro, Miss Mitchell, daughter of Tho- Married.1 Ar Dublin, Hugh Cathcart, mas M. esq. and sister to Commodore M.-

i esq. son and heir of Sir Andrew C. bart, to Mr. John Parkyn, 81.-Mrs. Ferris.

Caroline, eldest daughter of Conway Heatley, · At Penzance, Mr. George Woodís, 75 –

esq. grand-niece of John, Duke of Argyle, Mr. John Richards, of Bodmin, 21.-Mr.

and cousin to the late Duchess of Richmond. W. R. Desencourt, 17.

Died. At Dublin, Mrs. Daly, wife of James . At Helston, Mrs. Rogers, wife of Mr. R.

D. esq. of Dunsandle, county of Galway, and attorney, 46.

daughter of the late Right Hon. Sir Ralph At Falmouth, Mrs. Chard.

Gore, bart. 86.-T.M Kenna, esq. He was a At St. Columb, Mr. Denham Melanchton

political writer of mucha celebrity, and enJewell, surgeon, 24.

joyed from government a pension of 2001. per At St. Ives, Mr. Thomas Quick,

ann. for past services. Charles Farran, esq. At St. Mawes, Mr. Cory, surgeon.

in the 86th year of his age, many years depo. At Trevissam, Mr. Walter Elliott, 97.

ty clerk of the pleas of the Irish Exchequer. WALES.' Married. 7 At Brecon, William Murray,

DEATHS ABROAD, of the royal marines, to Miss Catherine Wil. Killed, in the month of October last, in a kins, youngest daughter of Jeffery W. esq. glorious attempt to repulse a body of French of the Priory, Brecon.

troops who had landed in the island of Capri, Died. At his seat of Benbedw, aged 66, Major John Harnill, of the Maltese regiment. Watkin Williams, constable of the castle of this gallant aod heroic officer had only seen Flint, and one of his Majesty's justices for his 30th year, when his country was deprived the counties of Flint and Denbigh, and for- of his valuable services. He was a native of the merly major of the Shropshire militia. His north of Ireland, and traced his descent from loss will be severely felt by a numerous circle a most respectable Roman-catholic family. of relations and friends.

His fate was attended with circumstances At Swansea, Mr. George Harry, agent to truly affecting-circumstances equally calcu. the Birmingham and Copper Company's works lated to excite sensations of regret and admiin the vicinity of that town.

ration, and which must render his memory NORTH BRITAIN.

dear to the nation in whose service he bled, Married.] At Dumaget, in the county of and.confer immortal honour upon his game. Wigcown, Lieutenant Leveson Douglas Stew

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THE feet from India lately arrived consists of the following Nips :--the Duke of Mons

trofe, Walpole, Sarah Chriftiana, and Northampton, from Bengal; the Worcester, from Fort St. George and Bombay; Sir W. Pulteney, and Union, from Bonibay. Then cargoes conGft of 9,266 pieces Beugal piece goods, 9,123 pieces calicoes, 68,400 Madrus calicoes, exclusive of a large quantity of prohibited goods, drugs, and privileged goods, among which are 2,052 bales of cotton. F I .

a dect from the Leeward Inands is also arrived, and we are happy to say to a good 1. market, as Ron, Sugur, and Coffee are in demand, and fetch good prices. The Eat India

Company have declared for their March Sale, 13,800 chefts of Indigo, aud uf Piece Goods 34,000; Calicoes, 124,826; Prohibited, 83,704; Prompts, July 210.

Swedeu having been obliged to put her ports againit us, at the inftance of the Emperor of Ruffis, we may say the trade of the Baltic to this country is at present at an end confequendy the articles of Timber, Tallow, Tar, Pitch, Iron, Hemp, Flas, &c. mult con fiderably advance in price ; and we trust the legislatore will ar this time give ever ancou nagement to the Iron Manufacture, growers of Hemp, Max, bio. as thote vluable articles can be procured in our country in abundance, and equal to any foreign mtide imported.

The trade of archangel, compared with that of other Rollut pork, bu beta veta con aderable this years ia consequence of which the price of several artida were puedo to an unexpected height, fuch as of Ple, from 85 to 90 roubles Tullo 801385

Hamp, 15 to 80 ditto-Brifles, 40 ditto Mats, so dito Lurbed
Byos 10 to 10 dicto, and Wheaty to 9 roubles, Owing to the war of lado

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THE frost, which has prevailed during the greatest part of the present month, has not

by any means injured even the most forward Wheats, they of course continue to look well and healthy. This has most probably been the consequence of their being in molt places flightly covered with snow.

TUR • The operations of the field have, however, been very thuch retarded by the above cause

as it has been quite imposible to proceed with them. The bufness of repairing the fences, · and that of ploughing, has been quite a . fand; cart-work and threshing out the grain being only practicable,

The young fork in the farm-sards, and the tall-feeding beats, have in common gone on well, food being, in general, pretty plentiful, especially in the more northern ditriets.

The turnips, and other green winter crops, have stood the severity of the weatlier, ia most cases, in an pancual manner. se

The facep-tock has, however, in many cafes, been greatly injored by the fnoms, and in fomo ftuations great numbers lost.

Aq forts of grain have lately been conliderably on the advance; and both Flour Oatmeal are gow getting highla Laglead and Wales, Wheat averages para quester, 90s. 6d.: Barley, fls. 11d.; nad Oubs, SS.

Potatoes have likewife had much rise in the prica, thougthey are very band most of the northern counties

The prices of both fit and loua fack kacp pre 1 fiches from 3 dd, to . 10d. per fond of alt: 3 Mution, from the darod i Por

Gran 8d. to 69, 4d.
In Smithheld Market Hay fetches from 91. 5. to a
13 kand Str from th 101. IL


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