The Codes of California ...: As Amended and in Force at the Close of the Forty-third[-forty-fourth] Session of the Legislature, 1919[-1921] ...

Bender-Moss Company, 1922

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Seite 1532 - In every action for the recovery of money only, or specific real property, the jury, in their discretion, may render a general or special verdict. In all other cases, the court may direct the jury to find a special verdict in writing, upon all or any of the issues...
Seite 1845 - There can be but one action for the recovery of any debt, or the enforcement of any right, secured by mortgage upon real estate or personal property ; which action must be in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
Seite 1761 - All goods, chattels, moneys, and °* ner property, both real and personal, or any interest therein of the judgment debtor, not exempt by law, and all property and rights of property, seized and held under attachment in the action, are liable to execution.
Seite 1828 - In such action, the court may, by its judgment, direct a sale of the incumbered property (or so much thereof as may be necessary), and the application of the proceeds of the sale to the payment of the costs of the court and the expenses of the...
Seite 1809 - ... when a judgment is against several, and is upon an obligation of one of them, as security for another, and the surety pays the amount, or any part thereof, either by sale of his property or before sale, he may compel repayment from the principal; in such case, the person so paying or contributing is entitled to the benefit of the judgment to enforce contribution or repayment, if, within ten days after his payment, he file with the clerk of the court where the judgment was rendered notice of his...
Seite 1702 - When from any cause the summons in an action has not been personally served on the defendant, the court may allow, on such terms as may be just, such defendant or his legal representative, at any time within one year after the rendition of any judgment in such action, to answer to the merits of the original action.
Seite 1789 - Upon a sale of real property, the purchaser is substituted to and acquires all the right, title, interest, and claim of the judgment debtor thereto...
Seite 1544 - ... 1. By failing to appear at the trial. "2. By written consent, in person or by attorney, filed with the clerk. "3. By oral consent, in open court, entered in the minutes.
Seite 1441 - ... 4. By the court, when upon the trial, and before the final submission of the case, the plaintiff abandons it; 5. By the court, upon motion of the defendant, when, upon the trial, the plaintiff fails to prove a sufficient case for the jury.
Seite 1505 - ... 4. Having served as a juror or been a witness on a previous trial between the same parties, for the same cause of action: 5. Interest on the part of the juror in the event of the action, or in the main question involved in the action, except his interest as a member or citizen of a municipal corporation; 6.

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