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IR. 2 R. 3R. First, Second, or Third Reading. - Amend., Amendment.— Res., Resolution.-Com.

Committee.— Re-Com., Re-committal.-- Rep., Report.-Adj., Adjourned.--cl., Clause.--add.
cl., Additional Clause.-neg., Negatived.-l., Lords.-C., Commons.-m.q., Main Question.
0.9., Original Question.-0. m., Original Motion. – p.q., Previous Question.- .-7. p., Report
Progress.-A., Ayes.-N., Noes.-- M., Majority.-1st Div., 2nd Div., First or Second Divi-
When in the Text or in the Index a Speech is marked thus *, it indicates that the Speech

is reprinted from a Pamphlet or some authorised Report.
When in the Index a t is prefixed to a Name or an Office (the Member having accepted or

vacated office during the Session) and to Subjects of Debate thereunder, it indicates that the
Speechies on thosc Subjects were delivered in the Speaker's private or official character, as the

case may be.
When in this Index a * is added to the Reading of a Bill, it indicates that no Debate took

place upon that stage of the measure.


Adjournment of the House-Motions on,

c. Observations (Chancellor of the Exchequer),
Right of Scarch, 324

Academy, Royal, The,

Admiralty Returns,
1. Observations (Lord J.yndhurst), 1241

c. Question (Mr. Richardson), 334
c. Question (Sir H. Willoughby), 182 ;-scc Na-
tional Gallery

Adulteration of Food or Drinks Bill,

c. IR.* 692
ADAMS, Mr. W. II., Boston

Magistrates' Clerks, Fees to, 606
Manslaughter, Leave, 732

Advertisements, Government,
Merchant Shipping, Com, mored for, 1109 C. Question (Mr. G. Clive), 335
Municipal Elections, 2R. 737
Roman Catholic Oath, Com, moved for, 800

ADVOCATE, The LORD (The Rt. Hon. C.
ADDERLEY, Rt. Hon. C.B. (President of the

Baillie), Linlithgowshire

Annuity Tax (Scotland), 1054
Board of Trade, and Vice President

Charitable Institutions (Scotland), 1170
of the Committee of Privy Council

Edinburgh, &c., Annuity Tax, Leave, 497
for Education), Staffordshire, W. Education (Scotland), Res. 497, 767
Capitation Grant for Schools (Scotland), Ex- Excisable Liquors (Scotland), Com, moved for;
tension of, 1473

Education, Res. 493 ;—Reports of Inspectors, Herring Fisheries (Scotland), 1272
Address moved, 698, 713, 714

Lunacy Law (Scotland), 249

Registers of Titles (Scotland), 1170
Address in Answer to the Speech,

Representation of the People, Leave, 1013
1. (Earl of Winchilsea), 6 ; The Queen's Reply,

Trial by Jury (Scotland), Leave, 789
c. (Mr. Trefusis), 68; Report, 109; Her Ma- Affidavits by Commission, dc., Bill,
jest's Reply, 140

c. 1R,* 1348

AgNew, Sir A., Wigtonshire

Atlantic Telegraph, The,
Army Estimates, 1402

c. Question (Mr. H. Berkeley), 186, 1473 ; (Mr.
Capitation Grants for Schools (Scotland), Ex- Wyld), 857; (Mr. Moffatt), 965

tension of, 1472, 1473
Eseisable Liquors (Scotland), Com, moved for, ATTORNEY General, The (Sir F. Kelly),

“ Host," Military Honours to the, 107

Suffolk, E.
Liquor, Sale of (Scotland), 606

Appeal in Criminal Cases, Leave, 1113

Bankruptcy and Insolvency, Leave, 423
Agricultural Statistics,

Corrupt Practices Prevention Act, 185
c. Res. (Mr. Caird), 780, [A. 152, N. 163, M. 11]

Newspapers, &c., 2R, 1157

Petitions of Right, Leave, 1116

Real Estate Intestacy, 2R, 1152
AIRLIE, Earl of
Education (Scotland), 501

Audit of Accounts,
Immigration Act (Jamaica), 174

c. Question (Mr. W. Williams), 258

AKROYD, Mr. E., Huddersfield

Australia, Naval Defences of.
Education, Reports of Inspectors of, Address

c. Observations (Lord A. Churchill), 1292 - see
moved, 713

New South Wales
Marriage Law Amendment, 2R, 443, 446

Austria and the Italian States,
ALCOCK, Mr. T., Surrey, E.

c. Question (Mr. Ilorsman), 1274
Church Rates Commutation, 2R. 738, 740
Tolls on Bridges (Metropolis), Address moved, AYRTON, Mr. S. A., Tower Hamlets
734, 735

Army Estimates, 1338
Turnpike Tolls and Bridges, Commission moved

Bleaching and Dyeing Works, Leave, 831
for, 431

Conveyance of Voters, Leave, 718, 727; 2R.

Alexandria, Telegraph to,

East India Loan, 381 ; 2R. 1374
c. Question (Mr. Crawford), 472

Evidence by Commission, Leave, 715

Ilerald,” Seizure of the, by the Portuguese,

Appeal in Criminal Cases Bill,

Newspapers, &c., Leave, 484; 2R. 1157
c. Leave, 1112 ; 1R.* 1113

Poor, Irremovable, Com. moved for, 204

Titles to Landed Estates, Leave, 308, 309
ARGYLL, Duke of
Education (India), Postponement of Motion, Bagwell, Mr. J., Clonmel
1168, 1169

Landlord and Tenant (Ireland), Return moved
Letters, Compulsory Pre-payment of, 675;

for, 232
Papers moved for, 759

Lunatic Poor (Ireland) Leave, 167; 2R.
Municipal Franchise, Com. moved for, 849

Amend. 666

Manor Courts, &c. (Ireland) Leave, 157

Band Charge, c. Question (Mr. Laurie), 770 BAILLIE, Rt. Hon. C., (sce Advocate, The
Barrack Accommodation, c. Qucation (Mr. H.

B. Baring), 144
Barrack Masters, c. Question (Mr. Warren), Baillie, Mr. II. J., (Under Secretary for

Billeting System, c. Question (Mr. Craufurd), India), Invernessshire

East India Loan, 382
Commissions, Sale and Purchase of, c. Question

(Sir De Lacy Evans), 329
Estimates, c. Question (Mr. Wilson), 1175; (Sir Ball, Mr. E., Cambridgeshire
11. Willoughby), 1288 ;-Supply, 1310, 1401,

Agricultural Statistics, Res. 787
1404, 1408

Church Rates, Leave, 638; 2R. 1590
Land Transport Corps, c. Question (Lord A.

Marriage Law Amendment, 2R. 440
Vane-Tempest), 334 ; (General Codrington),

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Bill,
Military Honours, c. Question (Mr. Laurie), c. Leave, 413 ; 1R.* 433 ;-see Debtor and Cre-

ditor Bill
Officers in the Mediterranean,c. Question (Cap-
tain Stuart Knox), 1350

BARING, Rt. Hon. Sir F.T., Portsmouth
Recruiting, c. Question (Captain Vivian), 508
Veterinary Surgeons, c. Question (Mr. A. H.

Monies, Public, 341, 342
Baring), 771

Navy and Coastguard, Res. 1307
Weedon Commission, The, c. Question (Mr.

Navy Estimates, 940
Nicoll), 187 ;-Observations (Mr. Turner),
524 ;-sce Military Organization-Militia BARING, Mr. A. H., Thetford

[blocks in formation]

BAXTER, Mr. W. E., Montrose, &c. BOLDERO, Lt. Col. H. G., Chippenham
Business of the House, 607

Army Clothing, Commission on, 627
Excisable Liquors (Scotland), Com. moved for, Army Estimates, 1330

Lunacy Laws (Scotland), 248

Booth, Mr. G. S., Hamsphire, N.
Reform Bill for Scotland and Ireland, 858
Representation of the People, Leave, Amend.

Representation of the People, Leave, 1038
1005, 1012

Borough Electors,
BEAMISH, Mr. F. B., Cork City

c. Question (Mr. Foljambe), 1618
Bankruptcy Court (Ireland)—Mr. H. C.
James, 1281

Bovill, Mr. W., Guildford,
Manor Courts (Ireland), Com. cl. 1, 751

“ Charles et Georges," Address moved, 1537,

BeeCROFT, Mr. G. S., Leeds

Petitions of Right, Leave, 1114
Address in Answer to the Speech, 67

BOWYER, Mr. G., Dundalk
Beer Houses, dc.

Landlord and Tenant (Ireland), 1620
c. Question (Mr. Nicoll), 1349

Markets (Ireland), 2R. 662

Representation, The Irish, 1287
BENTINCK, Mr. G. W. P., Norfolk, W. Sardinia-Enrolment of Deserters, 1474

Agricultural Statistics, Res. 783
Church Rates Abolition, 2R. Adj. moved, 1682 BRADY, Mr. A. J., Leitrim
Government Offices, The New, 273

Lunatic Poor (Ireland), 2R. 672
Jews, Leave, 1182
Navy Estimates, 937
Railway Accidents, 250

BRIDGES, Sir B. W., Kent, E.
Representation of the People, Leave, 1033, Church Rates, Leave, 656

BERKELEY, Hon. F. H. F., Bristol

Bright, Mr. J., Birmingham
Army Estimates, Amend. 1336, 1341

Address in Answer to the Speech, Report, 112

Church Rates, 1351
Atlantic Telegraph, 186, 1473

East India Loan, 2R. 1359
Corrupt Practices Prevention Act, 185
Municipal Elections, Com. add. cl. 1079, 1981,

Navy and Coastguard, Res. 1302

Parliamentary Reform, 142, 1284
Navy Estimates, 937

Representation of the People, Leave, 1022
New South Wales Electoral Bill, 1272

BRISCOE, Mr. J. I., Surrey, W.
BETHELL, Sir R., Aylesbury

Highways, 2R, 345
“Charles et Georges," Address moved, 1566
Church Rates, 2R. 1587

British Columbia,
Titles to Landed Estates, Leave, 304

c. Question, (Sir W. Dunbar), 1271

Black, Mr. A., Edinburyh

British Museum,
Annuity Tax (Scotland), 1053

c. Question (Lord Elcho), 249
Edinburgh, &c., Annuity Tax, Leave, 497
Education, Res. 496 ;-—Reports of Inspectors, BROUGHAM, Lord
Address moved, 704

Address in Answer to the Speech, 52

Debtor and Creditor, 1R. 134 ; 2R. 954
BLACKBURN, Mr. P., Stirlingshire

Ecton and Walton Exchange, 1R. 470
County Voters (Scotland), Registration of, Education (Scotland), 507
Leave, 498

Europe, State of - Evacuation of the Roman
Education, Res. 495

States, 948, 949


BROUGHAM, Lord-cont.

Evidence, Law of, further Amendment, iR. Debtor and Creditor, 2R. 953
760, 763, 766

Education, (Scotland), 506
Immigration Act (Jamaica) Petition, 106, 169, Evidence, Law of, further Amendment, 1R.
172, 174

761, 764
Jonian Islands, The, 598

Letters, Compulsory Prepayment of, 678
Land, Sale and Purchase of, 692

Property, &c., Law of, 3R. 469
Municipal Franchise, Com. moved for, 847 Vexatious Indictments, 2R. 1045, 1050
Real Estate, Transfer of, 498
Right of Search, 327

CARDWELL, Rt. Hon. E., Oxford City
Slavery-Cuba Slave Trade, Addross moved,

East India Loan, Res. 578
Trading Companies Winding-up, 1R. 219

Merchant Shipping, Com. moved for, 1103
Vexatious Indictments, 2R. 1050

BROWNE, Mr. W., Lancashire, s.

Address in Answer to the Specch, 55
Markets (Ireland), Lcave, 163

Right of Search, 326
Mersey Docks and Harbour, 2R, 395

CANNARVON, Earl of (Under Sccretary for
BRUCE, Mr. E. L. C., Elginshire

the Colonies)
East India Loan, 2R. 1398

Hong Kong-Case of Wm. Tarrant, 1167, 1168
Excisable Liquors (Scotland) Com. moved for,

Immigration Act (Jamaica) 170, 179

Ionian Islands, The, 463
Representation of the Poople, Leave, 1012

Singapore, 1605
BRUCE, Mr. H. A., Merthyr Tydvil


Highways, 1171

Debtor and Creditor, 1R. 118; 2R. 953, 961 ;
BUCHANAN, Mr. W., Glasgow

Com. cl. 2, 1264, 1265; cl. 93, 1266 ; cl.

111, 1268, 1269; cl. 141, 127
Education, Res. 495

Evidence, Law of, further Amendment, 1R. 764
Excisable Liquors (Scotland), Com. moved for, India—Acknowledgment of Vote of Thanks to

the Civil Service, &c., 211

Indictable Offencos (Metropolitan Districts) 1R.
BUCKLEY, Major Gen. E, P., Salisbury

1610, 1617
Calpee, Battle of, 1350

Land, Sale and Purchase of, 688
Surveyors of Taxes, 769

Real Estate, Transfer of, 501

Trading Companies Winding-up, 1R, 215
Burial Places Bill.

Vexatious Indictments, 2R, 1047
c. 1R.* 507; 2R.* 600; 3R.* 964
1.1R.* 1045; 2R. * 1241 ; 3R.* 1415


B. Disraeli), Buckinghamshire
BURY, Viscount, Norwich

Address in Answer to the Speech, 82
Marriage Law Amendment, Leave, 188;2R. 434,

Adjournment of the IIouso, Motions on, 609

Alexandria, Telegraph to, 472
Newfoundland Fisheries, Papers moved for,

Army Estimates, 1175
1662, 1674, 1676

Atlantic 'Telegraph, 186, 857, 965, 1473

Borough Electors, 1618
Business of the House,

British Museum, 249

Business of the House, 607
c. Observations (Sir J. Pakington), 006

“ Charles et Georges," Address moved, 1566

Church Rates, 1351 ; 2R. 1598
Buxton, Mr. C., Newport, Isle of Wight County Voters, 1171
“ Charles et Georges,” Address moved, 1503

East India Loan, 383
“ Czar,” Storeship, Wreck of the, 276

Ecclesiastical Commission, 1175
Marriage Law Amendment, 2R. 441

Education, Reports of Inspectors, Address
West Indics, Com, moved for, 1219, 1237

moved, 709

Europe, State of_Evacuation of the Roman
Byng, Hon. G. II. C., Middlesex

States, 878

Exchequer Bills, Funding of, 186, 1640
Conveyance of Voters, 2R. 1159

Fire Insurance Duty, 332
Jews, Leave, 1177, 1183

Government Property, Rating of, 403

Jliggins, Mr., Appointment of, 339, 402
CAIRD, Mr. J., Dartmouth

Highways, 1351
Agricultural Statistics, Res. 780, 785

Hudson's Bay Company, Papers moved for,
Guano, Supply of, 511, 533, 534

Registers of Titles, (Scotland) 1170

Japan, Consul in, 509

Jews, Leave, 1184
Cairns, Sir II, M., see SOLICITOR GENE-

Kingstown Harbour, 1349
Landlord and Tenant (Ireland), 1620
Monies, Public, 341, 342

RAL, The

CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER-cont. CHURCHILL, Lord A. S., Woodstock
National Gallery. The, 182, 184

Australia, Naval Defonces of, 1292
Parliamentary Reform, 141, 142; (Ireland),

City of London Union Bill,
Reform Bills, The, 333, 858, 1284, 1287

C. IR.* 180;
Representation of tho People, Leave, 966, 1038
Savings' Banks Account, 335

2R. 393; Amend. (Mr. Ald. Copeland), (0.q.
Spirits, Duty on (Ireland), 249

A. 57, N. 89, M. 32] 395
Sugar Duties, 222
Superannuation, Leave, 151, 154, 156 CLANRICARDE, Marquess of
Supply, 147

Postal Communication with Ireland, 1347
Telegraph Companies, Subsidies to, 403
Wood, Colonial and Foreign, Res. 1200


Europe, State of-Evacuation of the Roman
Chancery, Receivers in (Ireland), Abolition States, 945

Right of Search, 321, 324
c. Leave, 101 ; 1R.* ib;
2R. 743

CLAY, Mr. J., Kingston-upon-Hull

Merchant Shipping, Com. moved for, 1101
Charles et Georges " Affair,

Representation of the People, Leave, 1011
1. Papers moved for (Lord Wodehouse), 1415 ; Stade Dues, 143

Motion withdrawn, 1472
c. Question (Mr. Kinglake), 332, 527: Reply CLIFFORD, Mr. C. C., Isle of Wight
(Mr. S. FitzGerald), 533, 695 ; Question

Fox, Torture of a, 1055
(Lord J. Russell), 694 ; Address moved
(Mr. Kinglake), 1478

Clive, Mr. G., Hereford
CHARLESWORTH, Mr. J. C. D., Wakefield

Advertisements, Government, 335

Higgins, Mr., Appointment of, 335, 336, 340,
Yorkshire, Assizes in, 400

CHEETHAM, Mr. J., Lancashire, s.

Clock Tower, The,
Bleaching and Dyeing Works, Leave, 836
India Colonization and Settlement, Com.

c. Question (Mr. Hankey), 1173
moved for, 210
Mersey Docks and Ilarbour, 2R. 396

Coalwhippers' Bill,

1. IR.* 211

COBBETT, Mr. J. M., Oldham

Bleaching and Dyeing Works, Leare, 835
Hong-Kong-Case of Wm. Tarrant, l. Peti- CODRINGTON, Lt. Gen. SirW.J., Greenwich
tions (Earl Grey), 1167

Army Estimates, 1331, 1334, 1338, 1402, 1409,
Operations in— Medals and Prize-Money, c.

1412, 1413
Question (Sir G. Pechell), 767
Opium, Trade in, c. Question (Mr. Gilpin),

Land Transport Corps, 473

Local Assessment Exemption Abolition, Leave,

Tariff and Trade Regulations, c. Question

London Bridge, Works at, 767
(Mr. Gregson), 472

Military Organization, Com, moved for, 1650

Navy and Coastguard, Res. 1310
Church Rates,

Superannuation, 2R. 595
c. Res. (Sir A. Elton), 1653 ; Motion withdrawn, Thames Conservancy Board, 857

Woolwich Exemption, 2R. 000

Church Rates Bill,
c. Leavc, 610; 1R.* 738 ;

Question (Mr. V. Smith), 1351 ;
2R. 1567; Amend. (Sir J. Trelawny), 1572,
[0.q. A. 171, N. 254, M. 83] 1598

COGAN, Mr. W. H. F., Kildare Co.
County Prisons (Ireland), Return moved for,

836, 838
Manor Courts (Ireland), Com. cl. 5, 755

Markets (Ireland), 2R. 664
COLCHESTER, Lord, (Postmaster General)
Letters, Compulsory Prepayment of, 676; Pa-

pers moved for, 758
Postal Communication with Ireland, 1347

Church Rates Abolition Bill,
c. Question (Sir J. Trelawny), 182;

Leave, 199; 1R.* 201;
2R. Adj. moved (Mr. B. llope), [A. 108, N.
173, M. 65] 1682 ; Adj. moved (Mr. Ben-
tinck), 1683; Motion withdrawn, 1684

Church Rates Commutation Bill,
c. 1R.* 180;

COLEBROKE, Sir T. E., Lanarkshire
County Voters (Scotland), Registration of,

Leave, 497
Excisable Liquors (Scotland), Com, moved

2R. 738 ; Amend. (Mr. Collins), 740

for, 1214

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