Elegiac Sonnets: And Other Poems

W. Man, 1818 - 149 Seiten

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Seite 67 - ... in blue ; The seats of my childhood, for ever adieu ! Yet not for a brighter, your skies I resign, When my wandering footsteps revisit the Rhine : ' But sacred to me is the roar of the wave, That mingles its tide with the blood of the brave ; Where the blasts of the trumpets for battle combine, And the heart was laid low that gave rapture to mine.
Seite 99 - ADIEU, vain mirth, and noisy joys ! Ye gay desires, deluding toys ! Thou, thoughtful Melancholy, deign To hide me in thy pensive train! If by the fall of murmuring floods, Where awful shades embrown the woods, Or if, where winds in caverns groan, Thou wanderest silent...
Seite 100 - Thou wanderest silent and alone ; Come, blissful mourner, wisely sad, In sorrow's garb, in sable clad ; Henceforth, thou, care, my hours employ ! Sorrow, be thou henceforth my joy! By tombs where sullen spirits stalk, Familiar with the dead I walk ; While to my sighs and groans, by turns, From graves the midnight echo mourns.
Seite 41 - Hov.- aim a flight the soaring seraph tries ! Far too sublime for my unequal verse ! Do thou, Clarissa ! — now immortal maid, Round whose fair brow celestial splendours shine: In Friendship's cause vouchsafe thy fav'ring aid, And teach the trembling lyre to copy thine.
Seite 69 - But never to me shall the summer renew The bowers where the days of my happiness flew ; Where my soul found her partner, and thought to bestow The colours of heaven on the dwellings of woe! Too faithful recorders of times that are past, The Eden of Love that was ever to last ! Once more may soft accents your wild echoes fill, And the young and the happy be worshippers still. To me ye are lost! — but your summits of green Shall charm thro...
Seite 101 - While round, stern ministers of fate, Pain, and Disease, and Sorrow wait. While childhood reigns, the sportive boy Learns only prettily to toy ; And while he roves from play to play, The wanton trifles life away. When to the noon of life we rise, The man grows elegant in vice ; To glorious guilt in courts he climbs, Vilely judicious in his crimes. When youth and strength in age are lost, Man seems already half a ghost ; Wither'd and wan, to earth he bows, A walking hospital of woes.
Seite 44 - Abash'd, the prevalence of virtue owns; And helpless innocence in trouble's hour, Enjoys a comfort, not the gift of thrones. When Flattery, vain usurper of her name, As fortune wanes, recalls her idle host; Then kindles brightest her unalter'd flame, As glows the friendly planet through the frost. She smiles at Envy, and corroding Time; Souls, pair'd by her no pow'r can disunite; Her balmy influence gladdens ev'ry clime, And savage nations feel her fetters light.
Seite 101 - Tis puff'd with one short gasp away ! Swift as the short-lived flower it flies, It springs, it blooms, it fades, it dies. With cries we usher in our birth, With groans resign our transient breath : While round, stern ministers of fate, Pain, and disease, and sorrow wait.
Seite 85 - ... reliques lie : Folly for once may sadden into care, And pride, unconscious, shed one generous tear ; While this big truth is swelling in the breast, That death nor spares the fairest nor the best ; . 50 TO THE MEMORY OF AN OFFICER KILLED BEFORE QUEBEC1. AH me ! what sorrow are we born to bear ! How many causes claim the falling tear ! In one sad tenor life's dark current flows, And every moment has its load of woes : In vain we toil for visionary ease...
Seite 102 - ... sportive boy learns only prettily to toy; and while he roves from play to play the wanton trifles life away. When to the noon of life we rise, , •• the man grows elegant in vice; to glorious guilt in courts he climbs, vilely judicious in his crimes. When youth and strength in age are lost, man seems already half a ghost ; wither'd and wan to earth he bows, a walking hospital of woes.

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