Reports of Cases Determined in the Circuit Court of the United States, for the Third Circuit: Comprising the Districts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Commencing at April Term, 1803[-1827], Band 2


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Seite 505 - States are plaintiffs or petitioners ; or an alien is a party, or the suit is between a citizen of the State where the suit is brought and a citizen of another State.
Seite 373 - Washington, he said, in his charge to the jury, that "an ex post facto law is one which, in its operation, makes that criminal which was not so at the time the action was performed ; or which increases the punishment, or, in short, which, in relation to the offence or its consequences, alters the situation of a party to his disadvantage.
Seite 491 - States the money due upon such bond, such surety, his executor, administrator, or assignee, shall have the like priority for the recovery and receipt of the moneys out of the estate and effects of such insolvent or deceased principal as is secured to the United States ; and may bring and maintain a suit upon the bond, in law or equity, in his own name, for the recovery of all moneys paid thereon.
Seite 342 - ... that the right to the patent belongs to him who is the first inventor, even before the patent is granted ; and, therefore, any person, who, knowing that another is the first inventor, yet doubting whether that other will ever apply for a patent, proceeds to construct a machine, of which it may afterwards appear he is not the first inventor, acts at his peril, and with a full knowledge of the law, that, by relation back to the first invention, a subsequent patent may cut him out of the...
Seite 187 - Insurance Company shall be answerable only for so much as the amount of such prior insurance may be deficient towards fully covering the property hereby insured.
Seite 311 - It is an elementary proposition in paient law, that, to entitle a plaintiff to recover for the violation of a patent, he must be the original inventor, not only in relation to the United States, but to other parts of the world. Even if the...
Seite 113 - It is ALSO AGREED, that the property be warranted by the assured free from any charge, damage or loss, which may arise in consequence of a seizure or detention, for or on account of any illicit or prohibited trade or any trade in articles contraband of war.
Seite 437 - ... shaking the fist at him, or presenting a gun or other weapon within such distance as that a hurt might be given, or drawing a sword and brandishing it in a menacing manner; provided the act is done with intent to do some corporal hurt.

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