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3. Cook


E it enacted by the Senate and Houfe of Reprefentatives of the United States of America, in Congress affembled, That David Cook, a captain of artillery in the allowed a late war, and who, being fhot through the body at the battle of Monmouth, is rendered incapable to obtain his livelihood by labor, fhall be placed on the penfion-lift of the United States, and fhall be entitled to one-third of his monthly pay, as a captain of artillery: Provided, That he return into the treafury-office, a fum equivalent to two-thirds of his commutation of half-pay, being the proportion of his penfion to the amount of his commutation.



An Act for the Relief of David Cook and Tho mas Campbell.

T. Campbell

Section 1.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That Thomas Campbell be placed on the penfion-lift, and that the half-pay of a captain of infantry be allowed to the faid Thomas Campbell, who has been fo injured by repeated wounds in the fervice of his country, that he is unable to support himself by labor: Provided, That he return into the treafury-office a fum equivalent to the whole of his commutation of half-pay.

JONATHAN TRUMBULL, Speaker of the House of Reprefentatives. JOHN ADAMS, Vice-Prefident of the United States, and Prefident of the Senate.

APPROVED, December fixteenth, 1791:

Prefident of the United States.


An Act making Appropriations for the Support of Government for the Year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-two.

E it enacted the Senate and

B House of Reprefentatives of the


United States of America, in Congress affembled, That for the fervice of the year one thousand Specific apfeven hundred and ninety-two, and the fup- propriaport of the civil lift of the United States, in- 1792. cluding the incidental and contingent expenses of the feveral departments and offices thereof, there fhall be appropriated a fum of money not exceeding three hundred and twenty-nine thoufand, fix hundred and fifty-three dollars, and Civil list. fifty-fix cents; that is to fay,

For the compenfations granted by law to the tions to the CompenfaPrefident of the United States, the Vice-Prefi- prefident dent, Chief Juftice, Affociate Judges, and Attorney General, fifty-three thousand dollars.

and viceprefident,

judges and


For the like compenfations to the District general; Judges, nineteen thousand eight hundred dol- district lars. judges;

Section 1.

of Senate

For the like compenfations to the members members of the Senate and House of Reprefentatives, and House and the officers and attendants of the two of RepreHouses, estimated on a feffions of fix months officers and fentatives, continuance, and including the travelling ex- attendants: penfes of the members, one hundred and twenty-nine thousand, feven hundred and thirty dollars.

Secretary and officers


For the like compenfations to the Secretary and officers of the several departments of the Treasury of the United States, including clerks and attendants, and the falaries of the refpec- loan off

the treafury, clerks dants, and

and atten


tive loan-officers, fixty thoufand three hundred dollars.


For the like compenfations to the Secretary tions to fe- and officers of the department of State, fix

cretary of

Late and thousand three hundred dollars. officers,

For the like compenfations to the Secretary


of war and and officers of the department of War, nine. thoufand fix hundred dollars.


Board com nifhioners,

For the like compenfations to the members

cerks, &c. of the Board of Commiffioners, for the fettlement of the accounts between the United States and the individual ftates, including clerks and attendants, thirteen thoufand one hundred dol lars.

Governors, judges and

For the like compenfations to the Goverher offi- nors, Judges and other officers of the Western ers of W. Territory of the United States, including contingencies, eleven thousand dollars.


For the payment of the annual grant to B. Stcuben. Baron Steuben, purfuant to an act of Congress, two thoufand five hundred dollars.


For the payment of fundry pensions granted by the late government, two thousand feven hundred and fixty-feven dollars, and feventy

three cents.

Incidental expenses of civil lift,

&c. and the

of Congress &c.

For defraying all other incidental and con tingent expenses of the civil lift establishment, including firewood, ftationary, together with two houfes the printing work, and all other contingent expenfes of the two Houfes of Congress, rent and office-expenfes of the three feveral departments, namely, Treafury, State, War, and of the General Board of Commiffioners, twentyone thousand five hundred and fifty-five dol lars, and eighty-three cents.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the

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