The Works of Beaumont and Fletcher (Volume 9) ~ Paperbound

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Seite 29 - Her own shall bless her: Her foes shake like a field of beaten corn, And hang their heads with sorrow. Good grows with her; In her days every man shall eat in safety Under his own vine what he plants, and sing The merry songs of peace to all his neighbours.
Seite 430 - Make haste, good jewel ! I'm like the people that live in the sweet islands , I die, I die, if I stay but one day more here ; My lungs are rotten with the damps that rise, And I cough nothing now but stinks of all sorts. The inhabitants we have are two starved rats (For they're not able to maintain a cat here), And those appear as fearful as two devils ; They've eat a map o' the whole world up already, And if we stay a night, we're gone for company.
Seite 423 - Estif. No, no, they shall have all, And take their pleasure too ; 'tis for our 'vantage. Why, what's four days ? Had you a sister, sir, A niece or mistress, that requir'd this courtesy, And should I make a scruple to do you good ? Perez.
Seite 408 - Turn him off; He will infect the camp with cowardice, If he go with thee. Juan. About some week hence, sir, If I can hit upon no abler officer, You shall hear .from me. Leon. I desire no better.
Seite 394 - Spaniards all again, The story of our play : and our scene Spain : — The errors too, do not for this cause hate, Now we present their wit and not their state. Nor, ladies ! be not angry if you see A young fresh beauty, wanton and too free, Seek to abuse her husband ; — still 'tis Spain, No such gross errors in your kingdom reign...
Seite 312 - Or being blest with her sweet tongue, If these no other joys imply? A golden gyve, a pleasing wrong. To be your own but one poor month, I'd give My youth, my fortune, and then leave to live.
Seite 398 - I've heard of him, and that he hath serv'd before too. Juan. But no harm done, nor never meant, Don Michael, That came to my ears yet. Ask him a question, He blushes like a girl, and answers little, To the point less ; he wears a sword, a good one. And good clothes too...

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