When the Extreme Right Is Extremely Wrong

Trafford Publishing, 2002 - 127 Seiten
"The recent scandals rocking the Catholic Church have caused many to wonder what else is hidden behind their veil of secrecy," says Luis Fernando Gutierrez, author of WHEN THE EXTREME RIGHT IS EXTREMELY WRONG. "My book is a call to investigate the likelihood that much of what has been handed down from one generation to the next has been a deception."

WHEN THE EXTREME RIGHT IS EXTREMELY WRONG is a timely book for those who enjoy a liberal perspective on the religious and political issues of today. Gutierrez assimilates delicate topics from a not-so-conventional point of view: extremist ideologies, particularly those of the right; racism and discrimination; Hollywood and the decadence of America; pros and cons of the feminist movement; abortion; the 'war' against drugs; homosexuals; Euro-American politics, the New World Order and the number 666, to mention a few.

WHEN THE EXTREME RIGHT IS EXTREMELY WRONG asks whether it is possible that Rome's traditions and customs are diametrically opposed to the Bible, and what will Rome's geopolitical position be after she is revived from her present critical state? "Does the rebirth of the extreme right on a global scale pose a serious threat for the masses?" asks Gutierrez.

Luis Fernando Gutierrez is a Biblical analyst, legal assistant and author. He is sure his book will bring a series of vitally important messages for humanity.

Luis Fernando Gutierrez currently resides in Tampa, Florida.

Copyright 2002

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