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ral interest. It is presumed, therefore, that it will be acceptable to our subscribers generally, and that they may wish it to be forwarded to them; if otherwise they will please to give seasonable notice. If we do not receive word to the contrary, we shall consider all our subscribers at the time of publication as wishing to receive it, and it will be forwarded accordingly, and charged in account. It will be of most essential service to all readers of the Second Series, which of course must abound in references to the First. It will also be sold, separately, to others who may desire it; and it will be the more useful, as the entire series is to be found in many public and private libraries both at home and abroad. The price will be $300.

New Haven, November, 1845.


For any of the Numbers named below that may be received perfect and in good condition, one dollar a number will be paid in cash, or if preferable an equivalent allowed in a subscription to the Second Series.


66 2.

56 XXII,

56 12, 66 24, 6 *26,

66 XI,

66 XII,

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No. 5,

Vol. II, No. 1. Nos. 35, 36, Vol. XVII, Nos. 1, 2.
*45, 46,

" 1, 2. 2.

*54, " XXVI,“ 2. 2. *56,

“ XXVII,“ 2. 6 *27, *28, XIII, 1, 2. 59, 60,

XXIX, 1, 2. *29, 30,



1. “ 31, 32, XV,


XL, 1. “ *33 *34, “ XVI,

83, 84, XLI, 1,2. Those Nos. that are marked thus * are particularly desired.

66 XIV,

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1,2. “ 1,2. “ 1,2.


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1. It is the cheapest Periodical, in its price.
2. It is now the only Monthly of Foreign Literature.
3. Its Engravings, by Sarrain, are exquisite, and superior to any othersworth the price of the work.
4. It is well established, and beyond all rivalry in its line.
5. It surveys the field of German and French, as well as English Periodical Literature, and selects from all.
6. It is elevated and dignified in its character.
7. It contains, for Five Dollars in advance, all the best articles from the four Quarterlies, together with

choice matter from the Magazines and Papers.
8. It is printed on fair paper, and in type that will not injure the eyes.
9. It commends itself to all persons of taste, and is represented by good judges, to be the best period-

ical in the world.10. The public ought to support a work of this description, in order to supplant the trash of the day.

Terms. Six Dollars a year; but if paid in ADVANCE, i. e., within the second month, and at our own office,
without expense to us, through private hands, or through a Postmaster, Five Dollars will be received-other-
wise Six positively.

L We now issue promptly, between the First and Fifth day of every month, waiting for the arrival of
the steamers, which leave Liverpool on the 4th of each month, and bring us our Magazines. Thus we shall al-
ways furnish fresh matter, selecting for October 1st, from the September Magazines, and so on.

U Again we request those in arrears for the Museum of 1843, and for the Magazine of 1844, to remit the amount promptly through a Postmaster. the price, as on arst page of Cover, is six dollars, but five dollars arisollar will be taken, if paid literally in advance, i. e. WITHIN THE FIRST OR SECOND MONTH, and without expense to us-i. e. sent to our Office by private hand, or through a Postmaster. Those, out of the city, who wait for a Collector to call, or postpone longer than the second month, will be positively charged six dollars. This is fair,

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