The North American Review, Band 87

Jared Sparks, Edward Everett, Henry Cabot Lodge, James Russell Lowell
O. Everett, 1858
Vols. 227-230, no. 2 include: Stuff and nonsense, v. 5-6, no. 8, Jan. 1929-Aug. 1930.

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Seite 107 - with action and with thought. “We live in deeds, not years, — in thoughts, not breaths, — In feelings, not in figures on a dial; We should count time by heartthrobs. He most lives Who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best.” At the
Seite 302 - “It was a beautiful day, — so warm that every window was wide open,— and so perfectly still that the sound of all others most delicious to his ear, the gentle ripple of the Tweed over its pebbles, was distinctly audible as we knelt around the bed, and his eldest son kissed and closed his eyes.”
Seite 302 - “Lockhart, I may have but a minute to speak to you. My dear, be a good man, —be virtuous, — be religious, — be a good man Nothing else will give you any comfort when you come, to lie here.” These were among his last words.
Seite 276 - Annual of Scientific Discovery: or, YearBook of Facts in Science and Art for 1858. Exhibiting the most important Discoveries and Improvements in Mechanics, Useful Arts, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology, Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Meteorology, Geography, Antiquities, etc., together with
Seite 477 - “One is of the Sea, One of the Mountains; each a mighty voice: In both from age to age thou didst rejoice, They were thy chosen music, Liberty!”
Seite 45 - Suppose, now, one of these engines to be going along a railroad at the rate of nine or ten miles an hour, and that a cow were to stray upon the line and get in the way of the engine; would not that, think you, be a very awkward circumstance ? " " Yes," replied
Seite 377 - says, “ Of all vulgar modes of escaping from the consideration of the effect of moral and social influences on the human mind, the most vulgar is that of attributing the diversities of conduct and character to inherent natural differences.”
Seite 74 - “A race, that long has passed away, Built them; a disciplined and populous race Heaped, with long toil, the earth, while yet the Greek Was hewing the Pentelicus to forms Of symmetry, and rearing on its rock The glittering Parthenon. These ample fields Nourished their harvests, here their herds were fed, When haply by their stalls the bison lowed, And bowed his
Seite 464 - to subvert the maxims of our own. We never gain a paltry advantage over them in debate, without attacking some of those principles, or deriding some of those feelings, for which our ancestors have shed their blood.”
Seite 139 - came up in the dredge, a most gorgeous specimen. As it does not generally break up before it is raised above the surface of the sea, cautiously and anxiously I sank my bucket to a level with the dredge's mouth, and proceeded in the most gentle manner to introduce the

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