Early English Poetry, Ballads, and Popular Literature of the Middle Ages, Band 26

Percy Society, 1851

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Seite 62 - Lo, swich it is for to be recchelees And necligent, and truste on flaterye. But ye that holden this tale a folye, As of a fox, or of a cok and hen, Taketh the moralite, goode men.
Seite 60 - Ha, ha, the fox!" and after him they ran, And eek with staves many another man; Ran Colle our dogge, and Talbot, and...
Seite 52 - And with that word he fley doun fro the beem, For it was day, and eek his hennes alle; And with a chuk he gan hem for to calle, For he had founde a corn, lay in the yerd.
Seite 55 - Wommannes conseil broghte us first to wo And made Adam fro Paradys to go, Ther as he was ful myrie and wel at ese; But for I noot to whom it myght displese, If I conseil of wommen wolde blame, Passe over, for I seyde it in my game.
Seite 56 - cok, cok," and up he sterte, As man that was affrayed in his herte. For naturelly a beest...
Seite 62 - And as he spak that word, al sodeinly This cok brak from his mouth deliverly, 8 And heighe up-on a tree he fleigh anon. And whan the fox saugh that he was y-gon, 'Alias!' quod he, 'O Chauntecleer, alias! I have to yow...
Seite 52 - Mulier est hominis confusio,— Madame, the sentence of this Latyn is, "Womman is mannes joye, and al his blis...
Seite 60 - The dokes cryden as men wolde hem quelle ; The gees for fere flowen over the trees; Out of the hyve cam the swarm of bees; So hidous was the noyse, a!
Seite 112 - The roote of these seven synnes thanne is pride, the general symie and roote of alle harmes. For of this roote springen general braunches ; as ire, envye, accidie or sleuthe, avarice or coveitise (to commune understondynge), glotonye, and leccherie : and everich of these synnes hath his braunches and his twigges, as schal be declarid in here chapitres folwinge.
Seite 61 - Lo, how fortune turneth sodeinly The hope and pryde eek of hir enemy ! This cok, that lay upon the foxes bak, In al his drede, un-to the fox he spak, And seyde, ' sire, if that I were as ye, Yet...

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