Reports of Cases Decided by the English Courts: With Notes and References to Kindred Cases and Authorities, Band 32


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Seite 415 - State, each and every one declines to exercise by means of its courts any of its territorial jurisdiction over the person of any sovereign or ambassador of any other State, or over the public property of any State which is destined to public use, or over the property of any ambassador, though such sovereign, ambassador, or property be within its territory, and, therefore, but for the common agreement, subject to its jurisdiction.
Seite 531 - ... part of the will opposite or near to such alteration, or at the foot or end of, or opposite to a memorandum referring to such alteration, and written at the end or some other part of the will.
Seite 455 - A vessel which, is closehauled on the port tack shall keep out of the way of a vessel which is closehauled on the starboard tack. (c) When both are running free, with the wind on different sides, the vessel which has the wind on the port side shall keep out of the way of the other.
Seite 204 - A defendant in an action may set-off, or set up by way of counterclaim against the claims of the plaintiff, any right or claim, whether such set-off or counterclaim sound in damages . or not...
Seite 362 - ... orders with reference to the application of the whole or a portion of the property settled, either for the benefit of the children of the marriage or of their respective parents as to the court shall seem fit.
Seite 540 - Having its origin in this rule of the Civil Law, a maritime lien is well defined by Lord Tenterden, to mean a claim or privilege upon a thing to be carried into effect by legal process; and Mr.
Seite 971 - This is a Codicil to the last will and testament of me, the Right Honourable George Gordon, Lord Byron.
Seite 839 - That no claim which may be lawfully made at the common law, by custom, prescription, or grant, to any right of common or other profit or benefit to be taken and enjoyed from or upon any land of...
Seite 96 - Majesty by order in council to direct that the ships of such foreign country shall be deemed to be of the tonnage denoted in their certificates of registry or other national papers...
Seite 377 - Judges held the conviction right, being unanimously of opinion, that no sentence or act of any foreign country or State could dissolve an English marriage a vinculo matrimonii for grounds on which it was not liable to be dissolved a vinculo matrimonii in England ; and that no divorce of an ecclesiastical court was within the exception in sect.

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