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followed him to the Palace. A salute of, of the insurgents were killed; ten English artillery had announced to the inhabitants ships of war vainly endeavoured to protect of Madrid the dawn of this bappy day.- Maitaro; their hot fire cost us only 3 men The Prefect of Madrid repaired to the and 3 horses—The English at present are confines of his prefecture, and there pre. before Palamos, without daring to land. sented to bis Majesty the homage of all The fortress of Figueras is more comthe province. The Commandant of the pletely shut up than ever; all the horses army of the centre, and the Governor of have been eaten, a little flour is all they Madrid, went to the same place to re have left; the lines are watched with ceive his Majesty : they accompanied him double vigilance, to prevent all escape as far as the Palace. --The troops of the on the part of the garrison, who must soon garrison were drawn up in line along the surrender at discretion.—The enemy's whole of the road. The Municipality, commandant, from the want of provisions, headed by the Corregidor, received his has dismissed unconditionally the prisoners Majesty under an arch erected before the which he took in the fort, amounting to gate by which he was to enter; and the 850.-In the mean while a corps of the Corregidor had the honour to present the army of Arragon is on its march against keys of this capital to his Majesty.-On Valencia, and is collecting within reach alighting from his carriage, the King was of that town, a depot of ammunition and received by the Ministers, the Counsellors provisions, for the purpose of forthwith reof State, the Officers of the Household, the ducing the province. Grandees and Nobility, the Generals and

District of the Army of the North. military officers not on duty, the Members of Tribunals, and principal Eccle The Duke of Istria having learned that siastics. His Majesty condescended to an assemblage of Gallicians was forming address them with his characteristic affa- in the valley of Vierzo, and threatened to bility.-A general illumination took place cut off the communication between Leon in the night, and this day bull-fights will and the Asturias, thought it necessary to be exhibited to the people gratis, and the concentrate a part of his troops, and for a theatres will also be opened gratuitously., moment to draw nearer to him the corps of

General Bonnet, who received orders to Official News from the Armies in Spain,

repair to Leon about the 20th of June, CATALONIA.—Marshal Suchet, after the after having sufficiently protected the lino capture of Tarragona, marched towards of the Deba. The fortifications of Astorga the interior of Catalonia. The assemblages being considered useless and burthensome, wbich Campoverde had attempted to or the Duke of Istria ordered them to be ganise dispersed in haste ; the Marshal's razed.-On the 23d of June, the advanced presence made to fall back upon Agrament guard of the insurgents made its appearthe corps assembled at Igualada about the ance at Benavides. General Valletaux end of the siege ; it is entirely disbanded; forthwith set out with 3 battallions, and the men are hastening to their homes in 60 chasseurs.

The ardour of the troops small bands, selling ibeir arms and their could not be restrained; the sharpshooters horses for bread, most of these parties dashed forward in pursuit of the enemy, threw themselves into the mountains of and drove them to Quintanilla del Valle. Arragon, when they are falling into the In this position the enemy's army was hands of the gendarmerie, and of the perceived, 7,000 strong: they were too moveable columns which were sent in pur. far engaged to be able to retreat; the suit of them. Marshal Suchet has marched General made his 'dispositions without upon Vicque, where he was expected on calculating the number of the enemy, and the 13th of July. Tke assemblage at Olot ordered the village to be attacked. It dispersed in its turn, on his approach. was carried with impetuosity, in spite of Campoverde, abandoned by all his fol- the efforts of the enemy, who was comlowers, was obliged to embark on the 14th pelled to take a position in the rear. The at Mattaro, pursued by the inhabitants of 119th took post to the right, beyond the the coast, who plundered his baggage.-- village; the 122d was opposed to the Some days before the departure of Campo- enemy's colunins which had formed on verde, General M. Matthieu sent a de- the roads to Fontoria and Quintana Dejor ; tachment to Mattaro, which burnt and the Chief of Battalion, Durrel, kept in destroyed the magazines which the enemy check, on the left, the troops which wished to form at that point ;, an hundred came from Astorga, and which made

fruitless efforts to turn him.—The ac- , dead bodies ; near 400 brigands were left tion thus began was successful; our sol- lying in the town, 100 were taken, the diers won the field of battle, on which rest were pursued, and sabred in the cornwere found 600 of the enemy dead; the fields. Three hundred horses, one standnumber of their wounded was much more ard, 50 carts laden with salt, and all the considerable.---This brilliant affair docs bassage of the band, remained in the honour to the last moments of General hands of the soldiers. Morales, one of Valleraux, who was killed at the close of their chiefs, was found among the dead.the combat; while dying he saw the de- | The Junta of Valencia had given to Genefeat of the enemy; together wiib him we ral Sayas the command of all the united lament the loss of 30 brave men; we brad | bands of the provinces of Cuenca; on the 87 wounded. The Chief of Battalion, 3it of July that General made a movement Pati, Aid-de-camp Meda, and Captain towards Jarlraque: reconnoitring parties Grassi, of the 28th Chasseurs, deserve | belonging to our posts in Guadalaxara expraises : as well as all the ofiicers and changed shots on the same day with the soldiers of this detachment.--The enemy enemy's advanced posts' near Ilita. On had retired beyond Astorga ; General the 5th July, General Hogo was in readiBonnet reconnoitred him about the 10th ness to march against the enemy, and to of July; all the necessary measures were force his positions in order to drive bim taken for attacking this assemblage, com- back upon the left of the Tagus. General manded by Santocildes. The band of Lahoussaye was ordered to advance in Pastor, lately formidable to Discay, is now order to cut off the enemy's retreat. Sayas reduced to a few banditii, whose numbers did not await them; he immediately comthe gendarmerie daily diminish.-Longa, menced a retrograde movement with all another chief of brigands, is hotly pur- his troops to the amount of 0,000 men, sued by the moveable columns : he no marching straight upon the Tagus. Gelonger knows where to find an asylum ; neral Hugu set out in pursuit of him, while his followers are availing themselves of the General Lahoussaye, leaving Guadalaxara, amnesty to surrender at discretion.-Ge- advanced by 'forced marches towards the neral Horsenne is arrived at Valladolid to bridge of Aunon, where he hoped to cut take the chief command of ihe army of off the enemy's passage, who appeared :0 the North. He immediately sent the Ge. be retiring upon Cuenca. General Sayas neral of Division Dumoutier, with 10,000 had already passed the Tagus and col. men and 1,500 horse, to take a position on lected his force at Val de Oliva. On the the Coa, in advance of Ciudad Rodrigo.- 11th General Lahoussaye crossed over his Four divisions of the army of reserve have troops in haste; at the entrance of a defile entered by Pampeluna and Vittoria. The his advanced guard fell upon the cavalry fine appearance of these troops, of whom of. Manco, supported by a battalion of inthe lowest soldier has seen four years' fantry which Sayas had sent to take posservice, has strongly surprised the inhabi- session of the bridge of Aunon; 50 dratants, and given them a new pledge of goons and a conipany of the 75th of the the uselessness of all the efforts of Eng. line intrepidly charged the eneny, routed land.

and pursued ihem sword in hand as far as District of the Army of the Centre.

Sancon, where all our cavalry assembled; the

enemy was at last come up with beMajor Montigny, commanding the de- tween Alcocer and Val de Oliva. Three pots of cavalry at Madrigal, having battalions and two squadrons were drawn learned that several united bands were up, and thought to defend themselves by moving upon Penaranda, concerted mea- forming a square; the French cavalry sures with the Commandant of Arevalo. soon broke through them, and all that On the first of July, two columns as were not sabred on the spot were taken. sembled at Flores D'Avila under the A thrusand prisoners, a number of whom orders of Major Montigny. At day- are officers, 000 killed, one standard, all break the enemy were discovered bi- their baggage, about 200 horses, and a vouacking near Penaranda, to the number considerable convoy of cattle, are the reof 1,000 men; the Major so rapidly sults of this affair. The remains of the charged them with his troop, that the bri- troops of Sayas precipitately fled towards gands had not time to mount their horses. Cuenca. General Lahoussaye will not cease The streets, the houses, and environs of the pursuit till this corps shall no longer Penaranda were instantly covered with exist. The misunderstandings among the

chiefs, the desertion of the soldiers, the party of the sanie force, consisting of Engabsolute want of every thing, powerfully lish and some Spaniards, and posted on contribute to its destruction. More than steep rocks. Col. Bonnemain took his 1,200 guerillos have already returned to dispositions so well, that the enemy, in their homes; Martines, one of their chiefs, spite of the advantage of the ground, was has surrendered with all his ofiicers; Sayas routed and forced to retire upon Algesiras, is retiring upon Valencia.-The King has abandoning some prisoners and a conroy arrived at Nadrid; he received upon bis of 100 bullocks.The enemy reckoned road the most unequivocal testimonies of on being able to take advantage of the the love of true Spaniards; bis presence moment, when the bulk of the army of has electrified all minds; opinions are ap- the south had marched into Estremadura, proximating.

in order to attack in force the town of Army of Portugal.

Ronda. General Bejinie, at the lread of

three regiments of the camp of St. Roch The English army has taken up canton- and of the peasants of the vicinity, on the ments around Portalegre, and keeps upon 4th of June, advanced to form the blockade the defensive. The Duke of Ragusa has of Ronda, which was defended by some his head-quarters always at Meridil, from companies of the 43rd of the line. "The whence be scours the country as far as Duke of Belluno immediately caused to the enemy's lines. Baciajoz being in a set out from Seville a column of troops, formidable state of defence, and provi- under the orders of Adjutant-Commandant sioned for 3 months, the Duke of Ragusa Remond; a second column, commanded means to put his army into quarters for by General Pecheux, at the same time sat refreshment, in the Valley of the Tagus, out from the lot corps; they united at with only an advanced guard on the Gua- Meron on the 15th. The enemy confiddiana, during the heats of the month of ing in his strength, drew up in order of August, which render the Valley of the battle, two leagues from Ronda ; but he Guadiana extremely unwholesome. The was attacked with such impetuosity by fifth corps will, during that period, keep our troops, that in a few moinents bé was up the communicatiori between the army broke and routed along all bis line; a of Portugal and that of the South. horrible carnage followed; near 500 dead

remained on the spot, with 900 wounded; District of the Army of the South.

the regiments of Siguenza and of Ronda The 1st corps is constantly exerting were almost entirely destroyed. The rethe greatest activity in the works of the mains of the enemy's division escaped blockade of Cadiz. Puerto Santa Maria only by the help of rocks, where our caand Puerto Real are become very strong valry could not reach them.-Our columns places; new batterics have been erected the same day entered Ronda, which was both on the side towards the sea, and upon completely re-victualled. all the approaches by land ; they are connected by lines which also are defended by very strong batteries.-- On the

FRANCE.--Speech of Count SEGUR, Orator

of the Council of State, to the Legislative 13th of June, the garrison of the Isle of Leon attempted a sally against our works

Body, at the Close of the Session, July 25,

1811. at ihe Arracise : 1,200 mnen advanced to our out-posis, while all the batteries and

(Concluded from p. 224.) enerny's gun-boats kept up a violent fire ... Previous to opening it, the Emperor upon the lines of Chiclana; but all this wished you should be collected round his mighty racket produced so little effect, throue ; he wished to be surrounded by that our batteries at Chiclana scarcely you when he went to the temple to return deigned to return their fire. The in'antry ihanks to the Eternal for the birth of that mei a worse reception at the Arrecife. infant king, who has completed our wishes, Afier a two hours fire of musketry, the and realized our hopes : you have been enemy was compelled to save himself in witnesses of that pompous ceremony, the haste, leaving a great many killed on the holiness of the place, the majesty of the field of battle, and carrying off a great throne, the union of Princes, of the Nobinumber of wounded.--Colonel Bonnemain lity, of the first corps of the empire, of the had been sent 10 reconnoitre towards deputies from the towns, the offering of an Tariffa, with 600 men. On the oth of infant dedicated to God, by glory and virJung he encountered at Sanona, an enemy's tue united. The emotion of the assistants,

and the acclamations of an immense peo- ; the organization of the imperial Courts, ple, which on the same day were repeated which will restore to justice its force and throughout the extent of this vast empire dignity, and the creation of the great se-this noble and touching picture is 100 minaries, of the acquisition or the repairdeeply engraved in your memories, to al. ing of a number of churches, of the suclow me to attempt to retrace it.-If Icess of industry which makes amends by spoke of that universal sentiment th ex. the discoveries of genius for prirations cited the public happiness, I should but which war causes. Te has informed you repeat your own words, express as every of the immense works undertaken to conFrenchman does the joy that birth has struct bridges, dig canals, drain marshes, caused which guarantees the solidity of embellish cities, &c. these works have our destiny, the duration of our glory; cost nearly 380 millions; they thus equal, which constitutes the happiness of our au in two years, the efforts which were forgust Sovereign and his beloved consort. merly made in a century.—You have not In the midst of the fêtes which were seen without surprise upon all the points given to celebrate this great event, the of our coast and frontiers, those fortificaEmperor came to this place: he has in tions which prudence erects or repairs in formed


of the motives of high policy the midst of triumphs. The activity which which determined him to extend our fron. reigns in all the ports, the works undertiers, and unite new provinces to the ein- taken at Antwerp, Flushing, Cherbourg, pire. His Majesty has described to you Ostend, and Terneuse, those armaments our flourishing situation, the fidelity of his which prepare for the future successes of allies, the glory of his armies, and the our marine and new destinies for the prosperous state of his finances. In short, ocean, and the prosperous state of the pubin announcing to you that he had ordered lic treasury which has to provide for so his minister to place before you the ex many expences. Such is the picture which pences of 1809 and 1810, bis Majesty in- has been traced to you. Happy the reign formed you, that although lie was obliged in which the recital of facts renders euloto place at the disposition of his ministers an gium unnecessary.--After the presentaextraordinary credit of 100 millions, he tion which has been made to you, Gentledid not ask any new impositions. It is men, of two projects to create new subthus that, after many years of war, con- perfectures, and of a great number of quests, and creations, our Sovereign termi transactions which interest the communes, nates his discourse, whilst the Govern- you have adopted the project of a law ment who wishes to contend against him, upon the finances. The satisfaction which every year demands new loans, imposts, its examination afforded you, is too great and sacrifices from the English people. A to make it necessary for me to re-state the few days after that memorable sitting details.—The Orator of your Commission your deputation came to lay at the foot of of Finance has said upon this important the throne the homage of your devotion, law all that could be added to the motives your love; and through your President, developed by the Orators from the Counwho enjoys the esteem of our monarch, cil of State. He has pointed out the adand your merited confidence, you made vantages of the order established, by which known the noble and simple principles

five or six months are sufficient to examine which guide, and the sentiments that ani and check the accounts of so many difmate you. In that audience you expe

ferent administrations. He has remarked rienced fresh pledges of the paternal affec- the amelioration which has taken place in tion of his Majesty. The solemn forms the proceedings for the recovery of the of the opening of your Session being ful contributions; the moderate expence of filled, the Minister of the interior in great prosecution has not escaped him. He has detail pointed out the situation of the em with equal sagacity viewed the different pire. Sixteen departments have been causes of the increase of the State rere. united to France, producing a population nues, which at present amount to 985 mil. of five millions, and a revenue of 100 mil lions, and the reason of the augmentation lions. The communications opened be of the expence of the different depart. tween the Scheldt and the Baltic, between ments. We have acquired 300 leagues of the north and south of Italy, render our coast, and 10,000 sailors.

Such acquisi. maritime supplies independent of the ene tions demand an increase of expence, but my's squadrons.—The Minister has spoken they give at the same time the means of to you of the progress of the University, providing for it. The economy intro

duced into many branches of the adminis- sieged by complaints, threatened with tration—the augmentation of the produce commotions, it is reduced to propose to of the customs, the measures adopied rela- the people, by way of resource, a fictitious tive to tobacco, which, without pressing money, which has no other pledge but a upon the people, give the State the advan- confidence which exists no longer.- The tage which some companies exclusively Emperor, on the other hand wishes for enjoyed, and furnish the means of dimi- peace, and the liberty of the seas; he has nishing the land-tax; all give a complete 800,000 men under arms; the Princes of assurance of constantly seeing our re- Europe are his allies; his whole empire sources superior to our expenditure. enjoys profound tranquillity: without The liquidation of the years preceding loans, without anticipations, 954 millions, 1808 is effected; that of the following raised with facility, secure the free execu. years is considerably advanced : that of tion of his noble plans; and his majesty ihe present year is completed; no in- commissions us to address you only in the quietude exists with respect to the fu- language of satisfaction and hope. -What ture. France has no occasion for any in- confidence, gentlemen, ought this parallel crease of the customs, nor for loans, nor to inspire : Diffuse it among your fellowe for any new taxes.—Thus you have evi- citizens, communicate to them the imdent proofs of the happy situation of our pressions you have received; your task finances, and certainly they ought to ex. will be easy; you will find them all ani. cite as much confidence in our fellow-citi- mated with the same sentiments towards a zens, as fear in gur enemies. At the mo- sovereign, who has no other object in his . ment when, by order of his Majesty, those labours than the happiness and the glory satisfactory representations were placed of his people. M. de Segur, after having under your eyes, a shout of triumph read the decree which ordered the closing reached us from Spain; the junction of of the session, came down from the tribune our armies were effected; Badajoz was amidst acclamations of Live the Emperor ! delivered ; and Marshal Suchet had over. M. THE PRESIDENT then spoke, with thrown the walls of Tarragona in presence the view of pointing out, that it was the of the English, the mortified spectators of happy destiny of the Legislative Body this victory. A garrison of 18,000 men, never to assemble but in order to associate courageous and obstinate, has not been themselves in the illustrious labours of the able to resist French valour ; 10,000 Government, or to be able to form a better prisoners and a great number of can- judgment of their wisdom, by seeing their non and standards are the trophies of valuable results; that the Deputies of the the conquerers: noble presages, which Legislative Body, after having received, confirm the hopes given to us a short time through the medium of the Orator of since by a monarch, all whose predictions the Council of State, the assurances of his victory is accustomed to fulfil.–At the Majesty's satisfaction, were ppy in resame instant cries of distress issued from turning to their homes, to have it in their the bosom of the British Isles; credit, power to communicate to their fellow. which supported her colossal and fac- citizens only new benefits on the part of titious power, was shaken; and that Go- Government, and that no other obligation vernment, already banished from the Con- had been imposed upon them this session tinent, but which nevertheless boasted, but that of gratitude.-Six copies were amidst the cumbrous heaps of its manu- ordered to be printed of the speeches of factures, of being able to exchange its pro- M. de Segur, and of the President.-M. ductions for all the gold of Mexico and the President then, in conformity to the of Peru, is now forced to proclaim its Decree, declared that the session of 1811 error, to acknowledge that it loses public was terminated, and the Assembly rose. confidence, and to propose the enforcement of a paper money:--The English FRANCE -M. Regnaud's Address to the Government desires war, the monopoly of com inerce, and the domination of the seas;

Emperor on the subject of the Finances ; its allies are either destroyed or lost to it;

and his account of the Progress made in

the business of the CADASTRE, or valuait ruins all those whom it wishes to subsi

tion of the lands. dize; it exhausts its people in useless ef

-July, 1811. forts; it is punished for its selfishness by SIRE,- I present to your Imperial Maits state of insulation; and, after having jesty, the accounts of the Administration beaped loan upon loan, tax upon tas, be- of the Finances in 1809, and in 1910—It

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