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pected from him? And, I beg you to God, not to spare their money. “Oh!" observe the wide difference between the said George, - it would be a slander to the case of the Judges and that of Lord King. sense and dirtue of the people to suppose No new law is made to favour the interests an abatement in that spirit which has of the latter; but a new law is made, and enabled the goveroment io call forth those afterwards another new law, to favour the “ resources.And, at this very time he interests of the former. Lord King does was receiving upwards of 8,0001. a year not attempt to obtain any real addition to out of the taxes raised upon that same his original rents; but there is granted 10 people, and Mr. TJERNEY, who opposed the the Judges a very large real addition to augmentation to the pay of the Judges, their original pay.

The COURIER calls was told, that they ought to be enabled to upon Lord King to suffer quietly for the maintain all their dignity and state, that good of his country. His suffering would is to say, to live and keep their families, not do the country any good, but a great without touching their private fortunes. And, deal of harm. But, upon the supposition yet, Lord King is to be lumped with Jews, that it would do the country good, what Pedlars, and Smugglers; he is to have a does the same man say about the aug- hint about tossing in blankets and kicking mentation of the pay of the Judges ? down stairs; and, what is still more seriWhen the augmentation to the pay of these ous, he is to see a law passed avowedly to persons was under discussion, Mr. Perce-counteract his measures with regard to the VAL (who was then a barrister) argued, that management of his own estate ; he is to the Judges ought to have quite enough to be accused of motives of base lucre; he is maintain them in all their stale without to be held forth as an enemy to bis coun. touching their private fortunes; and, ob- try; and all this because he wishes to observe, ihis he said at the very time, in that tain what is legally and equitably his very year, 1799, when Old George Rose, due; what is his due as fairly as the prowho was then one of the Secretaries of the duce of their fields is the due of his tenants. Treasury at 4,0001. a year, and who had another good 4,0001. a year in sinecure

I have now, Gentlemen, to apologize to places, was preaching up to “the most " thinking people of all Europe,” bis doc- you for having taken up so much of your trine of sacrifices and salvage, a specimen self. The additional grants to the Civil of which I gave you in my last letter. "The imperious and awful necessity of the the Judges, did not properly belong to

List, and the augmentation of the pay of present crisis," said Geokge, “ unavoid“ably subjects US to beavy burdens. It our subject; but, when my Lord King s has been said, that they ought to be develled at him, because he sought, in

was reviled, and when a law was avowedly e considered as a SALVAGE for the re. “ maining part of OUR property. The the ruinous effects of depreciation, justice

1811, to protect himself and family against “ metaphor though just is inadequate ; for demanded of me, if I wrote at all upon the

what Tariff shall settle the difference beiween the BLESSED COMFORTS half of the King and the Judges in 1790,

subject, to show what has been done in be« OF RELIGION and the GLOOMY 1802, 1804, and 1809, and especially as 6 DESPAIR OF ATHEISM.” George these measures in behalf of the King and talks of “ US” and of “OUR”

pro: the Judges were approved of and supperly; but HE was gaining all the while ;| ported by some of those who now repro

got his
great sinecure place,

bate the conduct of Lord King. with reversion to his eldest son, while imperious and auful necessity calling upon the nation for sacrifices. In my next Letter, which will be the last GEORGE's doctrine of SALVAGE was of the series, I shall have to offer you for the use of others, and not at all for his observations of a more general nature, and own use; nor did this doctrine of SAL in the mean while, I remain, VAGE apply to the Judges, who, we have

Gentlemen, seen, received an addition to their pay out

Your friend, of the public money, during the times of this imperious and awful necessity;"

W. COBBETT. during the time that George Rose was State Prison, Newgate, Friday, calling upon the people, for the love of July 20, 1811.

aye, and he


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faction from perceiving that you have To the Parliament, delivered by Conmission, been able to accomplish this object with

at the Prorogation, on the 24th of July, so little additional burthen upon the re1811.

sources of this part of the United KingMy Lords, and Gentlemen,

dom, The manner in which you have His Royal Higbness the Prince Regent, taken into consideration the condition of acting in the name and on the behalf of the Irish Revenue has met with his Royal his Majesty, has commanded us to signify Highness's approbation; and his Royal to you the satisfaction with which he finds Highness commands us to add, that he himself enabled to relieve you from your looks with confidence to the advantage attendance in Parliament, after the long which may be derived from the attention and laborious duties of the Session. We of Parliament having been given to this are particularly directed to express his ap- important subject. probation of the wisdom and firmness which you have manifested in enabling My Lords and Gentlemen, bis Royal Highness to continue the exer His Royal Highness commands us to tions of this country in the cause of our congratulate you upon the reduction of Allies, and to prosecute ihe war with in the island of Mauritius. This last and creased activity and vigour.

most important colony of France has been Your determined perseverance in a sys. obtained with inconsiderable loss, and its tem of liberal aid to the brave and loyal acquisition must materially coniribute to nations of the Peninsula has progressively the security of the British commerce and augmented their means and spirit of re- possessions in that quarter of the world. sisiance ; while the humane attention The successes which have crowned his which you have paid to the sufferings of Majesty's arms during the present camthe inhabitants of Portugal, under the paign, under the distinguished command unexampled cruelty of the enemy, has of Lieutenant General Lord Viscount Wel. confirmed the alliance by new ties of af- lington, are most important to the intefection, and cannot fail to inspire addi- rests, and glorious to the character, of the tional zeal and animation in the mainte- country. His Royal Highness warmly hance of the common cause.

participates in all the sentiments which His Royal Highness especially com- have been excited by those successes, and mands us to declare bis cordial concur- concurs in the just applause which you rence in the measure which you have have bestowed upon the skill, prudence, adopted for improving the internal security and intrepidity so conspicuously displayed and military resources of the United in obtaining them. Kingdom.

It afforts the greatest satisfaction to his For these important purposes you have Royal Highness to reflect, that, should it wisely provided, by establishing a system please Divine Providence to restore his for the annual supply of the regular army, | Majesty to the ardent prayers and wishes and for the interchange of the militias of of his Royal Highuese and of his Majesty's Great Britain and Ireland; and bis Royal people, bis Royal Highness will be enaHigbness has the satisfaction of informing bled to lay before his Majesty, in the hisyou, that the voluntary zeal which has al- tory of these great achievements of the ready been manifested upon this occasion British arms throughout a series of syslias enabled him to give immediate opera- tematic operations, so satisfactory a proof tion to an arrangement by which the that the national interests and the glory union and mutual interests of Great Britain of the British name have been successfully and Ireland may be more effectually maintained, while bis Rnyal Highnes has cemented and improved.

conducted the Government of the United Gentlemen of the House of Commons, Kingdom. His Royal Highness commands us to thank you, in the name and on behalf of

KING'S HEALTH. his Majesty, for the liberal supplies which you have furnished for every

The following is the official Report of branch of tbe public service.

the State of his Majesty's bealih on Sature His Royal Highness has seen with plea- day the oth of July, as presented to the sure the readiness with which you have Privy Council by ihe Queen's Council: , applied the separate ineans of Great Bri.

WINDSOR, JULY 6, 1811. tain to the financial relief of Ireland at the We the underwritten, Menibers of the present moment; and derives much satis- Council appointed to assist her Majesty in

the Execution of the trusts committed to

OFFICIAL PAPERS. her Majesty, by virtue of the statute, FRANCE.--Intelligence from the Armies in passed in the 51st year of bis Majesty's

Spain. reign, intituled, "an Act to provide for " the Administration of the Royal Autho

(Concluded from p. 96.) “ rity, and for the care of his Majesty's

... At seven at night, « Royal Person, during the continuance at the signal of four bombs at once, five " of his Majesty's illness, and for the re columns darted against the points marked “ sumption of the exercise of the Royal out, crying Vive l'Empereur.Five thou" Authority by his Majesty," having duly sand men defended the works attacked and met together, on the 6th July, 1811, at the the Lower Town. They opposed at first a Queen's Lodge, near to Windsor Castle, and strong resistance and a very warm fire; having called before' us, and examined but the irresistable impetuosity of the gre. upon oath, the Physicians, and other per- nadiers overthrew all obstacles in a few sons attendant upon his Majesty, and have minutes. Colonel Bouvier with his coing ascertained the state of his Majesty's lumn scaled the breach of the bastion of health by all such other ways and means the Chanoines, and pursued the Spaniards as appeared to us to be necessary for that to the extremity of the bastion; they purpose, do hereby declare and certify, tried to stop us at the passage of the drawthat the state of his Majesty's health, at bridge; a dreadful carnage was made, the time of this our meeting, is not such and 'the ditches were filled with dead as to enable his Majesty to resume the bodies. The curtain was next scaled, and personal exercise of his Royal functions. we reached the breach of Fort Royal, - That his Majesty's bodily health is but where ladders were applied; the enemy little disordered. That, in consequence had not. time to put in play two furnaces of an accession of mental disorder, subse- under the salient end of the bastion of quent to our report of the 6th of April last, Chanoines. Capt. Thiebault having cara change took place in the system of ma- ried his small column straight to the end nagement, which had been previously of the half moon, had by that bold moveadopted for his Majesty's cure.' His Ma.

His Ma- ment forced the enemy to abandon it; jesty's mental health is represented to us from thence he joined the first column ; by all the Physicians as certainly im- the brave fellows dashed into the breach of proved since the 6th of April. We are Fort Royal, the enemy was overthrown, unable, however, to ascertain what would killed, or put to a disorderly flight. The be the effects of an immediate recurrence flying were pursued, and at this moment to any system of management, which the column of Colonel Bourgeois arrived should admit of as free an approach to his on the right; the enemy were completely Majesty's presence, as was allowed in a routed and driven under the walls of the former period of his Majesty's indisposi-Upper Town-we entered the bastion of tion. Some of his Majesty's Physicians St. Domingo between the town and the do not entertain hopes of his Majesty's fort; 150 Spaniards were slaughtered, recovery quite so confident as those which and we remained masters of the bridge, they had expressed on the 6th of April.- which must ensure the possession of all the The persuasion of others of his Majesty's rest.-- At the same time the column of the Physicians, that his Majesty will com- Commandant Fondzelski had penetrated pletely recover, is not diminished and into the suburb, breaking down the barrithey all appear to agree, that there is a cadoes, and making every thing fly before considerable probability of his Majesty's them, whilst fifty grenadiers, proceeding final recovery; and that neither his Ma- by the sca-breach, attempted to reach the jesty's bodily health, nor his present head of the Jetty ; but there a reserve of symptoms, nor the effect which the disease Sarsfield's had been placed to stop us, and has yet produced upon his Majesty's fa- a warm and unexpected firing made the culties, afford any reason for thinking that attack faulter on a sudden. The general his Majesty will not ultimately recover. disposition of the attack prescribed the en

(Signed) C. CANTUAR. trenching ourselves in the houses, and de

E. EBOR. fending ourselves in them, if the enemy ELDON,

MONTROSE, opposed too much fire and too great a reELLENBOROUGH, WINCHELSEA, sistance. This proceeding was not even W. GRANT, AYLESFORD.

necessary. The Colonel of the 117th, RoA True Copy.

bert, who commanded the righit, advanced CNETWYND.

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immediately by the sea-beach at the head | last, or the only one, to dispossess us of of the reserve, composed of the marksmen the lower town, the loss of which must be and grenadiers of the 9th light, 420, 114th, fatal to Tarragona. From the following 115th, and 121st. His presence alone re- night, General Montmarie and Colonel St., stored the battle. The enemy, intimidated Cyr Nugues established by my orders and unable to retreat, were driven to the batteries towards the sea, and a second sea and the mole; a frightful carnage suc- parallel was opened at 60 toises to pre

ceeded; every thing was done by the bay. pare the attack and the breaching batte· Quet; nothing escaped in the suburbs, the ries against the body of the place. The

pert, the houses, ditches, and the capture of the lower town and its depenwalls of the town, where Major Douarch dencies has placed in our possession 80 and Captain Derigny, with a handful of pieces of cannon, of which' I subjoin an brave men, pursued in their precipitate re- account; this makes the number taken treat the last fugitives that escaped from our 137. The number of prisoners is only blows. After the first moments offury were 160, among whom are some officers; they over, General Palombini and Colonel Ro are the victims escaped by a kind of mibert, commanding the trenches, made the racle from the fury of the soldiers, whom necessary dispositions to ensure so brilliant each assault irritates and animates more a conquest, placed the troops, and estab-' and more. I have been obliged to burn lished the posts. I ordered Generals the dead, as at the capture of Fort Olivo. Rogneat and Valee, chiefs of the engi- | The amount to this day is 1,553, and neers and artillery, to go over the ground every day we discover other bodies. I and the works. Colonel Henry made the fear much, if the garrison wait for the asworkmen advance; he made lodgements sault in their last hold, I shall be forced and communications, perfected the to set a terrible example, and intimidate breaches, and profiting by the terror of for ever Catalonia and Spain by the dethe enemy, traced and opened on the same struction of a whole city. Our loss in this night, a first parallel in front of the upper hot, but rapid action, is only 120 killed, town before Fort Royal, supporting his and 372 wounded. But I must observe to left at the bastion of Santo Domingo, and your Highness, that the attack of this prolonging his line to the beach. At day. suburb, crowned by a triple assault, is to break, we already presented a formidable be dated ten days back, in which the enappearance to the garrison, intimidated gineers and artillerymen have suffered behind their walls, and to the English, daily losses. Several officers have been useless, but not indifferent spectators of a killed, a great number wounded—I reckon, night so disastrous to them, and their al. during the siege, 2,500 men put hors de lies. Considerable magazines of cotton, combat. The ardour and good spirit that leather, sugar, and other English produce animates the whole army is redoubled, deposited in the lower town were the vice and we aspire to strike a last blow that tims of pillage or the flames. At sight of shall terminate with eclat this long strugthis, an impotent rage made them forget gle.—[The letter ends with praises beour bombs and red-hot balls, the fear of stowed on particular officers.)-(Signed) which had kept them at a distance since Count Suchet. Camp before Tarragona, we bad established our coast batteries. June 26. All their vessels and frigates set sail to Cannon, &c. taken by Assault, June 21. run down the coast rapidly from the heights Twenty-four pounders

29 of Fort Francoli to beyond the Port; and Sixteen in passing by turns before our flank, they Twelve

2 poured upon us all their broadsides, inun. Eight

6 dating our trenches, camps, and the su Four burbs with a real shower of balls, which Three scarcely did harm to any body. The gar Howitzers, Mortars, and Iron rison, encouraged for a moment by all this Pieces .......

20 noise, dared present some heads of columas; but our soldiers were sheltered in

Total.......... 80 the houses; in a moment they shewed themselves, and were about to precipitate themselves anew upon the enemy, but Paris, July 9. Imperial Army of Arragon. nothing more was necessary to make the To his Serene Highness the Prince of demy retiro, This attempt has been the Neufchatel, Major-General, &c.

Monseigneur ;-I lay at his Majesty's Highness all the information you may defeet the keys of Tarragona, to which, i sire. I particularly recommend him 10 hope, is attached the speedy submission of your kind attention, and intreat you to Catalonia. A siege of two, or rather three obtain for him from his Majesty the rank months, conducted in the space of one of Chef d'Escadron. month, and five successive assaults, have

(Signed) Count SUCHET. destroyed a garrison of 18,000 men, con To the above is annexed a certified resisting of the finest troops of Spain, and turn of the prisoners taken on the 28th of put into our hands a port from whence the June. The grand total is 9,781, includEnglish fed the insurrection of the pro. ing 197 officers. Among the latter are vince in order to preserve a vent for their mentioned Don Juan Imen de Contrera, merchandize. By their multiplied suc- Governor General; Bascourt, Sub-chief cours they prolonged the defence of the of the Staff; General Courrin, and two place; at different times they conveyed Aides-de Camp; Cabrer, General of En. arms, ammunition, and troops from Valen. gineers, and Brigadier Messina. cia, Alicant, and Carthagena. The fury of the soldiers was increased by the re To his Highness the Prince of Neufchatel, sistance of the garrison, who every mo

Major-General, &c. ment expected its deliverance, and thought I had the honour of giving an account to secure success by a general sortie. The to your Highness of all the efforts which I fifth assault, still more vigorous than the bad made to place the army in a state for preceding, made yesterday, in broad day, entering the field, and manæuvring in aid on the last fortification, has occasioned a of the army of the south. As I was ignohorrible massacre, with but little loss on rant of the precise situation of the enemy, our side. The terrible example which I I thought it my duty first to approach foresaw with regret in my last report to him, for the purpose of availing myself of your Highness has, taken place, and will circumstances, and also to disguise from for a long time be recollected in Spain. him for some time my real intentions. I, Four thousand men have been killed in therefore, marched my troops on the road the city ; from 10 to 12,000 men endea- of Rodrigo and on that of Placentia, and I voured to make their escape over the walls advanced in person on the 5th to Rodrigo into the country; 1,000 have been sabred with the greater part of the cavalry, and or drowned; nearly 10,000, 500 of whom a strong advanced guard. I availed my. are officers, have been made prisoners, self of this opportunity to throw into and are setting off for France; nearly Rodrigo a great quantity of supplies, and 1,000 wounded are in the hospitals of the I set out in the night in the hope of surcity, where their lives were respected in prizing the division of General Craufurd, the midst of the carnage. Three Field which was cantoned three leagues from Marshals, and the Governor, are among Rodrigo. A few hours were suficient for the prisoners; many others among the apprising that General of my arrival at slain. Twenty stand of colours, 38 pieces Rodrigo, and he imediately put himself in of artillery mounted, 40,000 balls and march to retire beyond the Coa, leaving shells, 500,000 weight of powder and his cavalry in observation, and abandoning lead, are in our possession. I shall im- several magazines of provisions. General med iately forward to your Highness cor- Montbrun with his cavalry manuvred rect returns of all that has been found in against the cavalry of the enemy, pushed the place, and the details of the glorious them with great vigour, and made some action, which has crowned the efforts of prisoners. I learned that Lord Spencer, the army of Arragon, in the province of who commanded the army in the absence Catalonia. I shall recommend to his Ma- of Lord Wellington, had under his orders jesty's favour those brave men who have three divisions, which were marched from so valiantly combated. Tam, &c. Count the banks of the Coa as far as Castel Suchet. Head Quarters at Tarragona, Branco. I concluded that a part of these June 29.

troops was destined to cross to the left P. S. Captain Antoine, my Aide-de- bank of the Tagus on the first appearance Camp, is the bearer of this dispatch, wbich of their being wanted. I resolved upon a he will convey to you with all expedition, rapid march'; I sent orders to General He shared in all the labours of the sieye, Regnier to set out from Fuente Roblé and was among the foremost who mounted to Los Santos, where he was with two divie the assault, and can give your Serene sions, to march upon Banos and Placentia.

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