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this ancient gospel to preach to them that dwell upon the earth, and are in their earthly nature, wisdom, and worship, “ crying with a loud voice, Fear God, w and give glory to him, for the hour of his judg" ment is come?:” therefore away, away with all your own ways, works and worships, that are grounded upon mens command, and fallible apprehensions, whose breath is in their nostrils; and no more do homage according to such prescriptions, but fear and dread the living Lord God of heaven and earth: “ for if the « righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly « and sinner appear? but wo, anguish, tribulation " and forrow shall come upon every soul that remains « in fin.bus

Therefore be warned, ye dark and idolatrous Papists, ye superstitious and loose Protestants, ye zealous, yer carnal professors, to come out of all your own ways, works, worships, nature, spirit and practice: in silence and fear to wait in this glorious light which God Almighty has displayed, and raised us contemned Quakers to walk in, and testify of, in these last ages; that by believing therein, and circumspectly adhering thereto, you may come to experience the rising of that eternal power which overcomes and removes tranfgression, that hath so long separated between you and your God; hereby shall you receive sound judgment and heavenly wisdom.

This will not destroy, but fulfil the scriptures of truth, and so shall you know the baptism that is from above, and eat the heavenly bread, and drink the spiritual wine at Christ's table, in his kingdom, which the saints of old saw the coming of before they tasted of death; “ for the kingdom of God is within":"here all old things, covenants, signs, ordinances, and whatever perisheth with the using, shall be done away; and the everlasting unchangeable substance witnessed; and no more shall you profess religion, or perform worship from the imagining and transgressing nature,

a Rev. xiv. 6, 7. b 1 Pet. iv. 18. • Luke xvii. 20, 21.


but from a certain sense of God's own operation ; fo fhall your faith stand in that power the gates of hell can never prevail against: for this I once more am necessitated to declare, by virtue of the sound knowledge given me of God, that whilft you are fulfilling the lusts of the flesh, and walking after your own will and imaginations, you are altogether strangers to the yoke, to the daily cross, and self-denying life; but are yet the corrupt ground, and evil tree, which bringeth forth evil fruits, thorns, briars, and sour grapes : « be “ ye undeceived, God will not be mocked; such as " you sow, such shall you reapd:"

Wherefore I intreat, advise, and warn you all, before the day of your visitation be shut up, in the eternal withdrawings of God's love, and revelation of his dreadful, endless vengeance, O ye idolatrous, superstitious, carnal, proud, wanton, unclean, mocking and persecuting princes, priests and people, to repent; return, return, believe and obey this light, which manifests and reproves all your evil deeds, that in it you may know your redemption from the captivity of fin effectually wrought.

O tremble and quake with the prophet Habakkuk, you who scoff at Quakers, “ that you may all rest in « the day of trouble.” Hab. iii. 16.

But if you shall still go on to rebel against the reproofs and instructions of this holy light, and despise and persecute the children of it; be it known to you all, that before the brightness of its glory shall your Shadows vanish, your imitations fly away, your beggarly elements melt, and you shall die in your sins.

Nor shall we be solicitous what your intentions are concerning us, well knowing Him, in whom we have believed, « to be much greater in us than he that is oc in the world,” who in love hath called us out of it, and we doubt not will by his everlasting arm of strength defend and preserve us over all opposition,

Job iv. 8. Gal. vi. 7. 8. • 2 Tim. i. 12.

7 John iv. 4.


and by us exalt his name, truth, and salvation unta the ends of the earth.

Therefore let the winds of imagination blow, the storms of persecution beat, and the sea of raging malice foam : yea, “ though the fig-tree shall not blofa “ fom, neither fruit be in the vine; though the la« bour of the olive fail, and the fields yield not their * meat; though the flock be cut off from the fold, " and there be no herd in the stalls”;” though nations should combine against us, and multitudes assemble themselves to our overthrow ;---yet, be it reported to the nations, and let it be told unto the people, that we shall still confide and rejoice in that everlasting holy God Almighty, Lord of hosts, and King of saints, who hath gathered us, and therefore is by us, over all things in heaven, and things on earth, blessed and renowned for ever!

A cautionary PostScript to the People of England.

FRIENDS, TVHILST you have a day, prize it, and whilst

V you have the light, believe in it; for this is the word of the Lord God, that made heaven and carth, to you all; the time is at hand, that he that is unrighteous, must be unrighteous still.' Be not deceived, put not the day far from you; neither cry, the Lord is on our side ; for his indignation is ready to be revealed, and destruction is at the door.

Calamity, pining, and distress, is coming upon you, yea, a consumption is decreed, and trouble, perplexity, and terrible desolation; and what hand shall stop it? for the Lord God of hosts is arising, to avenge him. self of his enemies, and to ease himself of the cruel oppressor of his righteous feed; yea, the mighty he will humble, and the proud shall be laid low. He

| Hab. iü. 17, 18,


will smite the wanton with paleness, and the despiser shall perish off the earth; and all the instruments of wickedness and oppression will he dash in pieces; and you shall know, that the Majesty which dwells on high is on our side, and that the nations of them who are saved shall walk in obedience to the light.

But unto such as believe in the light, and live in the daily cross, who have forsaken either father, mother, filter, brother, house, land, husband or wife, for this blessed testimony; and that through the good report and bad report are journeying on, towards an everlasting inheritance : blessings, honour, immortality, and eternal life, from God the Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

I am not of this world, but seek a country

eternal in the heavens.


Newgate in London,

the 7th of the ad month, 1671.



Those so generally believed and applauded



rOne God, subsisting in three distinct and

separate Persons,
The Impossibility of God's pardoning ! afted

Sinners, a plenary Satisfaction,
The Justification of impure Persons, by
į an imputative Righteousness,

From the Authority of Scripture Testimonies, and

right Reason.


A Builder on that Foundation which cannot be moved.

But to us there is but one God the Father, of whom are all

Things. 1 Cor. viii. 6.

Who is a God like unto thee, that pardoneth Iniquity ? He · retaineth not his Anger for ever, because he delighteth in Mercy. Micah vii. 18.

For I will not justify the wicked. Exod. xxiii. 7.

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