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LIBERAL credit will be given to responfible customers, and a liberal discount made for ready pay. The store is now furnished with all the books in use, and particular pains. have been taken that school books, especially, be bound to wear well. Academies, country book. sellers, merchants and gentlemen who trade in the southern states, and in the new western settlements may be furnished with the following articles, piz.

L'OLIO, quarto, octavo, Canne's preaching, elegant I pocket, and common school Bibles, with or without apocrypha, plates, notes, Ostervald's reflections, concordance, index, &c. &c. and in elegant or plain binding, at corresponding prices, from 9 dollars. the dozen to 15 dola lars single book.

Greek Lexicons,. Latin Dictionaries, Greek and Latin grammars, Virgil's and Tully's, large and small, with and without translations Clark's and Mair's Introductie on to making Latin, Cheever's Accidents-Common Place books on the plan of John: kocke, Efq.--Blair's Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres, at Large and abridged--Locke's Essay on the human understanding Duncan's Logic-and generally all the books used in cola leges and academies, most of which may usuall: be had fecond hand, very cheap.

Webster's Compendious Dizionary of the Englisi LanTage, in which five thousand words are added to the imber found in the best English compends į the or

thography is in some instances corrected ; the prona ciation marked by an accent or other suitable directio and the definitions of many words amended and improv

Johnson's, Sheridan's, Perry's, Entick's and Walke Dictionaries; the O&avo and the small editions.

Webster's Elements of Useful Knowledge, containing a historical and geographical account of the United Sta for the use of schools, in three parts--and the revised ed tion of the American Spelling book.

Murray's Pirft book for children, Spelling book, Intro duction, English Reader and Sequel.

The Altronimical and Geographical Catechism for the ufe of children, the Child's Companion, the Ameri. can Preceptor and Columbian Orator, by Caleb Bingham.

Moore's Gentleman and Ladies' Monitor.

Scott's Lessons in Elocution, or a selection of pieces, in prose and verse, for the improvement of youth in reading and speaking..

Watts? Psalms and Hymns, bound separate or together, plain and elegant, various editions,

Prayer books, small and large, in plain and elegant binding.

Morse's Geographies and Gazetteers, at large and abridged, latest editions---former editions second hand at half price, with or without atlases.

Guthrie's and Pinckerton's Geographies.
A variety of elegant Atlases, separate.

Testaments-American Selections--Staniford's Art of
Reading-Dwight's Geography--Child's Spelling Book
- Child's Instructor--Pike's Arithmetic--Daboll's dom
Dilworth's do. improved, Waltch's Mercantile do.

N. B.-The above are for sale, wholesale and retail.
to which may be added, a very extensive assortment of
books in all classes of literature, among which are the late
European and American Publications, on the very best

I. C. & Co. have lately published a great variety of small books, for the amusement and instruction of children and youth, of various sizes and prices, among which are

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vi&ure books, of twelve different kinds in the dožen, or amented with beautiful cuts and of a larger sizc, Watts' livine Songs-Bize for Youthful Obedience-Children

the Wood-Pope's Ellay-Goldsmith's Deserted Vil. be-Early Piety-New Token-The Shepherd of lisbury plain--Alfop's Fables A Memorial of the conYion, experience and happy deaths of eighteen Children

c. &c. making in all a variety of inore than 100 f.ll books, moral and religious, biographical and histoal. .

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Royal, medium, demi, and fool's.cap paper, for leda gers, journals, record books, day-books, and blank account books of all sizes, various rulings and prices-Morocco and other memorandum bocks-gentlemen's and ladies' pocket books, and thread cafes-razor strops (Hopkins') and paste flates and pencils-Dutch quills-red and black ink powder-black led pencils--tortoise-fbell combs

flutes-fifes--&c. &c.

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