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HAMPDEN COUNTY. Blandford, Wm. B. Miller,

July 24, 1819, Ludlow,

Physician, 1853 Brimfield, Chester, Daniel Fry,

May 4, 1797, Foster, R. I.,

Railroad Agt., 1843 Chicopee, Edmund B. Haskell, Dec. 21, 1804, Cumberland, R.I. Merchant, 1853

Sam’l A. Shackford, Aug. 22, 1812, Newmarket,N.H. Merchant, 1853

Charles R. Ladd, Apr. 9, 1822, Tolland, Ct., Lawyer, 1853 Granville, Horace H. Parsons, Jan. 21, 1808, Granville,

Farmer, 1853 Holland, Harris Cutler, Mar. 2, 1794, Guildhall, Vt., Farmer, 1853 Holyoke, Longmeadow Dimond Colton, V Oct. 11, 1793, Longmeadow, Farmer, 1852 Ludlow, Munson, Montgomery, Aaron P. Parks, Sept. 16, 1810, Montgomery,


1853 Palmer, Enos Calkins, May 3, 1815, Wilbraham, Farmer,

1853 Russell, Nelson D. Parks,

Sept. 21, 1820, Blandford,


1853 Southwick, Moses White, Mar. 27, 1806, Southwick, Farmer, 1853 Springfield, George Bliss, Nov.16, 1793, Springfield, Lawyer, 1829

Theodore Stebbins, Dec. 9, 1802, Springfield, Farmer, (1853

Nelson Tyler, Mar. 7, 1813, Springfield, Machinist, 1853 Tolland, Wales, Jona. G. Royce,

July 20, 1813, Mansfield,

Shoe Manf.,

1853 Westfield, Luke Bush,

Dec. 25, 1814, Westfield, Farmer, W.Springfi'ld Edward Southworth, July 3, 1804, Pelham, Manufacturer, 1853 Wilbraham,





1852 1853 1853

Ashfield, Anson Bement, Mar. 29, 1795, Ashfield, Dep. Sheriff,
Buckland, Wm. Sherwin, Oct. 26, 1787, Ashfield, Mechanic,
Conway, E. F. 'Ames,

May 10, 1822, Amherst, Merchant,
Greenfield, Wendell T. Davis, Apr. 12, 1818, Sandwich, Lawyer,
Hawley, Samuel T. Grout, Apr. 14, 1801, Hawley, Farmer,
Heath, Ashmun H. Taylor, June 16, 1815, Charlemont, Physician,
Leyden, S. L. Shattuck, Apr. 1, 1822, Leyden, Merchant,
Montague, Richard N. Oakman, Jan. 20, 1818, Wendell, Farmer,
New Salem, Alpheus Harding, Jr., Jan. 12, 1818, New Salem, Merchant,
Northfield, Marshall S. Mead, June 4, 1802, Chesterf'ld, N.H., Physician,
Rowe, John C. Drury, Aug. 25, 1820, Coleraine, Merchant,

Joseph Sweet, Jan. 3, 1802, Shelburne, Farmer,
Shutesbury, Edwin C. Kellogg, Jan. 20, 1817, New Haven, Vt., Lumberer,
Sunderland, Elihu Smith,

Apr. 11, 1823, Sunderland, Farmer,
Warwick, John G. Gale, Apr. 28, 1819, Warwick, Farmer,
Whately, Abel W. Nash, May 23, 1779, Hartford, Ct., Farmer,


1853 1851 1853

1853 1853 1853 1853 1852


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Cheshire, Luther B. Loomis, Nov. 13, 1812, Cheshire, Merchant, 1853
Egremont, James H. Rowley, Oct. 10, 1816, N.Lebanon, NY, Farmer, 1853
Florida, Nahum P. Brown, Dec. 16, 1815, Florida,

Tanner, 1853
G. Barrington Charles N. Emerson, Feb. 6, 1821, Williamstown, Lawyer, 1853
Hinsdale, Gordon Parish, Dec. 13, 1813, Worthington, Miller, 1853
Lanesboro', Andrew J. Lewis, May 15, 1818, Charleston, S.C., Marb. Cutter, 1852
Caleb B. Phinney, July 22, 1806, Lee,


1853 Lenox, Wm. O. Curtis, July 15, 1817, Stockbridge, Railroad Agt., 1853 Monterey, Alvin H. Turner, Dec. 3, 1808, New Marlboro', Physician, 1853 Mt. Washg'tn N. Ashford, N. Marlboro', Emmons Arnold, Dec. 2, 1815, New Marlboro', Farmer, (1853 Otis, Peru, Steward Shumway, v Apr. 2, 1807, Belchertown, Farmer,

1853 Pittsfield, James D. Colt, 2d, Oct. 8, 1819, Pittsfield, Lawyer,

1853 Charles Daniel, July 27, 1807, Pittsfield, Farmer, 1853 Richmond, Stephen R. Gay, Aug. 31, 1822, Salisbury, Ct., Iron Manf. 1853 Sandisfield, Abial A. Fuller, Oct. 5, 1806, Sandisfield, Boot Manf. 1853 Savoy, David Ingraham, Apr. 4, 1813, Savoy,

Farmer, 1853 Sheffield, Stockbridge, Henry J. Carter, Jan. 14, 1809, Stockbridge, Teacher, 1853 Tyringham, Elbridge G. Tyrrell, Oct. 12, 1810, Great Barrington Blacksmith, 1853 Washington, Artimas W. Floyd, Dec. 14, 1800, Blandford, Farmer, 1853 W.Stockb’dg, Cyrus H. Woodruff, Feb. 15, 1819, W. Stockbridge, Merchant, 1849 Williamst’wn Harvey T. Cole, May 31, 1810, Adams, Merchant, 1853 Windsor,

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NORFOLK COUNTY. Bellingham, Fenner Cook, Oct. 7, 1799, Bellingham, Farmer, 1853 Braintree, Edward Potter, Nov. 14, 1809, Ipswich, Leather Deal'r 1853 Brookline, Willard A. Humphrey, Dec. 9, 1806, Winchester, N.H Farmer, 1853 Canton, Charles H. French, Sept. 21, 1814, Canton,

Banker, 1853 Cohasset, Thomas Stoddard, May 14, 1787, Cohasset, Mast. Mariner, 1851 Dedham, Waldo Colburn, Nov. 13, 1824, Dedham, Lawyer,

1853 Dorchester, Edward King, Mar. 31, 1813, Chesterfield, Farmer, 1852 Elisha Ford,

July 14, 1786, Milton, Paper Hanger, 1852 Dover, Foxboro', James Stratton, Dec. 10, 1800, Foxboro', Farmer, 1853 Franklin, Medfield, Medway, Milton, Needham, Quincy,

Noah Cummings, July 6, 1806, Plymouth, N. H. Stone Cutter, 1853

Frederick A. Trask, July 8, 1808, Cumberland, R.I. Stone Cutter, 1853 Randolph, Bradford L. Wales, May 1, 1804, Randolph, Physician, 1840 Roxbury, Wm. Gaston,

Oct. 3, 1820, Killingly, Ct., Lawyer, 1853 Wm. A. Crafts, Oct. 28, 1819, Roxbury, Lawyer, 1853 Hiram Hall,

Mar. 14, 1814, Chester, N. H., Housewright, 1853 Edward D. Boit, Aug. 30, 1814, Boston, Lawyer, 1852 Sharon, Stoughton, Chas. S. Richardson, July 18, 1814, Attleboro', Merchant, 1858 Walpole, W. Roxbury, Weymouth, Wrentham,


Lyman W. Daggett, July 28, 1812, Attleboro',




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Dighton, Anthony Shove, Mar. 21, 1787, Freetown,
Easton, Wade Dailey, Jan. 30, 1783, Easton,
Fairhaven, Elbridge G. Morton, Mar. 8, 1808, Freetown,
Fall River,
Mansfield, Isaac Stearns, Jan. 18, 1790, Mansfield,
New Bedford,
Norton, Charles W. Hodges, Sept. 12, 1823, Norton,
Raynham, Soranus Hall,

Oct. 9, 1808, Raynham,
Somerset, Edmund Buffinton, Dec. 31. 1820, Swanzey,
Westport, Isaac A. Anthony, Jan. 9, 1817, Warren, R. I.

Elisha Shaw,

Aug. 14, 1808, Abington,
Wm. P. Corthell, Oct. 29, 1814, Boston,
Bridgewater, Van Ransselear Swift, Mar. 31, 1813, Bridgewater,
Carver, Mathias Ellis,

May 29, 1825, Carver,
Duxbury, Aaron Josselyn, May 4, 1804, Pembroke,
E. Bridgew'tr
Hanover, Thomas J. Gardner, Feb. 25, 1801, Hanover,
Hingham, Charles Howard, Oct. 10, 1792, Lingham,
Marshfield, George M. Baker, Feb. 2, 1820, Marshfield,
N. Bridgew'tr Nahum Perkins, Aug. 28, 1792, Bridgewater,
• Plymouth, John E. Churchill, Nov. 7, 1813, Plymouth,

Charles 0. Churchill, Feb. 25, 1822, Plymouth,
Plympton, C. C. Bumpus, July 9, 1811, Plympton,
Scituate, Charles Curtis, Nov. 27, 1793, Scituate,
So. Scituate, Sam'l C. Cudworth, Dec. 2, 1822, Boston,
Wareham, James R. Sproat, Apr. 18, 1806, Middleboro',
W. Bridgw'tr

Barnstable, Edwin Baxter,

July 23, 1816, Yarmouth, Brewster, Benjamin Paine, Jan. 12, 1795, Brewster, Chatham, Sam'l Doane,

Jan. 18, 1796, Chatham, Dennis, Marsh'll S. Underwood June 29, 1812, Dennis, Eastham, Reuben Nickerson, Jr., July 12, 1814, Eastham, Falmouth, Thomas Lewis, Jr., Mar. 16, 1806, Falmouth, Harwick, Nath'l Doane, Jr., Feb. 1, 1816, Harwich, Orleans, John Kenrick, Aug. 9, 1819, Orleans, Provincetown Henry Paine,

July 30, 1794, Truro, Sandwich, Asahel Cobb,

May 8, 1800, Abington, Truro, James Small,

Dec. 3, 1787, Truro, Wellfleet, Richard Stubbs, Jan. 3, 1805, Wellfleet, Yarmouth, Charles Baker, Sept. 28, 1794, Yarmouth,

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Chilmark, Edgartown, 'Tisbury,

Wm. Ferguson, Jr.
Sam'l Kinniston,
Thos. Barrows,

May 8, 1799, Chilmark,
Sept. 20, 1804, Edgartown,
Apr. 13, 1804, Carver,

Mast. Mariner, 1853

1853 Merchant, 1853

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Boston, William Schouler, Dec. 31, 1814, Scotland, Clerk,

1853 Chelsea, Wm. E. P. Haskeil, June 24, 1817, Gloucester, Ass’t Clerk, 1853 Boston,

Stephen Lovell, Apr. 21, 1799, Weymouth, Chaplain, 1853
Benjamin Stevens, Apr. 16, 1790, Boston,

Serg't at Arms, 1835
Alexis Poole,

Aug. 6, 1806, Charlestown, Doorkeeper, 1838 David Murphy, Feb. 10, 1797, Charlestown, NH Messenger, 1831 Joseph P. Dexter, Aug. 16, 1816, Boston,

Messenger, 1849 Ashburnham, Abiel Holt,

Sept.23, 1791, Fitchburg, As. Messenger 1835 Hingham, Issacher Fuller, Aug. 19, 1793, Middleborough, As. Messenger 1843 Dorchester, William Sayward, Feb. 12, 1815, Gloucester, Postmaster, 1852 Boston, William S. Stoddard, April 7, 1815, Boston,

Watchman, 1852 William H. Wilson, Dec. 11, 1809, Portland, Me. As. Watchman 1847 James N. Tolman, Feb. 9, 1815, Boston,

As. Watchman 1852 James N. Tolman, Jr., Sept.13, 1837, Boston,


1850 Joseph P. Dexter, Jr., Nov. 30, 1835, Boston, Page,




Whole number of Senators, 40; Representatives, 289. Total, 329.

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It is now twenty-six years since the heart of the nation was so deeply moved by the death of two great founders of the Republic, on the fiftieth anniversary of the day when its independence was declared. Then for the first time, these consecrated walls wore the weeds of mourning. Then the multitude that filled this hall were addressed by a man, whose thoughts rose without effort to the height of his great theme. He seemed inspired by the occasion, and he looked and spoke like one on whom the mantle of some ascended prophet had at that moment fallen. He lifted up and bore aloft his audience on the wings of his mighty eloquence. His words fell upon his hearers with irresistible, subduing power, and their hearts poured themselves forth in one deep and strong tide of patriotic and reverential feeling.

And now he, that was then so full of life and power, has gone to join the patriots whom he commemorated. Webster is no more than Adams and Jefferson. The people, that then came to listen to him, are now here to mourn for him. His voice of wisdom and eloquence is silent. The arm on which a nation leaned is stark and cold. That heroic form is given back to the dust. We, that delighted to honor him in life, are now here to honor him in death. One circle of duties is ended and another is begun. We can no longer give him our confidence, our support, our suffrages; but memory and gratitude are still left to us. As he has not lived for himself alone, so he has not died for himself alone. The services of his life are crowned and sealed with the benediction of his death. So long as a man remains upon earth, his life is a fragment. It is exposed to chance and change, to the shocks of fate and the assaults of trial. But the end crowns the work. A career that is closed becomes a firm possession and a completed power. The arch is imperfect till the hand of death has fixed the keystone.

The custom of honoring great public benefactors by these solemn observances is natural, just, and wise. But the tributes and testimonials which we offer to departed worth, are for the living, and not for the dead. Eulogies, monuments, and statues can add nothing to the peace and joy of that serene sphere, into which the great and good, who have finished their earthly career, have passed. But these expressions and memorials do good to those from whom they flow. They lift us above the region of low cares and selfish struggles. They link the present to the past, and the world of sense to the world of thought. They break the common course of life with feelings brought from a higher region. Who can measure the effect of a scene like this,-these mourning walls, these saddened faces, those solemn strains of music? The seed of a deep emotion here planted, may ripen into the fruit of noble action.

A great man is a gift, in some measure, a revelation of God. A great man, living for high ends, is the divinest thing that can be seen on earth. The value and interest of history are derived chiefly from the lives and services of the eminent men whom it commemorates. Indeed, without these, there would be no such thing as history, and the progress of a nation would be as little worth recording, as the march of a trading caravan across a desert. The death of Mr. Webster is too recent, and he was taken away too suddenly from a sphere of wide and great influence, for the calm verdict of history to be passed upon him, and an accurate gauge to be taken of his works and his claims. But all men, whatever may have been the countenance they turned towards him in life, now feel that he was a man of the highest order of greatness, and that whatever of power, faculty, and knowledge there was in him, was given freely, heartily, and faithfully during a long course of years, to the service of his country. He, who in the judgment of all, was a great man and a great patriot, not only deserves these honors at our hands, but it would be disgraceful in us to withhold them. We, among whom he lived, who felt the power of his magnificent presence,-his brow, his eye, his voice, his bearing, --can never put him anywhere but in the front rank of the great men of all time. In running along the line of statesmen and orators, we light upon the name of no one to whom we are willing to admit his inferiority.

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