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From June to December, 1807-

Printed and Published by G. Sidnbt, 1, Northumberland Street, Strand
and by all the Booksellers and News-venders in Town and Country.


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No. t. His majesty's mwsage to the new parliament . 1

Remarks on the propriety of the dissolution of the late parliament, and objections answered. «

Proceedings in Parliament, the Oude Question—Revival of Private bills—Committee of

Finance—-The Carnatic and Polvgar questions ..... 8

The expedition of Sir Francis Burdett from Piccadilly to the Crown and Anchor Tavern in

the Strand . • '>°

Essay on the Theory of Money • ■ 14

No. e. Vindication of lord Welfesley's conduct relative to the transactions in Oueic 17

Mr. Ryder's speech, on the 96th of June, against lord Howick's amendment to the address... SI

Vcrax's letter on the Yorkshire election, in answer to " one of lord Milton's (nearly) 9000

plumpers." •••• 27

Essay on the Theory of Monet, (continuedJ to shew the true nature and properties of coins,

and their connection with the first principle, or the standard unit 29

Anglicus's letter on the conduct of the Porte .... 31 .

No. 3. Historical Digest of the campaign to the conclusion of the armistice near Tilsit—Ac-

count of the deposition of the Sulian Selim. ■ .. .... 33

Vindication of lord Wellesley's conduct relative to the arrangements in the Carnatic, with

the speech of Sir Arthur Wellesley on the subject 38

Essay on the Theory of Money, (continuedJ to shew the nature and properties of paper

money, and its conncciion with the standard unit 46

No. 4. On the state of Public Affairs 49

Parliamentary Proceedings.—On the shipping interest—Annuity granted to Sir John Stuart

—Observations on the battle of Maida—Remarks on the exclusion of strangers from the

House of Commons • 50

Vindication of lord Wellesley'sconduct relative to the arrangements in the Carnatic 54

No. 5. Reflections upon the present state of our country—On the folly of cherishing the hope,

and the clangers which must ensue from the conclusion of a peace 65

On the last House of Commons, which contained one-hundred member*, known

and avowed dissenters from the established church 71

Observator's letter upon the inflammatory allusions in the public prints, at the exclusion of

strangers upon Mr. Whitbread's motion, with remarks on the partial and incorrect method of

reporting the debates 72

A defence of the popular cry of" No Popery." 73

Parliamentary Proceedings, with remarks—Exclusion of Strangers from the House of Lords

—The measure juitified upon considerations of public safety, in cases where the disclosure of

Our preparations and military arrangements might be useful to the enemy—On the slovenly

manner of reporting the debates, the speeches in reply being almost always omitted 74

On the question relative to the Polygars 78

Declaration of :he governor in council of Fort St. George, on the assumption of the

Carnatic , • .... 80

Armistice betweei France and Russia, on the 21st of June, at Tilsit 85

Proclamation of fie tyrant to his army 86

Official account «f the operations and defeat of the British army at Rosetta , 87

Operations of tk: British army in Spanish America , 93

Order for the stspension of the blockade of the rivers Elbe, Weser, and Enis 94

Treaty of peace ietween his Britannic majesty and the king of Prussia, signed at Mcmel, 28th

Jan. 1807 , ibid.

Circular note fron the court of Vienna to the belligerent powers, offering its mediation gj

Answcrof the trench cabinet thereto 1 96

No. 6. Of the folV of cherishing the hope,and the dangers which must ensue fiom the conclu-

sion of peace, (ontinued.) - 97

Reflections uponlord Castlereagh's plan for the increase of the public force 100

Observations oniur dispute with America—The attack made by the Leopard on the Ame-

rican frigate, Cksapeake • 103

Essay on the Thory of Money—(continued) Of free paper money v.. 104

Letter of A. D Y. against the reduction of the militia, and proposing a bounty of two

guineas per miliia man to enlist again, and a ballot for ihe line • 108

Treaty of peacejetween France and Prussia, signed at Tilsit on the gth of July ibid.

Inflammatory pneeedings at New York, on the 2d of July, in consequence of the attack

upon the Chesajeake frigate • ••.... , , 112

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