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labors in this department, the profession in this country owe much of the attention which is now paid to the study of the tissues, both in a state of health and disease.

His, if we are correctly informed, was the first systematic work of any importance, which appeared on this side of the Atlantic, devoted to Pathological Anatomy. It has firmly maintained its position of favor with the profession, by the side of Vogel, Iłasse, Kolliker, Cruveilhier, and a host of others, and through the author's indefatigable watchfulness is kept posted up to last hour of the Science at the issue of its several editions.

Dr. Gross bas displayed much good judgment in keeping his work within the bounds of a single volume, and that one of convenient size. To the student of medicine we would say, that we know of no work which we can more heartily commend, than Gross' Pathological Anatomy.

Treatment of Chorea.—Dr. Barlow still continues the employment of the iodine of zinc in the treatment of chorea when complicated with struma, a remedy which he introduced into use, and to which we then adverted about two years ago. In cases in which there is no peculiarity of diathesis he employs the sulphate, but in those in which any indications of struma exist he prefers the iodíde. Besides its influence over the scrofulous cachexia. it is quite possible that the iodic element may be useful against the rheumatic diathesis to which the choreic is so close a congener. Good authorities are not wanting who would account for the frequency of heart complications with chorea by supposing that the latter is a condition very closely connected with rheumatism, depending upon similar causes, and occurring more frequently in those liable to it than others. A little girl was discharged the other day from under Dr. Barlow's care in Guy's, in whom, under a course of the iodide for zinc in chorea, a loud cardiac bruit had very much diminished in intensity.-[N. 0. Med. Nexts and Hospital) Gazette.

Nitrate of Potash in Dysentery. Dr. Tiedeman, of Philadelphia, has issued a pamphlet on Dysentery, and its Treatment. He says: “The internal remedy which I have almost exclusively prescribed, and frequently with surprising success, is nitrate of potassium, (kal. nitr.) I have giver it in large doses, which agreed perfectly well with the patients. Locally, I have ordered, immediately after each evacuation, no matter how often they occurred, injections of pure cold water. In very severe cases, particularly in hot weather, he has ordered injections of ice water with the best effects. As diet, I ordered milk, gruel, barley, rice-water, toast and water, pure water, and butter-milk, as much as the patient liked to take.”—[Nashville Journal.

Inflammation and Ulceration of the Sound Skin, produced by the application of a strong Arsenical Solution.—Dr. W. N. Brown, of Melrose, has recorded the case of a farm servant who was affected with inflamination of the skin of the lower part of the abdomen, the penis, scrotum, and upper part of the thighs, running on in some places to ulceration, consequent on exposure for two hours to the action of a solution of white arsenic. He


had been engaged in washing sheep in a bath composed of white arsenic dissolved in boiling water, and his trousers had become saturated with the drippings from the sheep. The skin was nowhere broken. He was engaged in the work for nearly two hours, and on going home, had immediately changed his clothes. In the evening he complained of pain and smarting, and the following morning the skin was red and inflamed. He had severe burning pain, and considerable constitutional derangement. It was a fortnight before he could return to work. The solution consisted of two pounds of arsenic, and a considerable quantity of soft soap to about fifty gallons of boiling water.--[Edinburgh Med. Jour.

Dr. Ch. Robin, of Paris.-We find in a letter of the Parisian correspondent of the New York Times, a glowing but just tribute to Robin. Of the medical luminaries of Paris, he is a "bright particular star.” To listen to his instructions; to see and kuow him and kindle one's own zeal by wito nessing his enthusiasm and self-sacrificing industry, are objects of them. selves, sufficient to repay for crossing the Atlantic. The labors of Robin are not known in this country so much as their importance claims. His great work incorrectly styled anatomical and physiological chemistry, prepared in conjunction with M. Verdeil, is yet to be translated. He has been for some years past engaged on a still larger work-general anatomy, heal. thy and morbid—which we trust will soon be completed. It is safe to predict that the publication of this work will form an important epoch in the history of these branches of medical science. By his admirers, Robin is often styled the Bichat of the present day. The following is the passage in the letter referred to:

" There is a young physician at Paris, whose example is well worthy a notice here. His is a name which is heard hundreds of times daily from one end of Europe to the other in the mouths of the most distinguished men of science of all countries. And yet he is a poor man, who dines at a cheap restaurant in the Latin quarter with students, and who lives upon a patrimony that would scarcely pay the servant hire of many of his colleagues in science. This is Robin the microscopist. He is a deathly pale, thin, serious-looking man, of about thirty-four years of age. His whole life is devoted, by means of the microscope, to the study, the demonstration and classification of morbid tissues. There is scarcely a cancer excised at Paris, nor a doubtful post-mortem examination made, that Robin and his microscope are not consulted, and his word is authority. His whole life is spent in the exploration of the dead body in order to benefit the living. And all this he does modestly, in poverty, and to the sacrifice of his health, for the promotion of pure science and correct opinions. He has, it is true, the gratification of being adored by his colleagues, old and young, of never having his name pronounced but with veneration; but it is such men as these that are neglected by the public."-[Buffalo Medical Journal.

The Retired Physician."--The readers of the newspapers for the last few months, must have noticed an announcement of the existence of a “retired physician whose sands of life have nearly run out,” hailing from Jersey city. This aged advertiser of a quack nostruin is said to be a young man about twenty-five years old, in good health, and engaged most of the time in writing for the New York Sunday papers. Such is the inexhaustible credulity

of a portion of mankind on the subject of remedies, that we presume this “ new dodge” has proved remunerative to the inventor.”—I).






Abscess of Tibia......

63 Bones, human, phosphate of iron in.. 59
Abortion for relief of sickness. 762 Brandon, on an Anomalous Nervous
Acid, phosphoric in typhus fever.... 193 Disease...

Acetic Acid in scarlatina..

466 Branston's Hand-book of Receipts... 706
Address of Prof. Lindsley, notice of.. 189

“ Break a Leg,"

Adulterations in food and medicine.. 730 Bronté, Charlotte, death of... 690
Air Poison.....

61 | Brown, on Chloroform in Puerperal
Alcohol, some of the effects of on the Convulsions.....

constitution, &c...

451 Button Suture-vesico-vaginal fistula 84
Alkaloids, detection of...
64 Butyric Acid, secretion of..

Ammonia, valerianate of in neuralgia, 46
do. do

do 571 Campbell, H. F., on strangulated ven-
Amenorrhea, electricity in.. 192

tral hernia during pregnancy,

American Med. Association... 241 Campbell, H. F., Effects of Dentition

do. notice of... 381 in nursing children, remarks by.... 20
do. do.

433 Campbell, H. F., Uncontrolable vom-
do. do. do. minutes of .. 434 iting in pregnancy, remarks by.... 30
do. do. do. its power, &c. 764 Campbell, H. F., Traumatic Tetanus

do. do. do. transactions of 766 clinical lecture at Jackson-street
American Journal of Med. Sciences.. 508 hospital.

Amputation, new instrument for.... 89 Campbell, H. F., on strangulated ven-
Amylene, history, discovery, &c. of.. 552 tral hernia, recovery after opera-
Amniotic Sac, artificial rupture of... 756 tion in,..

Anästhetic, carbonic acid as an..... 41 Campbell, H. F., Letter to Dr. Mar.
Aneurism, contraction of pupil in.. 64 shall Hall.

Ancient Medicine,

67 Campbell, H. F., Valerianate of Am-
Anomalous nervous disease.
585 monia in neuralgia....

Antidotes and chemical poisons.. 127 Campbell, Robert, Inverted Toe Nail,
Appendix, vermiformis, ulceration of 93 treatment of....

do. do. perforation of. 95 Campbell, Robert, Gun-shot Wound
Apoplectic Ophthalmia...
450 of Hand.

Arnold, on relation of yellow and bil- Campbell, Robert, Dysentery: its na-
ious fever....

ture and pathology—a clinical lec-
Arsenic as a caustic..

369 ture at Jackson-street hospital.... 707
Arsenical solution producing ulcera- Cammann's Stethoscope..

tion, &c...
769 Camphor and Epilepsy.

Asphyxia, Hall's method in.. 227 Caustic, preparation of with gutta
do. warm bath in, fatal...... 281 percha...

Asphyxiated new-born children, treat- Calescimus.

ment of.....

284 Carpenter, Dr. W. B., retirement of.. 194
- Atrophy of skin, circumscribed..... 551 Carious Teeth, some of the effects of.. 492

Cancer, chloride of zinc in..., 431
Barking Manin..
18+ Carbonic Acid, an anæsthetic.

Bartlett's fevers of L. States, notice of 191 Cazeaux's Treatise on Midwifery.... 702
Belladonna in arresting secretion of Cervix Uteri, report on diseases of.. 515

26 do. do.


Belladonna in diseases of the eye. ... 308 Change of Editors..


in incontinence of urine.. 432 Chloroform, poisoning from......... 61
Bilious and Yellow fever, relation of

do. death from....

Binding of the present volume........ 767 do. in traumatic tetanus... 77
Books for review.

449 Chomists and Druggists, statistics of.. 64
612 Eye diseases, sulphate of atrophia in 569
Croton oil, poisoning with.







Chemical poisons and antidotes..... 127 Dysentery, chronic treatment of.... 109
Chlorate of Potash in affections of the

do. observation on... 4 4

322 do. bismuth & astringents in, 495
Chlorate of Potash, therapeutic appli-

do, creosote in....

cation of..

497 do. nitrate of potash in..... 769
Chlorate of Potash in leucorrhea and

ulceration of the os uteri..... 500 | Early Catamenia, cases of.......... 543
Chorea, treatment of...

769 Ecraseurs, death after operation by. 185
Choreic Convulsions, case of.

627 do.

Churchill, on Diseases of Women. 635 Editors, change of.

Circumcision, influence of on syphilis, 298 Effects of dentition in nursing chil-
Clavicle, fracture of....
573 dren...

Clinical Lecture on Urine.
299 Electricity in Amenorrhea.

do... do. Dysentery, de... 707 Embalming, history of the art of. 361
do. do. Traumatic Tetanus.. 75 Enemata, medicated....

.do.. do. Seartatina..... 663, 721 | Epilepsy, a few thoughts on... 217
Continued fevers, their discrimination 12 do. treatment of..

do. do. do. treatment....

... 100 do. cure by cauterization. 303
Contraction of pupil sign of aneurism, 64 do. theory of....

Collection of indigenous drugs. 66 Erectile tumours, treatment of.. 379
Cod-liver oil, a substitute for. 128 Ergotine in epidemic diarrhæa...... 570
Convulsions, puerperal...
115 Erysipelas, lobelia in....

do. in children, etiology of... 173 Eve, J. A., report on diseases of cer-
do. etherization in.
312 vix uteri..

.515, 643
case of hysterical. 650 Eve's surgical cases.

1.574, 703
Constipation, nux voinica in
175 Extra uterine pregnancy.

do. treatment of.

289 Excito-secretory system of nerves... 243
do. ext. nux vomica in.. 386 do. do. claim admitted in
Coffee a powerful antidote....... 337


Coleman, Dr. Jno. S., of Augusta. 510 do. do. admission.. 503
Contagious. Furunculoid.

516 Exploration by cominotion...
Consumption, climate in.

Croup, diminished frequeney of. 64 Fecundity, remarkable....... 193

do." early tracheotomy in. 16 Fecuniation not prevented by hypos.
do. alum a remedy in..


Cutaneous diseases, their principles Fever, typhus, phosphoric acid in... 193
and treatment.

139 du. water in the treatment of.... 592
Curry's Geology of Tennessee. 510 do. Pojsous..

Cynanche Tonsillaris, guaiacum in.. 561 dlo. periodic vs. typhus....

do. continued, discrimination of 12, 100
Deafness, congenital, marriage of rel. Fissure of anus, cure without bloody
atives considered a cause of. 111 operation..

Death from summer dissections. 192 Flesh worm...

do.. of an aged horse....

576 | Ford, Prof. L. 1., address, notice of.. 57
Degeneration of cutaneous warty ex-

do. do. Introductory address

Diabetes treated with remnet. 626 Fractures. phosphate of lime in treat-
Digitalis, etfects on generative organs 60 ment of...


in bowel affections. 386 Frequent mieturition, lectures on 531, 008
Discrimination of continued fevers, 12, 100
Dislocated elbow, simple mode of re- Galactorrhea, its treatment.. 235
495 Gardner, on Pneumonia..

Doughty, on a case resembling hydro- Gastrotomy, a case of.


207 Generative organs, effects of digitalis
Dropsy, hepatic..

do. nitrate of potash in. ... 496 Glycerine and Tannin in vaginitis... 55
Dugas, Prof. L. A., valedictory. 56 do. for preservation of organic
do. on Fractures of the scapula.. 328


Dyspepsia, lactid acid a remedy for. 696 do. and borax in crack'd tongue, 385
Dysentery, catharties in...
167 do. as a topical agent..

do. its nature and pathology 707 Gonorrhea..








Gonorrhea, treatment without speci- Laycock’s Medical Observation...... 381
fic medicines..

760 Lectures, clinical, on scarlatina.. 663, 721
Granulations, ergotin to promote.... 60 do. do. on traumatic tetanus 75
Grant, on Ancient Medicines..

67 do. do. on dysentery.. 707
do. on Cutaneous Diseases, &c... 139 Leeches, application of..

Gross' Elements of Pathological Anat. 768 Letter to Dr. Marshall Hall... 243
Gun-shot wound of hand..
401 | Ligation of arteries....

Gutta Percha, preparation of with Lilac leaves as a febrifuge.

60 Lindsley's Address..

List of payments...

Hæmaturia after scarlet fever. ..... 672 Ligature of external ilíac.

Hall, Dr. Marshall..
448 Lobelia in erysipelas.

do. do reply to our letter... 501 Ludlow's Manual of Examinations... 705
do. do claim of Henry Fraser

Campbell, M. D..... 503 Marriage between relations.... 111
do. death of..

635 | Medical Society of Ga., notice of 124, 187
do. do. history of his case, &c. 683 do.


Hardy, Dr. J. F. E..

633 do. do. do, minutes of.... 317
Harriss, Prof. Juriah.

633 do. notes & reflections, notice of 190
Heart, physiology and pathology of..

48 do. Ethics, letter of advice, &c.. 577
Hemorrhage, uterine, ice in.. 170 do. do.

Henly's remarkable case of hysterical do. Independent..

656 do. College of Georgia.

Hemorrhoids, internal.
693 do. do. do.

Hill's treatment of Neuralgia.

147 do. do do. meeting of
Ilip-joint, amputation of..


board of trustees.... 380
Holt, S. D., letters on general path- Medicine, a costly.


....195, 387 Means, A. New instrument.... 89
Holt, Dr. W. J., foreign honors con- do. Thos. A. Paris correspondence, 398
ferred on.

575 do. do. do. do. 399

578 Measly Pork, its wholesomeness. 412
do. death of.
578 Memphis Medical Recorder....

flomeopathic Hospital, London.... 578 Meningitis, cerebro-spinal.

Hooping Cough, treatment by assa- McMath on creosote in dysentery... 580
382 Mellituria, pathology of.

do. treatment of. 493 Milk, easy method of improving di-
Hypospadia failing to prevent fecun-

gestibility of....


63 do. belladonna in arresting secre-
Hydrophobiu, a case reseunbling. 207

tions of..

do. following bite of dog.. 285 do. difference in composition.. 192
Flysterical affections, age liable to.. 629 do. sickness, pathology of.... 488

Monthly Journals.....

lce in uterine hemorrhage.

170 Montgomery's signs, &c. of pregnancy 634
Inflammation and abscess..

753 Morphia suppositories, Simpson's.... 379
Infant mortality, special reports. 433 Muscular rigidity in palsied limbs... 194
Indigenous drugs, collection of.

Instrument, new.for amputation.... 89 Nævus, treatment of....

Introduction to thirteenth volume... 56 New jodide in secondary syphilis... 44
Intestinal obstruction, treatment of.. 628 | Neuralgia, valerianate ammonia in 46, 571
Insanity, medical treatment of.. 562 do. treatment of..
Intermittent fever, salt in...


574 do. facial and dental.... 450, 570
Iuverted toe nail, treatment of...... 45 Newton, Professor....

treated without op-
Nervous fever--poetry.


72 Nitrate of silver in small-pox.. 37
lodide, a new, in secondary syphilis.. 44 Nitric acid, remedy in pertussis. 122
Todoform ..

130 Nipple, cracked, treatinent of...... 193
Night sweats...

Kirke's Manual of Physiology....... 706 North Amer. Med. Chir. Review. 125
Kollock, on vesico-vaginal fistula, 268, 342 Nux Vomica in constipation... 178

do. do.. sick headache.... 886
Large Intestine, pathology of....... 619
Lawson's Theory of Epilepsy. 662 Obstruction of bowels, various forms 62

.. 380

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