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Judge Catron, of the U. S. Supreme Court, being present, was invited to a seat on the stand.

The Nominating Committee then retired for the purpose of nominating officers for the ensuing year.

The report of the Committee on Publication being called for, it was read by Dr. Casper Wister, of Pennsylvania, and on motion, was accepted and referred to the committee on publication.

Dr. Wister also read his report as Treasurer, which was received and adopted.

On motion of Dr. Flint, of Ky., Dr. R. T. Fleming, of Ky., was admitted as a member of the Association by invitation.

The committee on Prize Essays being called upon to report, requested further time, because of the late hour at which the essays were handed in, which was granted.

The President informed the Association that Dr. F. Campbell Stewart, of New York, Dr. Alden March, of New York, Dr. Isador Gluck, of New York, and Dr. Pancoast, of Penn., had been appointed to represent this Association in foreign scientific bodies.

The committee on Medical Education was called, but made no report.* The committee on Medical Literature was called- -no report.

The committee on Medical Topography and Epidemics being called, a communication from Dr. J. C. Watson, of Maine, was read, asking for further time to make a report, which was granted.

Dr. Arnold of Georgia, offered the following resolution, which was adopted:

Resolved, That the Committee on Nominations be constituted a standing committee during the present session of the Association, to which shall be referred all business of the Association on which an immediate vote is not required.

Dr. Jas. Mauran, of the committee on Medical Topography and Epidemics for Rhode Island, being called for, the Secretary read his apology, which was accepted.

Dr. Peregrine Wroth, of same committee for Maryland, sent in his report with accompanying reports of Drs. A. M. White and Edmund E. Waters, which were received and referred to the Committee on Publications.

Dr. W. L. Sutton, of same committee for Kentucky, sent an apology and asked for further time, which was granted.

The members of the same committee for the States of New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, District of Columbia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Minnesota being called, no reports were made.

The delegates from Connecticut and Louisiana being absent for the time, the consideration of their reports was postponed until to-morrow.

A report from Dr. J. F. Posey, of Georgia, was presented by Dr. Arnold, and subsequently withdrawn by him for the purpose of preparing an ab

stract of it.


The committee on Nominations then appeared, and through their chairman, Dr. J. B. Lindsley, reported the following officers of the Association for the ensuing year, viz:

* Received after the adjournment.

President-Dr. PAUL F. EVE, of Tennessee.

Vice-Presidents-R. J. Breckinridge, of Kentucky; D. M. Reese, of New York; W. II. Byford, of Indiana, and Henry F. Campbell, of Georgia. On motion of Dr. Arnold, of Georgia, the report was accepted.

The chairman stated that the Secretaries will be selected when it is ascertained where the next meeting of the Association will be held.

Dr. Wister, of Pennsylvania, moved that a committee of three be appointed by the President to conduct the newly elected officers to the chair, which was carried.

The President appointed as such committee, Drs. Wister, Arnold and McGugin.

The President elect being absent, the Association adjourned to meet at 9 o'clock, A.M., to-morrow.


NASHVILLE, May 6th, 1857.

The Association met pursuant to adjournment. The minutes of yesterday were read and adopted.

The committee appointed on yesterday, Drs. Wister, Arnold and McGugin, were then requested to conduct the newly elected officers to their respective seats.


Dr. Eve, of Tennessee, in taking the chair, addressed the Association in a few pertinent remarks, as follows:

Gentlemen of the American Medical Association:

It is with deep emotion that I attempt to return you my heart-felt thanks for this distinguished honor. In elevating one so unworthy of this station, so ill-prepared to preside over your deliberations, or carry out the great designs of this body, I must express the apprehension that you have done yourselves injustice, and, it may be, not advanced its best interests. But, believing that this office should neither be sought nor declined, when tendered as it has been, after my State had declined to take any part in the nomination of a presiding officer, I enter upon the discharge of its onerous duties with much diffidence, and shall have frequent occasion to throw myself upon your considerate indulgence.

We are engaged, gentlemen, in a good and noble work. Life, the greatest of human blessings, and health, the sweetest stimulus to earthly enjoyments, are our end and aim. We live to secure the one and to preserve the other. To promote these all important objects, the medical profession of our country have, during the past twelve years, annually appointed delegates to assemble and counsel how this may be effected. And we are here to-day on one of these great festive occasions, and, amidst our mutual congratulations, these glorious re-unions of good-will and fellowship among the brotherhood, must not forget that to us is committed the health and lives of others. In maintaining the honor and increasing the usefulness of medical science, we become the best contributors to the welfare and happiness of those around us. You have come up hither from the North and from the South, from the East and from the West, and have done well neither to count the cost nor calculate the sacrifice; for the cause in which you are engaged is worthy of you. You present again the sublime spectacle of brethren from sections of this widely extended Union, congregated to devise the best means to relieve suffering humanity; and may I not add, we are here with

“Our souls by love together knit,

Cemented, mixed in one;

One hope, one heart, one mind, one voice."

Dr. Winston, of Tennessee, read the names of additional delegates to the Association.

Dr. Hooker, from the committee on Medical Topography and Epidemics for the State of Connecticut, being called on for his report, arose and explained that it was his understanding that the committee were to have three years in which to make their report, and at the end of that time he would either be prepared or ask the indulgence of the Association for further time.

The President, under a resolution passed at the last meeting, appointed Drs. Currey, Grant and Evans, a committee on Voluntary Contributions.

Reports now being in order, the report of Dr. Posey, of Georgia, was called for; Dr. Arnold, of Georgia, read an abstract of the report of Dr. Posey; all of which, on motion of Dr. Palmer, of Michigan, was referred to the committee on Publication, under a suspension of the rule.

On motion of Dr. Wood, of New York, the reports which were presented yesterday were also referred to the committee on Publication, under a suspension of the rule.

The State of Ohio being called upon for a report upon its Medical Topography and Epidemics, the Secretary read an apology from Dr. G. Mendenhall, who asked further time in which to make a report, which was granted.

The States of Mississippi, Missouri, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, lowa, California, and the U. S. Navy, being called, no response was made.

A telegraphic dispatch from Dr. J. M. Sims, of New York, who was to report on the Treatment of the Results of Obstructed Labor, was received and referred to the appropriate committee.

A communication was received from the Southern Methodist Publishing House, inviting the members of the Association to visit that establishment, which was accepted.

A cominunication was read by Dr. Lindsley, of Tennessee, from the Medical Association of Washington City, inviting the National Association to hold their next annual meeting in that city. On motion, the communication was referred to the committee on Nominations.

A resolution was offered by Dr. Bartlett, of Wisconsin, tendering a vote of thanks to the late President, Zina Pitcher, for the able manner in which he has presided over the deliberations of this body, which was unanimously adopted.

The reports of Special Committees for 1856-7, being next in order, they were called in order as follows:

Inflammation-Its Pathology, etc.-Dr. E. R. Peaslee, Maine; asked further time. Referred.

Anatomy and Histology of the Cervix Uteri.-Drs. II. Hutchinson and Charles E. Isaacs, New York; no report.

Treatment of Cholera.-Dr. J. Taylor Bradford, Kentucky; no report. Treatment best adapted to each variety of Cataract, etc.-Dr. Mark Stephenson, New York; further time asked. Referred.

Causes of the Impulse of the Heart, etc.-Dr. J. W. Corson, of New York; a communication was received, and on motion of Dr. Brodie, he was continued.

Causes of Infant Mortality, etc.-Dr. D. Meredith Reese, of New York,

read an abstract of his report, which was referred to the committee on Publication.

The venerable Dr. Shelby, of Tennessee, being present, was invited to a seat on the stand. His appearance was warmly acknowledged. Dr. Hobbs, of Illinois, offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That a committee on Essays, (not including Prize Essays,) be appointed, to whom all essays prepared for publication by this Association shall be referred, which committee shall transfer to the committee on Publication, all Essays they judge worth publishing. That said committee on essays make a full report of their proceedings to the Association at its next annual session; provided, authors of rejected essays being informed of said rejection by said committee, shall have the privilege of withdrawing their essays from the report of the committee to the Association.

On motion of Dr. Palmer, of Michigan, the resolution was indefinitely postponed.

The Secretary read a protest signed by Drs. Arnold, J. Gordon Howard, Pike Brown, and Geo. P. Padelford, against admitting the delegates from Oglethorpe Medical College, as follows:

NASHVILLE, May 6, 1857.

The undersigned, members of the American Medical Association, protest against the admission of delegates from the Oglethorpe Medical College of Savannah, on the ground that it is not a regularly organized college, it being a matter of public notoriety in Savannah, that during neither of the two sessions of its existence, have all the chairs been regularly filled. During its first session the chairs of Physiology and Materia Medica were not filled, except by a very few lectures, by the gentleman appointed to them, and the same thing occurred during its last session as to the chairs of Materia Medica and Chemistry. All of which is respectfully submitted.


After several resolutions were offered and some discussion,

On motion of Dr. Palmer, the whole subject was referred to a committee of three to be appointed by the chair.

Dr. Brodie, of Michigan, moved as an amendment, that no Faculty Member of a Medical College be appointed upon the committee, which was accepted by the mover.

The chair appointed as such committee, Drs. Wister, of Pennsylvania, Bemiss, of Kentucky, and Gibbes, of South Carolina.

Dr. Felix Robertson, the oldest physician in Tennessee, being present, was invited to a seat on the stand. He was greeted with marked consideration by the Association.

The Committee on Nominations was convened to transact important business,

The calling of Special Committees was resumed:

Spontaneous Umbilical Hemorrhage, etc.-Dr. J. Foster Jenkins, New York. Further time asked.


Use of Instruments in Obstetrical Practice.-Dr. Henry Carpenter, of Pennsylvania, No report.

Measures to be adopted to Remedy the Evils existing in the present mode of holding Coroner's Inquests.-Dr. Alexander J. Semmes, D, C. Report presented, with the following resolution attached:

Resolved, That committees of three, in each State, Territory and the District of Columbia, be appointed, and that said committee be, and they are hereby authorized in the name of this Association, to memorialize their respective Legislatures, to pass such laws as will best carry into effect the objects of the foregoing report.

The report was referred to the Committee on Publications, and the accompanying report adopted and referred to the Committee on Nominations.

True Position and Value of Operative Surgery, etc.-Dr. J. B. Flint, of Kentucky. Further time asked; granted.

Causes and Cure of Indigestion, etc.-Dr. G. Volney Dorsey, of Ohio. No report.

Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity, etc.-Dr. C. B. Coventry, of New York. Further time granted.

Human, Animal, and Vegetable Parasites.-Dr. Joseph Leidy, of l'ennsylvania. No report.

Value of strict attention to position in the Treatment of Diseases of the Abdomen.-Dr. M. D. Darnall, of Indiana. No report.

Milk Sickness.-Dr. George Sutton, of Indiana. No report.

Blending and Conversion of the Types of Fever.-Dr. Clark G. Pease, Wisconsin. Communication sent, but not received. Postponed.

Best Substitutes of Cinchona, etc.-Dr. B. S. Woodworth, Indiana. No report.

Use of Cinchona in Malarious Diseases.-Dr. Franklin Hinkle, Pennsylvania. Report furnished. Referred to Committee on Publication.

Nervous System in Febrile Disease.-Dr. Henry F. Campbell, Georgia, Verbal abstract of report given. Referred to Committee on Publication. Laws Governing the absorption and Deposit of Bone.-Dr. Jno. Neill, Pennsylvania. No report.

Intimate Effects of Certain Toxicological Agents in the Animal Tissues and Fluids.-Dr. John W. Green, New York. No report.

Intimate Structure and Pathology of the Kidneys.-Dr. Charles E. Isaacs, New York. Further time granted.

Diseases Incidental to Emigrants, etc.-Dr. Israel Moses, New York. No report.

Etiology and Pathology of Epidemic Cholera.-Dr. T. W. Gordon, Ohio. Partial report presented and referred.

Excretions as an Index to the Changes going on in the System.-Dr. II. A. Johnson, Illinois. No report.

Remedial Effects of Chloroform.-Dr. D. D. Thompson, Kentucky. No report.

Best Method of Causing an Increase in the numbers of Essays, etc.— Committees: Drs. Leidy, Wood and Meigs, Pennsylvania. No report. Committee continued.

Changes produced in Composition and Propersies of Milk, etc.-Dr. N. S. Davis, Illinois. Communication read and further timne granted.

Stomatitis Materna.-Dr. McGugin, Iowa. Further time granted. An abstract of the report of Dr. Fenner, of Louisiana, upon the Medical Topography of that State, was then read and referred,

Dr. Singleton, of Kentucky, offered the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That in the death of Dr. Grafton, of Mississippi, the American Medical Association has lost a talented and useful member, and society a benefactor.

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