Journal of the Franklin Institute, Band 94;Band 124

Vols. 1-69 include more or less complete patent reports of the U. S. Patent Office for years 1825-1859. cf. Index to v. 1-120 of the Journal, p. [415]

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Seite 46 - I imagine that the wind, blowing over water thus covered with a film of oil, cannot easily catch upon it, so as to raise the first wrinkles, but slides over it, and leaves it smooth as it finds it.
Seite 44 - I had, when a youth, read and smiled at Pliny's account of a practice among the seamen of his time, to still the waves in a storm by pouring oil into the sea...
Seite 44 - The same gentleman told me, he had heard it was a practice with the fishermen of Lisbon when about to return into the river (if they saw before them too great a surf upon the bar, which they apprehended might fill their boats in passing) to empty a bottle or two of oil into the sea, which would suppress the breakers, and allow them to pass safely. A confirmation of this I have not since had an opportunity of obtaining; but discoursing of it with another person, who had often been in the Mediterranean,...
Seite 45 - ... reached the sides of the dish, no more will issue from the drop, but it remains in the form of oil, the sides of the dish putting a stop to its dissipation by prohibiting the farther expansion of the film. Our friend Sir John Pringle, being soon after in Scotland, learned there, that those employed in the herring fishery could at a distance see where the shoals of herrings were, by the smoothness of the water over them, which might possibly be occasioned, he thought, by some oiliness proceeding...
Seite 44 - At length being at Clapham, where there is, on the common, a large pond, which I observed one day to be very rough with the wind, I fetched out a cruet of oil, and dropped a little of it on the water. I saw it spread itself with surprising swiftness upon the surface ; but the effect of smoothing the waves was not produced; for I had applied it first on the leeward side of the pond, where the waves were greatest ; and the wind drove my oil back upon the shore.
Seite 45 - ... for a considerable space, and beyond them so much thinner as to be invisible, except in its effect of smoothing the waves at a much greater distance.
Seite 233 - That it will best meet the requirements of all large and densely populated cities (economy considered), is not probable. That, under competent advice, it can meet the requirements of house drainage more perfectly in any city than the Combined System cannot be denied. It is peculiarly adapted to many of the numerous smaller cities, which have been practically debarred from sewerage by its cost, and to outlying portions of larger ones. Its comparatively small cost permits an early and general extension,...
Seite 389 - The Committee on Science and the Arts constituted by the Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania, for the promotion of the Mechanic Arts, to whom was referred for examination a Solar Compass, invented by WM.
Seite 255 - The well has extra heavy casing and there is good reason to suppose that the gas comes exclusively from the Murrysville sand. The sample was taken April 8, 1887. The gas produces a decided carbon dioxide reaction but exhibits a very slight reaction for oxygen. This gas has a very faint odor, free from the pungent character noticed among some of the gas samples. The wells yields no oil, but a very little salt water.
Seite 244 - By the common eudiometric method of analysis no determination is more difficult than that of nitrogen when occurring in small quantities in admixture with hydrocarbons of the paraffin series. In the method above described large quantities of gas can be employed, and the results are accurate. The determination of free oxygen in natural gas cannot well be made with the quantity of gas commonly at disposal. A test was made in every instance in about 100 cubic centimetres of gas, using an Elliott apparatus,...

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