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Seite 152 - I hope the people of England will be satisfied!" "I hope my country will do me justice!
Seite 110 - The armistice, the negotiations, the convention itself, and the execution of its provisions, were all commenced, conducted, and concluded, at the distance of thirty miles from Cintra, with which place they had not the slightest connection, political, military, or local...
Seite 249 - ... raised up by Providence to efface the evils of a terrible revolution, and to reestablish the altar, the throne, and social order. But the dissolution of my marriage will, in no. degree, change the sentiments of my heart. The Emperor will ever have in me his best friend. I know how much this act, demanded by policy, and by interests so great, has chilled his heart ; but both of us exult in the sacrifice which we make for the good of the country.
Seite 76 - Valencia, was marked with deeper disaster. He obtained successes, indeed, over the insurgents as he advanced towards the city ; but when he ventured an attack on the place itself, in hopes of carrying it by a sudden effort, he was opposed by all the energy of a general popular defence. The citizens rushed to man the walls, — the monks, with a sword in one hand and a crucifix in the other...
Seite 55 - In the first moment of irritation, Murat ordered all the prisoners to be tried by a military commission, which condemned them to death ; but the municipality...
Seite 83 - English," was a common phrase among them when conversing with the officers of sir John Moore's army ; " we thank them for their goodwill, and we shall escort them through France to Calais ; the journey will be pleasanter than a long voyage, we shall not give them the trouble of fighting the French, but will be pleased at having them spectators of our victories.
Seite 152 - Being brought to his lodgings, the surgeons examined his wound, but there was no hope; the pain increased and he spoke with great difficulty. At intervals he asked if the French were beaten, and, addressing his old friend, Colonel Anderson, he said, "You know that I always wished to die this way.
Seite 387 - I suppose that calumny alone has been the cause of it. In the new situation in which Fortune has placed me, I should doubtless be more exposed to it than ever, were I not fortunate enough to find a defender in your Majesty's own heart.
Seite 193 - Euphrates, and had been sent to him as a present from the Sophi of Persia). He proceeded from one extremity of the line to the other, and returned at a slow pace ; it will easily be believed that shots were flying about him in every direction. I kept behind, with my eyes riveted upon him, expecting at every moment to see him drop from his horse.
Seite 263 - English, and observing that they understood the laws and courtesies of war, he told them there was one thing which they did not understand, and that was, how to deal with the Spaniards. He then sent soldiers to every house, with orders to the inhabitants immediately to receive and accommodate the wounded of the two nations, who were lodged together — one English and one Frenchman ; and he expressly directed that the Englishman should always be served first.

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