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ABRAHAM, representative shipping them, 183. sup-

of Christ, how, 7. seed of, posed to be present in the

explained by St. Paul, 197. assembly of the saints, 212.
Acclamations of the Jews at worshipping of them direct
Christ's entrance, 83.

idolatry, 236. two passages
Actions, Jews made use of them concerning them in St. Pe-

to express their meaning, 59. ter's second Epistle explain-
Acts of the Apostles, remarks ed, 276.

upon that book, 130. written Anger to be avoided as well as
by St. Luke, 131. always re- murder, 90.
ceived into the Canon, ibid. Antioch, when Paul first preach-
further observations thereon, ed there, 159. the name of

Christians given there, 160.
Adam, the fountain of sin, 197. Apostacy, the great danger
Adoption, what it signifies, 61. thereof, 260. the true nature
Affairs, private, we may apply of it, ibid.

ourselves attentively to them, Apostles, two missions of them,
without offending God, 95. 76. their commission under
yet must not be too solicitous each, 77. had the power of
about them, ibid.

working miracles, ibid. their
Agabus, a Christian prophet, institution and office, 82.

never acknowledged the su-
Agony of Christ explained, 84. premacy of Peter, 127. the
Allegory, a figure often used by danger of their employment,

the rabbies, 191. its nature 131. Matthias chosen into
and use, ibid. of the two co that number, 143. their mi-
venants under the births of racles, 146. their sufferings,
Isaac and Ishmael, 234.

151. understood not at first
Alms, giving them recom that they were sent to the
mended by the Gospel, 102. Gentiles, 157. their manner
taught as a Christian duty by of discharging their office,
St. Paul, 227.

168. that title laid aside upon
Ananias and Sapphira, their their death, 174.
history, 150.

Arabians, their manner of liv-
Anathema Maranatha,the mean ing, 305. compared with that

ing of that phrase, 215. of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
Angels, an early heresy in wor-



Arius, his heresy, 37.

thither,45. why Christ should
Arrows, the method of divin- be born there, 43.
ing by them, 313.

Binding and loosing, that
Ascension of Christ, history power in the church exa-
thereof, 143.

mined, 126.
Austin, St. his doctrine of the Bishop Taylor's opinion there-
Eucharist, 266.

on, 127.
Authority divine, of the church Bishops, their institution, 173.

derived from Christ and his proof of their being a dis-
apostles, 168. no way de tinct order, 174. Ignatius,
pendent on the civil magis his testimony thereof, ibid.
trate, ibid.

what meant by their having

but one wife, 248. their in-
Babylon, its deplorable state, stitution further proved, 246.

310. compared with the pro objections against the proofs

phecies concerning it, ibid. drawn from the offices of Ti-
Baptism, used by the Jews in mothy and Titus answered,

the reception of proselytes, 251. further proofs drawn
23. a further account of that from the same Epistles, 252.
usage, 50. how performed in a proof of their being apo-
the east, 52. applied to the stolical, taken from the Re-
Washing of tables, 51. sprin velations, 287.
klinga true baptism,ibid. why Blasphemy against the Holy
introduced into the Chris Ghost, 125.
tian church, 169. how we are Blessed, who are pronounced
buried with Christ therein, so by Christ, 86.
103. infant baptism, a proof Blood, why the first Christian
of its legality drawn from St. converts abstained from eat-
Paul, 225.

ing thereof, 162.
Baptist, John, why he baptized, Bodies, the difference between

50. performed no miracles, them which we now have,
68. why, said to be Elias, 81. and those with which we
why the forerunner of Christ, shall arise at the last day,
ibid. . .

Barnabas, sent by the apostles Born again, the meaning of

to Antioch, 160. contention that expression, 51. the ef-
between him and Paul, 163. fects thereof, 120.
Baronius, what he says of the Bread, what meant thereby in

Virgin Mary's assumption, the Lord's Supper, 54.
144. Bastard, a passage niis Breathing of Christ upon the
taken in relation thereto, apostles, 84.

Britain, supposed to be con-
Beatitudes explained, 87.

verted by one of the apo-
Belief, the nature of that which stlės, or at least in their times,

is required as to mysteries, 165.
36. what that is which is re- Building, the manner of that in

quired to salvation, 117. . the east, conformable to
Bethlehem, wly Joseph went what we find in Scripture,


308. texts explained thereby, sons for the Jews hating

him, 20. came to fulfil, not
Burials, the custom of the east to destroy, 28. his eternity

ern nations in relation to proved, 34. his genealogy,
them, 60.

43. why called the son of

Abraham, 44. gave two com-
Cæsarea, the place of the reşi, missions to his disciples, 77.

dence of the Roman govern complies with the Jews in
ors, 156. the Gospel first teaching by parables, 63. how
preached to the Gentiles his miracles excelled those of
there, ibid.

Moses, 69. why he com-
Cakes, how made by the east manded his miracles to be
ern women, 312.

concealed, ibid. why requi.
Calvary, mount of, the rent site for him to die, 69. his
therein, 311.

extraordinary wisdom at
Catechumens entitled to the twelve years old, 81. at what

merits of Christ, though not time he took upon him his
baptized, 113.

office, 82. we must always
Cazan, what that office was pray in his name, 103. his
amongst the Jews, 49.

life is to be our example,
Cedars of Lebanon, a descrip 104. the history of his ascen-

tion of them, 308. texts ex sion, 145. his coming, how
plained thereby, ibid.

to be understood in the Epi-
Ceremonies, Jewish, complied stles, 189. the fountain of

with by the apostles, but not pardon to all, 198. his priest-
imposed, 186.

hood explained, 258. how
Chagigah, the meaning thereof, his death abolished sacrifice,

Child-bearing, a passage of St. Christianity, mere profession

Paul's relating thereto, ex thereof will not entitle us to
plained, 247.

its promise, 99. the difficul.
Children holy, what meant ties it had to struggle with
thereby, 225.

in its propagation, 137.
Christ, a recapitulation of the charged with atheism, 139..

prophecies concerning him, other prejudices against it,
6. how represented by per ibid.
sons under the Old Testa.. Christians, why called Naza- .
ment dispensation, 7. ex- renes, and Galileans, 160.
pected at the time he came, when this name was first be-
8. proved from Suetonius stowed on them, ibid. their
and Tacitus, ibid. foretold wonderful increase, 163. Ju-
by the heathen oracles, 9. daizers, an account of St.
how mistaken for a tempo- Paul's disputes against them,
ral prince, 1l. why the Jews: 184. subject to their bishops,
were offended with him, 13. 253.
proofs sufficient to have con- Chrysostom, St. his opinion
vinced them, 14. to whom why St. Paul wrote to Ti-
revealed; 15. further rea mothy, and Titus, 252. his

- doctrine of the Eucharist, Corn, trod out in the last in-

stead of being threshed, 307.
Circumcision and uncircumci- Cornelius, a proselyte of the

sion, how those words ap- gate, 156.
plied, 158. dispute concern- Council, the first of the apo-
ing it at Antioch, 161. a stles held at Jerusalem, 91.
further account of its being Creation, works of, sufficiently
practised among the first prove a Deity, 203. objec-
Christians, 175.

tions thereto answered, ibid.
Cities, their present state com- Cripple, cured by Peter and

pared with the prophecies John makes the apostles fa-
concerning them, 310.

mous, 149. Peter, his dis-
Clergy and laity, the distinc course upon that occasion,

tion between them as old as '150.
Christianity, 170. why all Cross, the manner how death
Christians may be so called, was suffered thereon, 71. the
ibid. St. Paul declares it the most infamous of all deaths,
ordinancc of God, why they 72.

should be maintained, 216. Crucifixion of Christ, a stum-
• further remarks on this sub- blingblock to the Gentiles,
ject, ibid.

Coloss, a city of Phrygia, 240. Customs, of his time often al-
Colossians, St. Paul's Epistle luded to by St. Paul, 191. '.

to them against Judaizing,
&c. 241.

Dæmoniacs, the nature of their
Confession, in the Popish sense possession, 45.
· not warranted by St. James, David, how his kingdom esta-

blished for ever, 14.
Constancy, the nature thereof Day of the Lord, meaning
in Christians, 118.

- thereof, 190.
Consubstantiality, when that Days, differences about them
• term first used, 37.

accounted for, 57. in the lat-
Corban, its meaning explained, ter or last, what meant there-

by, 192. observation of them
Corinth, where situated, 205. not forbidden by St. Paul,
Corinthians, remarks on the 204.

Epistles to them, ibid. the Deaconesses, an order of the
time when St. Paul planted primitive church, 249.
the faith amongst them, ibid. Deacons, the institution and
the design of the first Epi- nature of the office, ibid. St.
stle to subdue their high con Stephen one of the first, ibid.
ceit of wisdom, 206. second a further account of their of-
Epistle to them, 228. the fice, 174.
occasion thereof, ibid. the Dead, being baptized for them,
arts made use of therein, several conjectures on the
ibid. false teachers amongst

meaning thereof, 214. pray-
them complained of, 229. ex. ing for them no way counte-
horted to charity, ibid.

nanced by St. Paul, 253.'

Death, how requisite for Christ Entrance, kingly, of Christ into

to suffer as a prophet, a Jerusalem, 83.
priest, and a king, 70. the Epaphroditus, the bearer of St.
nature of Christ fully ex- Paul's Epistle to the Philip-
plained, ibid. Christ's fore- pians, 238.
knowledge of his death, 83. Ephesians, St. Paul's Epistle to
Prodigies which attended them, chiefly designed a-
that of Christ, 84. of Christ, gainst Judaism, 236.
à fuil and perfect sacrifice, Ephesus, city of, where situ-

ated, 236.
Devil, what is to be understood Epiphanius, his account of the

of being possessed by hiin, Virgin Mary's death, 144.

Epiphany, what, and why so
Devotion private, why recom called, 81.

mended by Christ, 89. Epistles, remarks on them, 181.
Disciples, how they sat, 60. the occasion there was in
Divination, how practised by writing them, 182. rules for
arrows, 313.

interpreting them, ibid. much
Divines, Christian, what they particularity, as to discipline,

ought to learn from Christ's not to be expected in them,

censure of the rabbies, 47. 183. of St. Paul, a particular
Doctrines, relating to morals, rule for understanding them,

clearly taught by Christ, 65. 184. the time in which they
Dust, shaking it off the feet were written uncertain, 194.
what meant thereby, 48.

their order in respect of one
Duties, Christian, treated of in another, ibid. general, what

the Epistles, 182. recom they are, ibid. what meant
mended to the practice of the by the saints in them, ibid.
Colossians, 240. recom remarks on that to the Ro-
mended by St. James in his mans, 195. observations
Epistle general, 269.

thereon, 202. remarks on

that to the Corinthians, 205.
Eclipse, prodigious, at the death remarks on the second to
of Christ, 84.

the Corinthians, 231. fur-
Egypt, the Jewish settlement ther observations thereon,

there, 134. synagogues al ibid. remarks on that to the
· lowed them there, ibid.

Galatians, 235. remarks on
Elders, what their office was that of St. Paul to the Ephe-

under the New Testament, sians, 238. remarks on his

Epistle to the Philippians,
Elias, his miracles inferior to 239. remarks on that to the
Christ's, 68.

Colossians, 241. further ob-
Elijah, how represented to be servations thereon, 242. re-
Christ, 7. :

marks on the first and se-
Enoch, how a representative of cond to the Thessalonians,
Christ, ibid.

245. further observations on
Enthusiasm, to be guarded both, 246. on the first to
against, 123.

Timothy: difficult passages

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