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himself by preaching, and working miracles.

Christ's third passover after his baptism.

John Baptist beheaded.

Christ's fourth and last passover. He is crucified,

Jarises again, and ascends Il l up into heaven.

The Holy Ghost is sent 1


The first establishment fof the Christian church.

St. Stephen stoned, and Ithe church persecuted.

St. Paul converted as he Pilate I was going to Damascus. deprived . of his government and Marcellus in his room

Herod 92 Antipas,

or the Te-
Itrarch, is

his go-
is bestow-
Jed on He-
pa, a

of Herod
2 Ithe Great.

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al Judea, Samaria, Galilee. - ABC i 40

The Gentiles owned to Claudius. | 41 | Herod Agrippa is have an interest in Christ, 19VORPES 100 confirmed in his go- in a vision to Peter. Cor> T

v ernment of Gali-nelius converted. On lee, by the emperor!

Roman Years of Jndea, Samaria, Galilee. Emperors. Christ. pede

Affairs of Christianity.

Affairs of
Claudius, who also
added Judea and Sa-
maria to his king-
dom; so he is called
Herod the king,
Acts xii. as being
now king of all Pa-
lestine,or the Jewish

Herod Agrippa perse-
Herod Agrippa is cutes the church. St. James
smitten by an angel, the Great beheaded by his
and dies miserably; command; but Peter de.
upon which the Ro-llivered.
man emperor again
sends governors in-
to Judea, Samaria,
and Galilee.

Cuspius Fadus, The persecution ceases, governor.

and the Christian church flourishes.

The apostles disperse themselves to preach the Gospel in several parts of the world.

Paul and Barnabas being 46 | Tiberius Alexan-chosen, at Antioch in Syria, der, governor. the apostles of the Gen

stiles, begin their circuit, and preach at Cyprus, and in the Lesser Asia.

They return to Antioch, and givean account of their

Cumanus, go-!

They go to Jerusalem to the council.

Paul being separated Feelix, governor. from Barnabas, travels

Jinto Europe, and plants Agrippa, the the Gospel in Greece, younger, son to He-chiefly at Thessalonica rod Agrippa above and Corinth. mentioned, obtains/

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It may be proper, for the use of some readers, to signify the state

and office, in the Christian church of the few primitive Fathers herein quoted, and the time when they flourished; and for the ease

of others, the editions made use of. Years of Christ. 100 IGNATIUS, bishop of Antioch in Syria. Englished by

Archbishop Wake. Compared with the Greek of

Vossius. Edit. 2. London. 1680. 140 Justin Martyr, a Christian Apologist. Apol. 1. Grabe.

Oxon. 1700. Trypho. Jebb. Lond. 1719. 179 Irenæus, Bishop of Lyons in France. Grabe, Oxon.

1702. TERTULLIAN, Presbyter at Carthage in Africa. Rigaltii,

Paris, 1634. 398 CHRYSOSTOM, Bishop of Constantinople. Latin, Ant

werp, 1614, compared with the Savilian edition. 400 Jerome, Presbyter. Much conversant in Palestine, or

in the Holy Land. Erasmus. Paris, 1534. 400 AUGUSTIN, Bishop of Hippo in Africa. Basil. 1543.

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