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Seite 148 - Peace, as the case may require, at a time and place to be named in such summons ; and if such party shall not appear accordingly, then (upon proof of the due service of the summons by delivering a copy thereof to the party, or by delivering such copy at the party's usual place of abode to some inmate thereat, and explaining the purport thereof to such inmate...
Seite 424 - ... a less space than ten feet six inches, shall intervene between the outside of the footpath on either side of the road, and the nearest rail of the tramway.
Seite 452 - And it is further ordered that the said cause be and the same is hereby remitted back to the Court of Session in Scotland to do therein as shall be just and consistent with this judgment.
Seite 440 - If there be a break, a poop, or any other permanent closedin space on the upper deck, available for cargo or stores, or for the berthing or accommodation of passengers or crew...
Seite 12 - What we call a mineral lease is really, when properly considered, a sale out and out of a portion of land. It is liberty given to a particular individual, for a specific length of time, to go into and under the land, and to get certain things there if he can find them, and to take them away, just as if he had bought so much of the soil.
Seite 150 - Party shall not appear accordingly, then (upon Proof of the due Service of the Summons by delivering a Copy thereof to the Party, or by delivering such Copy at the Party's usual Place of Abode to some Inmate thereat, and explaining the Purport thereof to such Inmate...
Seite 32 - March 1863, complained of In the said appeal, be and the same is hereby reversed ; and it Is declared that the said marriage celebrated between the resp.
Seite 317 - Tracts, 12 ;) and where, by an ancient grant of the manor, its limits are not defined, modern usage is admissible in evidence, to show that such seashore is parcel of the manor.
Seite 4 - Roxburgh (Pattison) :— ^' the register of voters for the election of a member of Parliament for the county of Roxburgh as ' tenant of house, garden, byre, and lands at Yetholm, in the parish of Yetholm.
Seite 199 - ... an account thereof to be lodged ; and remit the same, when lodged, to the auditor to tax and report.

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