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Pepys' Diary.


JULY 18th. Sir G. Carteret and I did talk
together in the Parke about my Lord 6.0.
Chancellor's business of the timber; he
telling me freely that my Lord Chancellor
was never so angry with him in all his
life, as he was for this business, and in a
great passion; and that when he saw me
there, he knew what it was about. And
plots now with me how we may serve my
\Lord, which I am mightily glad of; and
I hope together we may do it. Thence I
to my Lord Chancellor, and discoursed
his business with him. I perceive, and
lhe says plainly, that he will not have any
man to have it in his power to say that
my Lord Chancellor did contrive the
wronging the King of his timber; but yet
II perceive, he would be glad to have
Iservice done him therein ; and told me
Sir G. Carteret hath told him that he and
I would look after his business to see it
idone in the best manner for him.
| 20th. With Mr. Deane, discoursing
VOL. 3.

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