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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1834, by J. R. Tyson, John Cadwalader and Petes M'call, Vice-Provosts of the Law Academy of Philadelphia, in trust for the said Academy, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.


Its national character, .... 14

The rights of sovereignty conferred by it, - - 15

Distribution of powers, .... 17


Organization of the Government.

Section 1.

Of the legislative department, .... 19
Division into two branches, - - ib.
Of the senate and election of members, - - ib.
Of the House of Representatives and election of mem-
bers, ..... ib.
Of the time, places and manner of election, 20
Requisite qualifications of senators and representatives, ib.
Meetings and adjournments of congress, - ib.
Power of each house over its members, - 21
Persons disqualified from becoming a member of either

house, ..... ib.

Privileges of members, ... ib.

Section 2.

Of the Executive Department, - 22

Of the president—his council and responsibility, ib.

Of the president's veto, ... ib.

Of the vice-president, .... 23

Term of office of president and vice-president, ib.

Manner of electing president and vice-president, ib.

Manner of filling vacancies in the presidential office, 25

Qualifications for president and vice-president, - ib.

Their removal from office, ... 26

Section 3.

Of the Judiciary Department, .... ib.

Appointment of judges and" their term of office, ib.

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