Descartes: An Intellectual Biography

Clarendon Press, 30.03.1995 - 520 Seiten
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René Descartes (1596-1650) is the father of modern philosophy, and one of the greatest of all thinkers. This is the first intellectual biography of Descartes in English; it offers a fundamental reassessment of all aspects of his life and work. Stephen Gaukroger, a leading authority on Descartes, traces his intellectual development from childhood, showing the connections between his intellectual and personal life and placing these in the cultural context of seventeenth century Europe. Descartes' early work in mathematics and science produced ground breaking theories, methods, and tools still in use today. This book gives the first full account of how this work informed and influenced the later philosophical studies for which, above all, Descartes is renowned. Not only were philosophy and science intertwined in Descartes' life; so were philosophy and religion. The Church of Rome found Galileo guilty of heresy in 1633; two decades earlier, Copernicus' theories about the universe had been denounced as blasphemous. To avoid such accusations, Descartes clothed his views about the relation between God and humanity, and about the nature of the universe, in a philosophical garb acceptable to the Church. His most famous project was the exploration of the foundations of human knowledge, starting from the proof of one's own existence offered in the formula Cogito ergo sum, `I am thinking therefore I exist'. Stephen Gaukroger argues that this was not intended as an exercise in philosophical scepticism, but rather to provide Descartes' scientific theories, influenced as they were by Copernicus and Galileo, with metaphysical legitimation. This book offers for the first time a full understanding of how Descartes developed his revolutionary ideas. It will be welcomed by all readers interested in the origins of modern thought.

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DESCARTES: An Intellectual Biography

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This academic analysis of Descartes's (15961650) mathematical and philosophical studies traces the development of his work more than the patterns of his life and times. With an emphasis on reason over ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

Descartes: an intellectual biography

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Like Daniel Garber's Descartes' Metaphysical Physics (LJ 5/1/92), this book goes far beyond the usual treatment of Descartes merely as an epistemologist (although that important aspect of his thinking ... Vollständige Rezension lesen


Introduction i
An Education in Propriety 16061618
The Apprenticeship with Beeckman 16181619
The Search for Method 16191625
A New Beginning 16291630
A New System of the World 16301633
The Years of Consolidation 16341640
The Defence of Natural Philosophy 16401644
Melancholia and the Passions 16431650
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Stephen Gaukroger is Reader in Philosophy at the University of Sydney. He is Fellow of the Australian Academy of Humanities, and President of the Australian Society for the History of Philosophy.

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