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Seite 395 - Table of the corrections for temperature to reduce observations to 32° Fahrenheit for Barometers with brass scales extending from the cistern to the top of the mercurial column.
Seite 263 - An Act to promote the progress of the useful arts, and to repeal all acts and parts of acts heretofore made for that purpose.
Seite 21 - Let us now consider, for a little while, how wonderfully we stand upon this world. Here it is we are born, bred, and live, and yet we view these things with an almost 'entire absence of wonder to ourselves respecting the way in which all this happens. So small, indeed, is our wonder, that we are never taken by surprise...
Seite 64 - ... occurred in vertical planes, splitting up the specimen in all directions; cracks were noticed to form some time before the specimen finally gave way ; then these rapidly increased in number, splitting the glass into innumerable irregular prisms of the same height as the cube; finally, these bent or broke, and the pressure, no longer bedded on a firm surface, destroyed the specimen.
Seite 334 - The modulus of the elasticity of any substance is a column of the same substance, capable of producing a pressure on its base which is to the weight causing a certain degree of compression, as the length of the substance is to the diminution of its length.
Seite 141 - The Committee on Science and the Arts constituted by the Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania, for the promotion of the Mechanic Arts, to whom was referred for examination a Solar Compass, invented by WM.
Seite 351 - ... effect. The best way of preparing a solution of minimum strength is as follows : — A concentrated neutral solution of tungstate of soda is diluted with water to 28° Twaddle, and then mixed with three per cent, of phosphate of soda. This solution was found to keep and to answer well ; it has been introduced into Her Majesty's laundry, where it is constuntly being used.
Seite 193 - ... which was retained in the vessel and assisted in purifying the metal. The increase of temperature which the metal underwent, and which seemed so disproportionate to the quantity of carbon and iron consumed, was doubtless owing to the favourable circumstances under which combustion took place.
Seite 270 - By proper mechanical arrangemi-ills this cylinder could be revolved, and the part which was at one instant within, rapidly brought to the outside, and observed by the audience. As the cylinder could be made to revolve 300 times in a second, and as the twentieth part of a revolution was enough to bring a sufficient portion of the cylinder to the outside, it is evident that a phosphorescent effect which would last only the l-3000th or even the l-6000th of a second might be made apparent.
Seite 134 - And as the resistance to the passage of the spark seems to be in the inverse ratio of the square of the distance ; this power ought to be able to pass across more than seven thousand openings of £-inch each.

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