Handy Book of Farm Tenure & Purchase Under the Landlord and Tenant (Ireland) Act, 1870: With an Index and the Rules

Webb, 1870 - 122 Seiten

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Seite 62 - When any question of disputed compensation by this or the special Act, or any Act incorporated therewith, authorised or required to be settled by arbitration shall have arisen, then, unless both parties shall concur in the appointment of a single arbitrator, each party on the request of the other party shall nominate and appoint an arbitrator, to whom such dispute shall be referred ; and every...
Seite 57 - And any such order or regulation shall, until the contrary is proved, be .deemed to have been duly made and issued at the time at which it bears date.
Seite 79 - Any document to be served by post on the company shall be posted in such time as to admit of its being delivered in the due course of delivery within the period (if any) prescribed for the service thereof ; and in proving service of such document it shall be sufficient to prove that such document was properly directed, and that it was put as a prepaid letter into the Post Office.
Seite 51 - Any other matter or thing, whether similar or not to those above mentioned, in respect of which it may be expedient to make rules for the purpose of carrying this Act into execution...
Seite 58 - Act is of unsound mind or incapable of managing his affairs, but has not been found idiot or lunatic under an inquisition, it shall be lawful for the...
Seite 54 - ... of five pounds for every hundred pounds of such advance, and so in proportion for any less sum.
Seite 56 - ... this Act, conform to any directions, whether given on special occasions or by general rule or otherwise, which may from time to time be given to them by the Treasury, and shall...
Seite 72 - Judge may direct any other party to the cause to appear, either in addition to or in the place of the executor or administrator, upon such terms as to costs or otherwise as he shall think fit.
Seite 52 - Orders made in pursuance of this Section shall be laid before Parliament within Three Weeks after they are made, if Parliament be then sitting, and if Parliament be not then sitting, within Three Weeks after the Beginning of the then next Session of Parliament.
Seite 48 - Any general rules and orders made as aforesaid shall be deemed to be within the powers conferred by this Act, and shall be of the same force as if they were enacted in the body of this Act.

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