Memorabilia of Socrates

D. Appleton and Company, 1863

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Seite xxviii - ... to the individual person with whom he had to deal, it was his first object to bring the hearer to take just measure of his own real knowledge or real ignorance. To preach, to exhort, even to confute particular errors, appeared to Socrates useless, so long as the mind lay wrapped up in its habitual mist or illusion of wisdom: such mist must be dissipated before any new light could enter.
Seite 421 - ... as a sign of progress in this department of study. The editor has, It is true, also intended his work for the use of schools, and has sought to adapt it, in all its parts, to...
Seite vii - He was not merely strong and active as an hoplite on military service, but capable of bearing fatigue or hardship, and indifferent to heat or cold, in a measure which astonished all his companions.
Seite 421 - ... without taking all labor off his hands. While the chief aim has been to impart a clear Idea of Latin Syntax as exhibited in the text, it has also been a cherished object...

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