Catalogue [of Philosophical Apparatus and Mathematical Instruments].


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Seite 83 - WA Key to the Solar Compass, and Surveyor's Companion. Comprising all the rules necessary for use in the field ; also description of the Linear Surveys and Public Land System of the United States, Notes on the Barometer, Suggestions for an Outfit for a Survey of Four Months, etc.
Seite 83 - ARITHMETIC, GEOMETRY, MATHEMATICS, ETC. 32. MATHEMATICAL INSTRUMENTS, a Treatise on; in which their Construction and the Methods of Testing, Adjusting, and Using them are concisely Explained. By JF HEATHER, MA, of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. Original Edition, in i vol., Illustrated. is. 6d. *** In ordering the above, be careful to say, " Original Edition " or give the number in the Series (32) to distinguish it from the Enlarged Edition in 3 vols.
Seite 57 - This lever rests partly on a spiral spring at d ; it is also supported by two vertical pins, with perfect freedom of motion. The end, e, of the large or principal lever is attached to a second or small lever,/, from which a chain, g, extends to h, where it works on a drum attached to the arbour of the hand.
Seite 83 - Wythes. — Curiosities of the Microscope ; or, Illustrations of the Minute Parts of Creation, adapted to the Capacity of the Young; with coloured Illustrations, by Rev. Joseph H. Wythes, MD 16mo. Philadelphia, 1S52. cloth, gilt edges. 6s. 6d. 2., HISTORY OF MAN— ETHNOLOGY. See also under " America* Axiiquilies, languages, and Indian*.
Seite 27 - The Diurnal Motion of the Earth, showing the Rising and Setting of the Sun, illustrating the cause of Day and Night, by the Earth's Rotation upon its Avis.
Seite 25 - As the discs may be thrown either together on one circle or united at various distances in length upon the screen, the number of effects which may be produced may be easily imagined ; they present, first — a succession of dissolving views, so accurately and gradually dissolving, that the most experienced eye cannot perceive the operation going on. Secondly — various effects, as falling snow, &c., succeeded by sunshine and rainbow ; volcanoes in eruption, &c.
Seite 84 - A Manual of the Principles and Practice of Road-making ; comprising the Location, Construction, and Improvement of Roads (Common, Macadam, Paved, Plank, &c.) and Railroads, by WM Gillespie, AM, CE, Professor of Civil Engineering in Union College.
Seite 57 - It looks something like a shallow shaving-soap box,having the upper and under surfaces corrugated in concentric circles. This box being exhausted of air, through the short tube b...
Seite 58 - ... the top of which the principal lever, cde, is attached. This lever rests partly on a spiral spring at d, and is also supported by two vertical pins, with perfect freedom of motion.
Seite 27 - This Diagram illustrates the Apparent Direct and Retrograde Motion of Venus or Mercury, and also its Stationary Appearance. SLIDER V.

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