Cases Decided in the Court of Session, Court of Justiciary, and House of Lords

T. & T. Clark, 1898

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Seite 108 - ... for the value of the lands so taken or used, and for all damage sustained by such owners, occupiers, and other parties, by reason of the exercise, as regards such lands, of the powers by this or the special Act, or any Act incorporated therewith, vested in the Company...
Seite 248 - Act, 1845, and the Acts amending the same, shall be incorporated with this Act, except the provisions relating to access to the special Act ; and in construing those Acts for the purposes of this section the special Act...
Seite 108 - If any such Lands shall be in the Possession of any Person having no greater Interest therein than as Tenant for a Year or from Year to Year, and if such Person be required to give up Possession of any Lands so occupied by him before the Expiration of his Term or Interest therein, he shall be entitled to Compensation for the Value of his unexpired Term or Interest in such Lands...
Seite 472 - Though the ship has been in collision and has caused injury by reason of the negligence or want of skill of those in charge of her, yet she cannot be made the means of compensation if those in charge of her were not the servants of her then owner, as if she was in charge of a compulsory pilot. This is conclusive to show that the liability to compensate must be fixed not merely on the property but also on the owner through the property.
Seite 196 - Evidence need not be stated in the petition, but the court or a judge may order such particulars as may be necessary to prevent surprise and unnecessary expense, and to ensure a fair and effectual trial...
Seite 25 - ... all representations and assurances as to the character, conduct, credit, ability, trade, or dealings of any person, made or granted to the effect or for the purpose of enabling such person to obtain credit, money, goods, or postponement of payment of debt, or of any other obligation demandable from him, shall be in writing, and shall be subscribed by the person undertaking such guarantee, security, or cautionary obligation, or making such representations and assurances, or by some person duly...
Seite 108 - Company; and, except where otherwise provided by this or the special Act, the Amount of such Compensation shall be ascertained and determined in the Manner provided by the said Lands Clauses Consolidation Act for determining Questions of Compensation with regard to Lands purchased or taken under the Provisions thereof; and all the Provisions of the said last-mentioned Act shall be applicable to determining the Amount of any such Compensation, and to enforcing the Payment or other Satisfaction thereof.
Seite 202 - All expenses incurred by or on behalf of a candidate at an election, which are incurred on account of or in respect of the conduct or management of such election, shall be paid within the time limited by this Act and not otherwise ; and, subject to such exception as may be allowed in pursuance of this Act, an election agent who makes a payment in contravention of this provision shall be guilty of an illegal practice.
Seite 353 - The place and date of protest, the cause or reason for protesting the bill, the demand made, and the answer given, if any, or the fact that the drawee or acceptor could not be found.
Seite 170 - A policy of assurance effected by any man on his own life, and expressed to bo for the benefit of his wife, or of his children, or of his wife and children, or any of them, or by any woman on her own life, and expressed to be for the benefit of her husband, or of her children, or of her husband and children, or any of them...

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