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guide and leader unto all godliness and virtue, to expel and drive away as well corrupt, vicious, and ungodly living, as also erroneous and poisoned doctrines, tending to fuperstition and idolatry, hath. by the advice os her most honourable Counsellors, for her discharge in this behalf, caused a Book of Homilies, which heretofore was set forth by her most loving Brother, a Prince of most worthy memory, Edward the Sixth, to be printed anew, wherein are contained certain wholesome and godly exhortations, to move the people to honour and worship Almighty God, and diligently to serve him, every one according to their degree, state, and vocation. All which Homilies her Majesty commandeth and ftraightly chargeth all Parsons, Vicars, Curates, and all others having spiritual cure, every Sunday and Holy-day in the year, at the ministering of the holy Communion, or if there be no Communion ministered that day, yet after the Gospel and Creed, in fuch order and place as is appointed in the Book of Common Prayers, to read and declare to their parishioners plainly and distinctly one of the faid Homilies, in fuch order as they stand in the book, except there be a Sermon, according as it is enjoined in the book of her Highness' Injunctions; and then for that cause only, and for none other, the reading of the said Homily to be deserred unto the next Sunday or Holy-day following. And when the forefaid Book of Homilies is read over, her Majesty's pleafure is, that the fame be repeated and read again, in fuch like sort as was before prescribed. Furthermore, her Highness commandeth, that, notwithstanding this order, the faid ecclesiastical persons shall read her Majesty's Injunctions

junctions at such times, and in fuch order, as in the book thereof appointed; and that the Lord's Prayer, the Articles of the Faith, and the Ten Commandments, be openly read unto the people, as in the laid Injunctions is specified, that all her people, of what degree or condition soever they be, may learn how to invocate and call upon the name of God, and know what duty they owe both to God and man: so that they may pray, believe, and work according to knowledge, while they shall live here, and after this lise be with him that with his blood lath bought us all. To whom with the Father and the Holy Ghost be all honour and glory for ever. Amen.


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