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Christ prayeth

Chap. xvii. for his apostles. shall have tribulation: but be of world, and I come to thee.“ Holy good cheer; I have overcome the Father, keep through thine own world.

in name those whom thou hast given CHAP.XVII.' .me, that they may be one, as we Christ praycth for his apostles. are. THESE words spake Jesus, 12 While I was with them in

I and lifted up his eyes to the world, I kept them in thy heaven, and said, Father, the name : those that thou gavest me hour is come; glorify thy Son, I have kept, and none of them is that thy Son also may glorify lost, but the son of perdition; thee:

that the scripture might be ful2 As thou hast given him pow-filled. er over all flesh, that he should 13 And now come I to thee; give eternal life to as many as thousand these things I speak in the hast given him.

. world, that they might have my 3 And this is life eternal, that|joy fulfilled in themselves. they might know thee the only 14 I have given them thy word; true God, and Jesus Christ, and the world hath hated them, whom thou hast sent.

because they are not of the world, 4 I have glorified thee on the even as I am not of the world. earth: I have finished the work 15 TI pray not that thou which thou gavest me to do. shouldest take them out of the

5 And now, O Father, glorify world, but that thou shouldest thou me with thine own self, with keep them from the evil. the glory which I had with theel 16 They are not of the world, before the world was.

leven as I am not of the world. 6 I have manifested thy name 17 9 Sanctify them through thy unto the men which thou gavest truth : thy word is truth. me out of the world : thine they! 18 As thou hast sent me into were, and thou gavest them me; the world, even so have I also and they have kept thy word. sent them into the world.

7 Now they have known that 19 And for their sakes I saretify all things whatsoever thou hast myself, that they also might be given me are of thee :

sanctified through the truth. 8 For I have given unto them 20 I Neither pray I for these the words which thou gavest me; alone, but for them also which and they have received them, and shall believe on me through their have known surely that I came word; out from thee, and they have be- 21 That they all may be one; lieved that thou didst send me. as thou, Father, art in me, and I

9 I pray for them: I pray not in thee, that they also may be for the world, but for them which one in us: that the world may thou hast given me; for they are believe that thou hast sent me. thine.

| 22 And the glory which thou 10 And all mine are thine, and gavest me I have given them; that thine are mine; and I am glorifi- they may be one, even as we are ed in them.

one: ' 11 And now I ain no more in 23 I in them, and thou in me, the world, but these are in the that they may be made perfect in

Fudas betrayeth Christ. S. John. Peter denieth him. one ; "and that the world mayl > Then asked he them again, know that thou hast sent me, and Whom seek ye? And they said, hast loved them, as thou hast Jesus of Nazareth. loved me.

8 Jesus answered, I have told 24 Father, I will that they also you, that I am be: 'if, therefore, whom thou hast given me be with ye seek me, let these go their me where I am : that they may way; behold my glory, which thou hast 9 That the saying might be given me: for thou lovedst me fulfilled, which he spake, Of them before the foundation of the which thou gavest me, have I world.

lost none. 25 O righteous Father, the 101 Then Simon Peter having world hath not known thee : but a sword, drew it, and smote the I have known thee, and these high priest's servant, and cut off have known that thou hast sent his right ear. The servant's name me.

was Malchus. 26 And I have declared unto 11 Then said Jesus unto Peter, them thy name, and will declare Put up thy sword into the sheath: it; that the love wherewith thou the cup which my Father hath hast loved me, may be in them,lgiven me, shall I not drink it ? and I in them.

12 Then the band, and the cap, CHAP. XVIII. tain and officers of the Jews, took

Judas betrayeth Jesus. Jesus, and bound him, T H EN Jesus had spoken 13 And led him away to Annas

V these words, he went forth first;' (for he was father-in-law to with his disciples over the brook Caiaphas, which was the high Cedron, where was a garden, in- priest that same year.) to the which he entered, and his 14 Now Caiaphas was he disciples.

which gave counsel to the Jews, 2 And Judas also, which be- that it was expedient that one man trayed him, knew the place : for should die for the people. Jesus oft-times resorted thither 15 | And Simon Peter followed with his disciples.

Jesus, and so did another disciple. 3 Judas then, having received a That disciple was known unto band of men and officers from the the high priest, and went in with chief priests and Pharisees, com- Jesus into the palace of the high eth thither with lanterns, and priest. torches, and weapons.

16 But Peter stood at the door 4. Jesus, therefore, knowing all without. Then went out that things that should come upon other disciple, which was known him, went forth, and said unto unto the high priest, and spake them, Whom seek ye?

unto her that kept the door, and 5 They answered him, Jesus of brought in Peter. Nazareth. Jesus saith unto them, 17 Then saith the damsel that I am be. (And Judas also, which kept the door, unto Peter, Art betrayed him, stood with them.) not thou also one of this man's

6 As soon then as he had said disciples? He saith, I am not. unto them, I am be, they went 18 And the servants and offi. backward, and fell to the ground. cers stood there, who had made

haem whicraskest the fet have1/lawful re;

. Christ arraigned, Chap. xviii. and scourged. a fire of coals, (for it was cold,) them, and said, What accusation and they warmed themselves : bring ye against this man? and Peter stood with them, and 30 They answered, and said warmed himself.

Junto him, If he were not a male19 1 The high priest then asked factor, we would not have deliJesus of his disciples, and of his vered him up unto thee. doctrine.

31 Then said Pilate unto them, 20 Jesus answered him, I spake Take ye him, and judge him acó openly to the world ; I ever cording to your law. The Jews, taught in the synagogue, and in therefore, said unto him, It is not the temple, whither the Jews al- lawful for us to put any man to ways resort; and in secret have I death :. said nothing.

32 That the saying of Jesus 21 Why askest thou me ? ask might be fulfilled, which he spake, them which heard me, what I signifying what death he should have said unto them: behold, die. they know what I said. 1 33 Then Pilate entered into the

22 And, when he had thus spo- judgment hall again, and called ken, one of the officers which Jesus, and said unto him, Art stood by struck Jesus with the thou the King of the Jews ? palm of his hand, saying, An- 34 Jesus answered him, Sayest swerest thou the high priest so? thou this thing of thyself, or did

23 Jesus answered him, If I others tell it thee of me? have spoken evil, bear witness of 35 Pilate answered, Am I a the evil; but if well, why smitest Jew? Thine own nation and the thou me?

chief priests have delivered thee 24 (Now Annas had sent him unto me. What hast thou done? bound' unto Caiaphas the high 36 Jesus answered, My kingpriest.)

dom is not of this world. If my 25 | And Simon Peter stood kingdom were of this world, then and warmed himself: they said, would my servants fight, that I therefore, unto him, Art not should not be delivered to the thou also one of his disciples? He Jews : but now is my kingdom denied it, and said, I am not not from hence.

26 One of the servants of the 37 Pilate, therefore, said unto high priest, (being his kinsman him, Art thou a King then ? Jewhose ear Peter cut off,) saith, sus answered, Thou sayest that Did not I see thee in the garden I am a king. To this end was Į with him ?

born, and for this cause came I 27 Then Peter denied again; into the world, that I should bear and immediately the cock crew. witness unto the truth. Every

28 9 Then led they Jesus from one that is of the truth heareth my Caiaphas unto the hall of juug-Ivoice. ment: and it was early; and they 38 Pilate saith unto him, What themselves went not into the is truth? And when he had said judgment-hall, lest they should this, he went out again unto the be defiled; but that they might Jews, and saith unto them, I find eat the passover.

Jin him no fault at all. 29 Pilate then went out untol 39 But ye have a custom, that


.. Christ crowned with thorns. S. John. He is condenined. I should release unto you one at power to crucify thee, and have the passover: will ye, therefore, power to release thee ? that I release unto you the King 11 Jesus answered, Thou of the Jews?

couldest have no power at all 40 Then cried they all again, against me, except it were given sayins, Not this man, but Barab- thee from above: therefore he bis. Now Barabbas was a rob- that delivered me unto thee hath

the greater sin. CHAP. XIX. | 12 And from thenceforth Pi. Christ crowned with thorns. late sought to release him: but THEN Pilate, therefore, took the Jews cried out, saying, If 1 Jesus, and scourged him. thou let this man go, thou art

2 And the soldiers platted a not Cesar's friend: whosoever crown of thorns, and put it on maketh himself a king, speaketh his head, and they put on him a against Cesar. purple robe,

| 13 | When Pilate, therefore, 3 And said, Hail, King of the heard that saying, he brought JeJeurs! and they smote him with sus forth, and sat down in the their hands.

ljudgment-seat, in a place that is 44 Pilate, therefore, went called the Pavement, but in the forth again, and saith unto them, Hebrew, Gabbaths. Behold, I bring him forth to you, 14 And it was the preparation that ye may know that I find no of the passover, and about the fault in him.

sixth hour : and he saith unto the 5 Then came Jesus forth, wear- Jews, Behold your King ! ing the crown of thorns, and the 15 But they cried out, Away purple robe. And Pilate saith with him, away with bim, cruciinto them, behold the man! fy him. "Pilate saith unto them,

6 When the chief priests, Shall I crucify your King ? The therefore, and officers saw him, chief priests answered, We have they cried out, saying, Crucify no king but Cesar. kim, crucify him. Pilate saith 16 Then delivered he him, unto them, Take ye him, and therefore, unto them to be crucicrucily bim : For I find no fault ned. And they took Jesus, and in him.

lled him away. 7 The Jews answered him, We 17 1 And he, bearing his cross, have a law, and by our law he went forth unto a place called the ought to die, because he made place of a skull, which is called in hiniself the Son of God. (the Hebrew, Golgotha ;

8 9 When Pirate, therefore, 18 Where they crucified him, heard that saying, he was the and twoothers with him, on either more afraid;

side one, and Jesus in the midst. 9 Ani went again into the 19 9 And Pilate wrote a title, juegment-hall, and saith unto and put it on the cross. And the jesus, Whence art thou? But writing was, JESUS OF NA. jesus gave him no answer. ZARETH, THE KING OF

joihen saith Pilate unto him, THE JEWS. Speakest thou not unto me! 20 This title then read many krowest thou not that I have of the Jews : for the place where

Christ's death,

Chap. xix.

and burial. Jesus was crucified was nigh to received the vinegar, he said, It the city: and it was written in is finished : and he bowed his Hebrew, and Greek, and Latin. head, and gave up the ghost.

21 Then said the chief priests 31 | The Jews, therefore, beof the Jews to Pilate, Write not, cause it was the preparation, thit The King of the Jews; but that the bodies should not remain uphe said, I am King of the Jews. on the cross on the sabbath-cay,

22 Pilate answered, What I (for that sabbath-day was un high have written, I have written. day,) besought Pilate that their

23 T Then the soldiers, when legs might be broken, and that they had crucified Jesus, took his they might be taken away. garments, and made four parts, 32 Then came the soldiers, and to every soldier a part, and also brake the legs of the first, and of bis coat: now the coat was with other which was crucified with out seam, woven from the top him. throughout.

T33 But when they came to Je24 They said, therefore, among sus, and saw that he was dead themselves, Let us not rend it, already, they brake not his legs : but cast lots for it, whose it shall 34 But one of the soldiers with be : that the scripture might be a spear pierced his side, and fulfilled, which saith, They part-forthwith came thereout blood ed my raiment among them, and and water. for my vesture they did cast lots. 35 And he that saw ii bare reThese things, therefore, the sol-cord, and his record is true: and diers did.

he knoweth that he saith true, 25 T Now there stood by the that ye might believe, cross of Jesus, his mother, and 36 For these things were done, his mother's sister, Mary the wife that the scripture should be fulof Cleophas, and Mary Magda- filled, A bone of him shall not be lene.

broken. 26 When Jesus, therefore, saw 37 And again, another scrip. his mother, and the disciple stand- ture saith, They shall look on ing by whom he loved, he saith him whom they pierced. unto his mother, Woman, be-L. 38 | And after this, Joseph of hold thy Son!

Arimathea, (being a discipie of 27 Then saith he to the disci- Jesus, but secretly for fear of the ple, Behold thy mother! And Jews,) besought Pilate that he from that hour that disciple took might take away the body of Je. her unto his own home,

sus: and Pilate gave him leave, 28 | After this, Jesus, know- He came, therciore, and took ing that all things were now ac- the body of Jesus. complished, that the scripture 39 And there came also Nicomight be fulfilled, saith, I thirst. clemus, (which at the first came

29 Now there was set a vessel to Jesus by night,) and brougnt a full of vinegar : and they filled a mixture of myrrhand aloes, about spunge with vinegar, and put it an hundred pound weight.' upon hyssop, and put it to his 40 Then took they iile body of mouth.

Jesus, and wound ii in linen 30 \Vhen Jesus, therefore, had clothes with the spices, as, the

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