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“A CHRISTIAN is the highest style of man.” . . . YoUNG.

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ENTERep, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1836,
In the Clerk's Office of the Southern District of the State of New-York.

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THE author would here give a brief explanation of the motives which have led him to engage in the work now submitted to the public. The character of Washington, on which time has fixed its authentic and unequivocal seal, is justly considered the property of his country, and, in a measure, of the civilized world. They may fairly claim him as their own, for whom, when living, he hazarded his all—his honour, fortune, and life! for whom he ever cherished anxious cares—for whom he toiled and suffered. Nor are they without a title, who, partaking of our common nature, shared his philanthropic sympathies, and earnest prayers. Such a reputation is a treasure to mankind which never can be told. Blessings innumerable descend upon the favoured people who rest under its shadow. It sheds upon them peace, security, and credit. They shine in its light, and derive from it, directly and indirectly, many eminent advantages. But some of the choicest benefits of so rare a character, are found in its influence upon the principles and conduct of those, who are taught to regard the same

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