Assimilative Memory, Or How to Attend and Never Forget

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An infallible method of remembering proper names is (1) Get the name when introduced. If not quite sure, ask for it. (2) Pronounce the name aloud whilst looking at the person. Do this several times, if possible. The object is to produce a concurrence or connection between the sight-image of the Person and a sound-image of his Name. (3) To help the ear for sound, always pronounce everyone's name aloud whenever you meet him. This helps nature. -from "How to Remember Proper Names When Introduced" Memorize anything quickly with Prof. A. Loisette's "System of Memory Training," including his "Three Laws of Memory or of Thinking": . Discover the Cure of Mind Wandering . Learn any series of proper names . Memorize the longest sets of numeric figures almost instantly . Learn prose and poetry by heart . Speak in public without notes . Internalize rules and principles in academic realms of arts, sciences, and history . And more This 1896 guide to remembering anything and everything is as practical and useful today as it was a century ago. "PROF. A. LOISETTE" was the pseudonym of memory-expert Marcus Dwight Larrowe.

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