The London journal of arts and sciences (and repertory of patent inventions) [afterw.] Newton's London journal of arts and sciences

William Newton

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Seite 401 - ... be it enacted, That the proprietor of such design not previously published within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland or elsewhere shall have the sole right to apply such design to any article, or make or sell any article according to such design, for the term of three years, to be computed from the time of such design being registered according to this act...
Seite 201 - There may be cases in which, on account of the condition of life of the successful competitor (as for instance, in the case of workmen) the grant of a sum of money may be the most appropriate reward of superior excellence ; and there may be other cases of a special and exceptional nature, in which, from a consideration of the expense incurred in the preparation or transmission of a particular article entitled to a prize, combined with a due regard to the condition and pecuniary circumstances of the...
Seite 289 - XIII., fig. 1, is an end elevation of an engine, provided with four oscillating cylinders ; and fig. 2, is a side elevation of the same. Fig. 3, is a...
Seite 131 - Thus, as a natural stream of electricity, passing round the circumference of the earth, causes magnetic needles in general to be deflected at right angles to its course, or towards the north and south poles; so an artificial stream of electricity, of adequate strength, will cause magnetic needles, placed within its influence, to be similarly deflected at right angles to its course, whatever that may be.
Seite 401 - And with regard to any new or original design for any article of manufacture having reference to some purpose of utility, so far as such' design shall be for the shape or configuration of such article...
Seite 200 - ... designs, it being their opinion that this is the form in which it will, generally speaking, be most desirable that the rewards should be distributed. They have decided to select bronze for the material in which the medals are to be executed, considering that metal to be better calculated than any other for the development of superior skill and ingenuity in the medallic art, and at the same time the most likely to constitute a lasting memorial of the Exhibition.
Seite 120 - Nitrate of alumina crystallizes from a concentrated and somewhat acid solution, in colorless oblique rhombic prisms, whose height is generally small in proportion to their width. They are deliquescent, and very soluble both in water and in nitric acid. The crystals, like those of the other sesquinitrates, can be best dried by spreading them on an absorbent surface, and placing the whole under a bell glass, along with a shallow vessel containing sulphuric acid.
Seite 351 - ... owing, in the first place, to the rate with which the force diminishes through space. As the mean of a great many experiments on a large variety of magnets, of different forms and modes of construction, the following result was given: — Magnet and armature in contact, lifting force, 220-0 pounds.
Seite 200 - ... viz. : — Increased usefulness, such as permanency in dyes, improved forms and arrangements in articles of utility, &c. Superior quality, or superior skill in workmanship. New use of known materials. Use of new materials. New combinations of materials, as in metals and pottery. Beauty of design in form, or colour, or both, with reference to utility. Cheapness, relatively to excellence of production. In the department of SCULPTURE, MODELS, and the PLASTIC ART, the rewards will have reference...
Seite 120 - A18O3 + 18HO would be in 100 parts, — nitric acid, 43-17 ; alumina, 13"68; water, 43-25. Nitrate of alumina appears to form with the hydrate a series of salts similar to the basic nitrates of iron. But they have not as yet been fully examined. Nitrate of Chrome — Nitrate of chrome crystallizes with difficulty in warm weather ; but I have succeeded in obtaining two crops, one of them presenting the form of the oblique rhombic prism, and the other an extremely modified variety of the same. These...

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