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pected to see in this world ; quite regardless of what might happen to themselves in that hour of danger to Christ's disciples, and when his affrighted apostles hardly durst show them. selves.

If women now fall short in any real excellence, if they are not eminent in virtue and whatever can recommend them to God, it is not for lack of encouragement and better examples in the sacred writings, and also in the trying times of persecution for the truth at the first propagation of the gospel among the heathens, and the no less cruel rage since of christians in power against other christians, on account of their diversity of religious opinions. Let this be said, as it may be justly said, to take off that undue partiality which men in general are wont to show towards themselves, as if they only were capable of great achievements and of attaining to excellence; a partiality which they have not learned from the gospel.

But, alas ! many women are but too ready to give up their claim to excel in virtue and things praise-worthy, content to sit down with lesser attainments, with being wholly insignificant and useless in a moral view.


But I would hope better things of you, my hearers,—that ye have not so learned Christ.

I trust that you not only keep out of all idle dissipation, and company unbecoming the modesty of your sex and seriousness of your christian profession, but that ye

strive to make continual improvements in virtue and all useful knowledge, zealous for the gospel of truth, like the holy women here recorded ; mindful of the instruction and good order of your

children and families, for there religion and reformation must begin; and especially to promote them by the force and influence of a good example, which is in the power of all. So shall your names be remembered with honour and grateful respect, when you shall be no more here; and, what is of infinitely greater consequence, so shall your pious, beneficent, upright conduct, go up for a memorial before God, and appear


you at the great day! To bim alone be praise and glory for all things and for ever.

PRAYER. O God, blessed for ever! who dwellest in light and glory unapproachable, yet humblest thyself to take care of us, thy mortal creatures of the human race, and of our concerns!


We again bow down low before thee with the most profound veneration of thy glorious perfections, which attract all thy creatures throughout the wide universe to thee, and with the most grateful acknowledgements for the assurance which thou hast given us by our Lord Jesus Christ, that a period will not be utterly put to our being when we lie down in the silent grave, the common bed of all mankind; but that, out of thine unmerited benignity, thou designest such of thy creatures as shall follow his example and approve themselves to thee in this their day of trial, to live again in still happier abodes, and to live for ever!

O thou most gracious and benevolent parent, let not thy loving-kindness be cast away upon us, nor suffer us, in the midst of thy light that shineth round about us, to walk in darkness and miss our road to thee at the last, by living in disobedience to thy laws; but cause the examples of those who have gone before in the narrow way that leadeth to life, to animate us to exert the same virtuous courage and faithfulness in maintaining thy truth and persevering in it, that we may continually aim at the highest improvements in holiness, and in doing good to others; and may be


amongst those whom Jesus our Lord and Master, and thine exalted son and servant, will own as his brethren in the future state of glory.

So that when our race here has been well run, and we come to leave the world, as he our Master has long since left it, it may be our consolation and joy, that we shall, in thy good time at the last day, be raised to life immortal, and dwell with him, and with all virtuous and good beings, thy servants, for ever and ever !

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Now unto thee, &c.
The Lord bless us, &c.

March 30, 1788.


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