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with a promise of advancing him to the highest dignities, if he behaved like a soldier of honour; but assured him he should be punished without mercy, if he continued to follow the profession of a robber.

Setoc was called from the farthest confines of Arabia, together with the fair Almona, to preside over the commercial affairs of Babylon; and Cador was promoted to one of the highest offices in the state, as the reward of his distinguished services, and was the king's chief favourite : indeed, he was strictly the friend of the king; and Zadig was then the only monarch on earth who had so true a friend. The little nute was not forgotten; and a very genteel house was given to the fisherman, to whom Orcan was condemned to pay a large sum of money, as well as to restore his wife: the fisherman had, however, obtained wisdom; he took only the money.

Zadig did not leave the beautiful Semira disconsolate, who had deserted him when she feared he would be blind of one eye; nor Azora comfortless, who had been willing to cut off his nose; but endeavoured to alleviate their sorrows by the most munificent presents. The envious Arimazes, indeed, died with shame and vexation. The empire now enjoyed peace, glory, and all the blessings of plenty. This was the most illustrious age of the earth. Babylon was wholly governed by justice and love. The people blesséj Zadig, and Zadig blessed Heaven.

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