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an asteroid will generally stimulate ground-based studies; this effect was seen strongly in the revival of respectability and activity in the early 1960's in planetary exploration when promoted by the Soviet and U.S. space programs.


Gehrels, T. 1970, Photometry of Asteroids. Surfaces and Interiors of Planets and Satellites (ed., A. Dollfus), ch. 6. Academic Press, Inc. London and New York.

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semimajor axis of the orbit

109 yr

Zweiter Katalog der Astronomischen Gesellschaft

phase angle, which is the angle at the asteroid between the radius vectors to Earth and to the Sun; right ascension

astronomical unit, a of Earth

the mean opposition magnitude as defined by

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ecliptic latitude

injection energy into Earth-escape hyperbola, km2/s”


eccentricity of the orbit

proper eccentricity

Ephemerides of Minor Planets, published yearly by the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Theoretical Astronomy, Leningrad, U.S.S.R.

Fourth Fundamental Catalogue, Berliner Astronomisches Jahrbuch

absolute magnitude:* g = B(1,0) - 0.10

universal constant of gravitation

inclination of the orbit

proper inclination


International Astronomical Union

angular momentum

ecliptic longitude; wavelength


astronomical magnitude or -2.5 log10 I

McDonald Survey of Asteroids

Minor Planet Circulars, published by the Minor Planet Center, Cincinnati,

1 um = 1-micrometer = 1 micron


the angle between the rotational axis and the perpendicular to the orbital plane

observed value minus computed value

angular velocity

nodal longitude

"The symbols of this glossary are commonly used, unless defined differently by indi

vidual authors.

*For the newer, more explicit, definition of absolute magnitude, see under UBV


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period of rotation about the body axis, or orbital period; polarization

Palomar-Leiden Survey of Faint Asteroids

the distance from the Sun

radius of the object


perihelion distance

aphelion distance

time or epoch


Jacobian encounter velocity, defined by E. Öpik in Irish Astron. 8, 191, 1968.

the photometric system described by H. L. Johnson in ch. 11 of Basic Astronomical Data, K. Aa. Strand, ed., University of Chicago Press, 1963. Photographically, as well as photoelectrically, the magnitude B can be observed. It is related to the absolute magnitude, B(1,0), at unit distances and zero phase by

B = B(1,0) + 5 log ra + F(a)
where A is the distance from Earth and F (o) is the phase function.

linear velocity


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