The Mountain Bard and Forest Minstrel: Consisting of Legendary Ballads and Songs

John Locken, 1851 - 288 Seiten

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Seite 155 - Where, on thy dewy wing, Where art thou journeying? Thy lay is in heaven, thy love is on earth. O'er fell and fountain sheen, O'er moor and mountain green, O'er the red streamer that heralds the day, Over the cloudlet dim, Over the rainbow's rim, Musical cherub, soar, singing, away ! Then, when the gloaming comes, Low in the heather blooms Sweet will thy welcome and bed of love be ! Emblem of happiness, Blest is thy dwelling-place — Oh, to abide in the desert with thee ! JAMES HOGG.
Seite 267 - Then awed to silence, they trode the strand Where furnaced pillars in order stand, All framed of the liquid burning levin, And bent like the bow that spans the heaven, Or upright ranged in horrid array, With purfle of green o'er the darksome grey. Their path was on wondrous pavement of old, Its blocks all cast in some giant mould, Fair hewn and grooved by no mortal hand, With countermure guarded by sea and by land.
Seite 219 - An' oh, what will the lads do When Maggy gangs away? The young laird o' the Lang-Shaw Has drunk her health in wine; The priest has said — in confidence — The lassie was divine, And that is mair in maiden's praise Than ony priest should say: But oh, what will the lads do When Maggy gangs away?
Seite 266 - Blest be his generous heart for aye! He told me where the relic lay; Pointed my way with ready will, Afar on Ettrick's wildest hill; Watched my first notes with curious eye. And wondered at my minstrelsy: He little weened a parent's tongue Such strains had o'er my cradle sung.
Seite 261 - Wide waving in the southland gale, Which through the broom-wood blossoms flew To fan her cheeks of rosy hue ! Whene'er it heaved her bosom's screen, What beauties in her form were seen ! And when her courser's mane it swung, A thousand silver bells were rung. A sight so fair, on Scottish plain, A Scot shall never see again.
Seite 219 - O, what will the lads do When Maggy gangs away ? The wailing in our green glen That day will quaver high, 'Twill draw the redbreast frae the wood, The laverock frae the sky ; The fairies frae their beds o...
Seite 239 - Wi' her brogues an' brochin an' a' ? What though we befriendit young Charlie ?— To tell it I dinna think shame ; Poor lad ! he came to us but barely, An' reckon'd our mountains his, hame. Twas true that our reason forbade us ; But tenderness carried the day ; Had Geordie come friendless amang us, Wi' him we had a' gane away. Sword an
Seite 185 - HAME" COME, all ye jolly shepherds That whistle through the glen, I'll tell ye of a secret That courtiers dinna ken: What is the greatest bliss That the tongue o
Seite 186 - And love is a' the theme, And he'll woo his bonnie lassie When the kye comes hame.
Seite 141 - The tempest was over; Fair was the maiden, And fond was the lover ; But the snow was so deep, That his heart it grew weary, And he sunk down to sleep, In the moorland so dreary. Soft was the bed She had made for her lover, White were the sheets And...

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