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“The lasses are comely, and dear to your bosom;

But virtue and beauty has many a foe! O think what may happen; just nipt in the blos.

som !'

“Ah! merciful Heaven! cease, Doctor Monro.

" Dear

Doctor, I'll thank you to hand me my

breeches : I'm better; I'll drink with you ere that you go; I'll never more sicken for women or riches,

But love my relations and Doctor Monro.
I plainly perceive, were I wedded to Christy,

My peace and my pleasure I must needs fore.


He still lives a bachelor; drinks when he's thirsty ;

And sings like a lark, and loves Doctor Monro.


TUNE-Paddy's Wedding.

I LATELY liv'd in quiet ease,

And never wish'd to marry, 0; But when I saw my Peggy's face,

I felt a sad quandary, 0. Though wild as ony Athol deer, She has trepan'd me fairly, 0);

Her cherry cheeks, an' een sae clear,
Harass me late an' early, 0.

0! love! love! laddie.

Love's like a dizziness!
It winna let a puir body

Gang about his business,

To tell my feats this single week

Wad mak a curious diary, 0:
I drave my cart against a dyke,

My horses in a miry, O:
I wear my stockings white and blue,

My love's sae fierce an' fiery, O:
I drill the land that I should plough,

An' plough the drills entirely, 0.-0! love ! &c.

Soon as the dawn had brought the day,

I went to theek the stable, 0;
I coost my coat, and ply'd away

As fast as I was able, 0.
I wrought a' morning out an' out

As I'd been redding fire, 0;
When I had done, and look'd about,

Gude faith it was the byre, O!0! love ! &c.

Her wily glance I'll ne'er forget ;

The dear, the lovely blinkin' o't,
Has pierc'd me through an' through the heart,

An' plagues me wi' the prinklin' o't.

I try'd to sing, I try'd to pray,

I try'd to drown't wi' drinkin, o't; I try'd wi' toil to drive't away,

But ne'er can sleep for thinkin' o't.-O! love !

Were Peggy's love to hire the job,

An' save my heart frae breakin', 0,
I'd put a girdle round the globe,

Or dive in Corryvrekin, 0;
Or howk a grave at midnight dark

In yonder vault sae eerie, 0;
Or gang an’spier for Mungo Park

Through Africa sae dreary, 0.-0! love ! &c.

Ye little ken what pains I prove!

Or how severe my plisky, O!
I swear I'm sairer drunk wi' love

Than e'er I was wi' whisky, 0;
For love has rak'd me fore and aft,

I scarce can lift a leggy, 0 :
I first grew dizzy, then gaed daft,

An' now I'll dee for Peggy, 0.-0! love ! &c.


TUNE-Rothiemurchus' Rant.

THERE dwalt a man on Etirick side,

An honest man I wot was he ;
His name was John, and he was born

A year afore the thirty-three.
He had a wife when he was young,

But she had deit, an' John was wae ;
He wantit land, at length did gang

To court the lassie o' the brae.

Auld John came daddin' down the hill,

His arms was waggin, manfullie ; He thought his shadow look'd na ill,

As aft he keek'd aside to see.
His shoon were four pound weight a-piece,

On ilka leg a ho had he;
His doublet strang was large an' lang,

His breeks they hardly reach'd his knee.

His coat was threed-about wi' green,

The mouds* had wrought it muckle harm; The pouches war an ell atween,

The cuf was faldit up the arm.

* Moths.

He wore a bonnet on his head,

The bung upon his shoulders lay, An' by the neb ye wad hae red

That Johnnie view'd the milky-way.

But yet for a' his antic dress,

His cheeks wi' healthy red did glow; His joints war knit, an' firm like brass,

Though siller gray his head did grow: An' John, although he had nae lands,

Had twa gude kye amang the knowes; A hunder pund i' honest hands,

An' sax-an’-thretty doddit yowes.

An' Nelly was a bonny lass,

Fu' sweet an ruddy was her mou'; Her een war like twa beads o' glass,

Her brow was white like Cheviot woo; Her cheeks were bright as heather-bells,

Her bosom like December snaw, Her teeth as pure as eggs' shells,

Her hair was like the hoddy craw.

“Gudewife," quo' John, as he sat down,

I'm come to court your daughter Nell; An' if I die immediately,

She sall hae a' the gear hersel. An' if I chance to hae a son,

I'll breed him up a braw divine ;

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