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Custom-house at

No. 179. For payment of such amount as shall be found due by the select committee, appointed in the House of Repre: New York. sentatives on the thirteenth day of May, eighteen hundred and forty-two, for superintendence, work done, and materials furnished in completing the custom-house New York, a sum not exceeding twenty-eight thousand two hundred dollars: 11

No. 180. For expenses of sixth census, including printing Expenses of sixth statistics and reports, enumeration of inhabitants and addendum, census. ". and census of pensioners for revolutionary and military services, ten thousand copies each, a sum not exceeding one hundred and ten thousand dollars : Provided, however, That before the said accounts are paid it shall be the duty of the Secretary of State, or other proper accounting officer, to ascertain from one or more disinterested practical printers, what would be cono sidered a fair and just compensation for composition, press-work, printing and paper, and that so much and no more be allowed : And provided further, That no part of the said sum be applied ) the payment of the printing the compendium which is now | subject of dispute.

For the removal of the statue of Washington, under the Statue of Wash lirection of a joint committee of both Houses of Congress, the account for which shall be audited and certified by said committée, a sum not exceeding one thousand dollars.

For expenses incident to the issue of Treasury notes hereto- Expenses of is fore authorized, two thousand dollars: Provided, That no partito

bt no nort suing Treasury of this appropriation be applied, and no compensation shall be made to any officer whose salary is established by law, for pre 21 parring, signing, or issuing said Treasury notes.




Light-house es tablishment.

No. 181. For supplying light-houses containing two thousand Light-houses. six hundred and fifty-two lamps, with oil, tube-glasses, wicks, buff-skins, whiting and cotton cloth, transportation and keeping he apparatus in order, one hundred and sixteen thousand seven hundred and thirty-five dollars and ninety-six cents.

No. 182. For repairs, i refitting, and improvements of lightjouses, and buildings connected therewith, one hundred and Sventy-five thousand three hundred and fifty-seven dollars and righty-two cents.

No. 183. For salaries of two hundred and thirty-six keepers of light-houses, (seventeen of them being charged with twoi. lights each, and one with three,) ninety-four thousand thirtyod eight dollars and thirty-three cents.

No. 184. For salaries of thirty keepers of floating lights, fifr Floating Hghtag vi. teen thousand eight hundred-dollars.

No. 185. For seamen's wages, repairs, and supplies to thirtyia floating lights, sixty-seven thousand one hundred and seventyi six dollars and eighteen centrale

No. 186. For weighing, mooring, cleansing; repairing, and Buốys, '&c * supplying the loss of beacons, buoys, chains, and sinkers,

twenty-five thousand four hundred and ninety-nine dollars and twelve cents

No. 187. For expenses of examining annually the condition of the light-houses, four ihousand dollars; and for superintendents commissions, at two and a half per cent., eleven thousand two

hundred and fifteen dollars.. Light-house at No. 188. For completing the dike (from Goat Island, New

port, Rhode Island) and removing the light to the new lighthouse, thirteen thousand dollars.

Goat Island.


Foreign course,




No. 189. For salaries of the ministers of the United States to Great Britain, France, Russia, Prussia, Austria, Spain, Mexi

co, and Brazil, seventy-two thousand dollars. Secretaries of No. 190. For salaries of secretaries of legation to the same Legation.

places, sixteen thousand dollars. Charges des Af- No. 191. For salaries of the chargés des affaires to Portugal faires.

Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Chili, Peru, Venezeula,
New Grenada, Texas, Naples, and Sardinia, fifty-four thousand

dollars. Outfits.

No. 192. For outfits of chargés des affaires to Sweden, Bel.

gium, New Grenada, and Holland, eighteen Thousand dollars. Minister to Tur No. 193. For salary of the minister resident to Turkey, six

thousand dollars. .

No. 194. For salary of a drogoman to the legation to Tur

key, two thousand five hundred dollars. Contingent ex- No. 195. For contingent expenses of foreign intercouse, penses of foreign thirty thousand dollars: Provided, That such portion of the

appropriations for foreign missions as shall remain unexpended

by reason of reduction or discontinuance of missions, (if any I should be made, may be applied to the payment of such allow

ances as shall become necessary in consequence of such reduction

or discontinuance. Contingent cx- For contingent expenses of all the missions abroad, thirty penses of missions thousand dollars.

No. 196. For salary of the consul at London, two thousand



Consul at lon- dollars.


men abroad


tween the United States and Texas.

American sea- No. 197. For the relief and protection of American seames

in foreign countries, thirty-five ihousand dollars. Expenses of the No. 198. For clerk hire, office rent, and other expenses of consulate at Lon- the office of the consul at London, two thousand eight hundred

dollars. Boundary be- No. 199. In full for the balance of expenses of running and

sited marking the boundary line between the United States and

Texas, four hundred dollars; and for salaries of the commissioner, surveyor, and clerk, eleven hundred and lwenty-five dollars, or so much thereof as may be found due, on the accounts

being audited by the appropriate officer. Edward Lee. No. 200. For the benefit of the legal representatives of Ed

ward Lee, (being a re-appropriation of the amount specified in the act of March seven, eighteen hundred and thirty-lwo, for

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Proviso: no person to be paid for

Post Office De

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the relief of Edward Lee,) three hundred and fifty dollars :
Provided, That no allowance shall be made, out of any moneys lowance to be
appropriated by this bill, to any clerk or other officer for the made for extra
discharge of duties, the performance of which belongs to any
other clerk or other officer in the saine or any other department;
and that no allowance shall be made for any extra services
whatever, which any clerk or other officer may be required to
perform: And provided, also, That no person shall be paid for
carrying the office inails or doing any other duties which ought carrying the office
to be done by the messengers of particular departments.

For the service of the General Post Office for the year eighteen
hundred and forty-two, in conformity to the act of second July,
eighteen hundred and thirty six, four millions four hundred and
eighty-five thousand and nine hundred dollars, viz:

No. 201. For transportation of the mail, three millions one Transportation. hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

No. 202. For compensation of postmasters, nine hundred Compensation of and fifteen thousand dollars: Provided, however, That in addi- Proviso, requir.tion to returns now required to be rendered by postmasters, returns of all it shall be the duty of Postmasters at New York, Boston, emoluments re Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New Orleans, and the other several es, &c. cities of the Union, each and every year hereafter, to render a quarter-yearly account to the Postmaster General, under oath, in such form as the latter shall prescribe, for the purpose of giving full effect to this proviso, of all emoluments or sums by them respectively received for boxes, or pigeon holes, or other receptacles for letters or papers, and by them charged for to individuals; or for the delivery of letters or papers at or from any place in either of said cities, other than the actual post office of such city; and of all emoluments, receipts, and profits, that have come to their hands by reason of keeping branch post offices in either of said cities; and if, from such accounting, it shall ap- If the net re pear

that the net amount received by either of the postmasters $3,000 a year, the at either of such cities, for such boxes, and pigeon holes, and caress

paid to the Postother receptacles for letters and papers, and for delivering letters master General, or papers at or from any place in either of said cities, other than Department. said post office, and by reason of keeping a branch post office in either of said cities, shall, in the aggregate, exceed the sum of three thousand dollars in any one year, such excess shall be paid to the Postmaster General, for the use and purposes of the Post Office Deparıment; and no postmaster shall

, hereafter, No postmaster to under any pretence whatsoever, have, or receive, or retain for receive more than himself, in the aggregate, more than five thousand dollars per lary included: year, including salary, commissions, boxes, and all other fees, perquisites and emoluments, of any name or character whatsoever, and for any service whatsoever.

No. 203. For ship, steamboat, and way letters, twenty thou. Letters sand dollars.

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Mail bags.


Wrapping paper.

No. 204. For wrapping paper, sixteen thousand eight hun dred dollars.

No. 205. For office furniture, (for offices of postmasters,)

four thousand six hundred dollars. Advertising. No. 206. For advertising, thirty-three thousand five hundred a


No. 207. For mail bags, twenty thousand dollars.

No. 208. For blanks, thirty thousand dollars. Locks, &e.

No. 209. For mail locks, keys and stamps, ten thousand

dollars. Depredations,

No. 210. For mail depredations and special agents, twentyeight thousand dollars.

No. 211. For clerks for offices, (i. e. to deputy postmasters,) two hundred thousand dollars.

No. 212. For miscellaneous, fifty-eight thousand dollars : Proviso giving Provided, That the President and the Postmaster General shall pomer fromtransfer have the same power to transfer funds from one to another head : another head of of appropriation, between the foregoing appropriations, made for

the service of the General Post Office, as the President and any : other head of an Executive Department now have to transfer funds appropriated under one head to the service of another, in any other branch of the public service.

Approved, May 18th, 1842.



the Post office.

CHAP: 30.-AN ACT changing the time of holding the circuit and district

courts of the United States for the districts of East and West Tennessee.

Times of hold

East Tennessee.

[SEC. 1.) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Représentatives of the United States of America in Congress

assembled, That the circuit and district courts of the United ing said courts in States for the district of East Tennessee shall hereafter be helda

at Knoxville in said district, on the first Mondays in November and a May, in each and every year, instead of the times heretofore fixed by law; and that the circuit and district courts for the district of

West Tennessee shall hereafter be held at Jackson, in said disTimes of hold trict, on the second Mondays in October and April, in each and 6 West Tennessee. every year, instead of the times heretofore fixed by law—the

Spring terms of spring terms of said circuit court at Knoxville and Jackson, aš be held by the dig- herein provided, to be held by the district judge; and should a trict judge. any difficult question of law arise in any cause, said judge may, The judge may at his discretion, adjourn said cause to the succeeding term of

said court. And all writs, pleas, suits, recognizances, indietturnable, &c., at ments, or other proceedings, civil or criminal, issued, com

menced, or pending in either of said courts, shall be returnables to, be entered and have day in court, and be heard and tried according to the times of holding said courts, as herein provided: v

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That such rule days, for be fixed, and of the return of process and the filing of pleadings, may from time

to time be fixed, and other orders made by said courts, respeetively, not inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of the a United States, as may be necessary or proper for the conveni

Writs, &c., re

the times of holding the courts.

! Rule days to be

ders the courts,

Ist sec. act 412

presentatives of the United States of America in Congress

ence of parties and the advancement of business in said courts ; and that the first section of “An act to amend an act approved the eighteenth of January, eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, entitle “An act to amend an act entitled an act to require the

July, 1840, repealjudge of the district of East and West Tennessee to hold a court ed. at Jackson, in said State,' approved June the eighteenth, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, and for other purposes," approved July the fourth, eighteen hundred and forty, be, and the same is hereby, repealed.

Approved, May 18th, 1842. CHAP. 31.-AN ACT to amend the act of the tenth of March, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, entitled "an act to change the time of holding the circuit and district courts in the district of Ohio. [Sec. 1.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re

assembled, That the term of the circuit and district courts of the United States, in the district of Ohio, now required by law to now held at Cobe held on the first Monday of July, annually, at Columbus, lumbus to be held shall hereafter be held at the city of Cincinnati; and all process and recognizances, and other proceedings taken or issued, Process, &c., reor made returnable at Columbus, at the said July term next, cinnati. shall be retumable at the said term at Cincinnati; and the said district court shall have power, whenever, in the opinion of the

An adjourned judge thereof, it


for the convenient administra- trict court may be tion of justice, to hold an adjourned term of said district court at the city of Cleveland, in said district, at such time as he may think proper ; and the said district court may make all necessary rules for holding such adjourned term of said court, and for the make the necessaproper return of process.

Approved, June 1st, 1842. .

term of the dis

may be

held at Cleveland.

The court met

CHAP. 3o.-AN ACT regulating commercial intercourse with the port of

Cayenne, in the colony in French Guiana, and to remit certain duties.

French vessels

directly Cayenne,

(Sec. 1.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the provisions of the act entitled “ An act regulating the commercial intercourse with the islands of Martinique from

coming and Gaudaloupe," approved on the ninth of May, eighteen with articles the hundred and twenty-eight, admitting French vessels coming facture of French from, and laden with articles, the growth and manufacture of either of the said islands, are hereby extended to the vessels of exported the same nation coming from the port of Cayenne, in the colony vessels, to pay no of French Guiana, so as to entitle said vessels coming directly American vessels. from said port of Cayenne, and laden with articles the growth or manufacture of said colony, which are permitted to be exported therefrom in American vessels, to admission into the


Guiana, which are permitted to be

therefrom in American

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